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  1. I count myself lucky that I never had a problem dealing with N-Y, everything I ever ordered got delivered in a timely fashion; however, I soured on them during the whole Kairos drama and stopped dealing with them soon thereafter.  As for Nin Nin... bought from them once and was not satisfied, so I've avoided them like the plague ever since; that they're either affiliated or just bought the URL to catch displaced N-Y customers makes no difference to me as I'll never use them anyway.

  2. Unfortunately, the files for the Ishforn and Ishkick, and the partial stuff for the Nickik were lost in a HD crash a long time ago; I thought I had them saved somewhere but couldn't find any trace of them anywhere else, so there were no backups.  I could see myself continuing existing models at some point, but I have no intention to recreate everything from scratch as the conditions that allowed me to indulge in that distraction have changed.

    It is what it is.


  3. 25 minutes ago, Sandman said:

    A set with what?

    Destroids MBR-04-Mk. VI Tomahawk + SBR-04-Mk. XII Phalanx as a set, as stated in the posted image.  I'm all in!

  4. 10 hours ago, Masked Aviator said:

    Thank you Mechaninac. Sounds very technical for me. I will try to figure it out how to do it.

    The following video tutorial illustrates a similar process to what I described; the intended application is different, but the making of the ABS paste would be almost the same... unfortunately you're denied the convenience of an ABS sprue tree to cannibalize:


  5. 6 hours ago, Masked Aviator said:

    Hi, Captain america and any modeling experts in here, I need your advice. Do you think it is appropiate to fix the cracks by filling the gap with Tamiya Putty? Is it strong enough to hold up the stress? Which type of Tamiya Putty will you recommend? Or any other way of fixing will you recommend? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Crack_1 (2).jpg

    Crack_2 (2).jpg

    Tamiya Putty.jpg

    The only "putty" that could work to fix those rips would be one created from a similar grade and color of ABS dissolved with liquid plastic weld (Ambroid, etc.), by submerging ABS shavings in the weld to make your own ABS paste; this paste, in turn, once properly applied, would not only fill the cracks and bridge the gaps but also melt itself into the part and become one with it.

  6. 4 hours ago, sqidd said:

    I saw that this morning. I hope that picture isn't an accurate representation of the paint. It looks horrible. Tempting though.

    I've got that 21" long Kickstarter Roci. The landing gear looks goofy the way they did it, it takes up a TON of room and I can sell it for WAY more than I paid for it.  I'm considering replacing it with the Eaglemoss unit. But that paint is sketchy.

    The heavy surface tiling and the semi-glossy sheen don't help either... the combination makes it look sloppier than it may actually be.

    Edit:  I do wish they would take on B5 as well... an XL edition Omega Class would rock!

  7. On 10/12/2021 at 9:00 PM, tekering said:

    No, you'd never get an exact color match to the original fists.  I think repair is your best (if not your only) option here...

    Drill a hole through the center of the ball-joint, at least far enough in to provide the leverage you need to pop it out of the forearm.  Drill a matching hole through the fist; there's a clear circle there where the joint snapped off, so you can center your hole in that circle to assure a proper alignment.  The holes should be identical in circumference to whatever metal pin you use to secure them together, and a decent CA glue should help weld everything together.

    The part is made of ABS; I would recommend the use of liquid model cement/plastic weld (Tenex, Ambroid, Tamiya, even Testors), a solvent, made to bond styrene family of plastics by chemically melting the two pieces together into a single - as good as new - piece.  The resulting repair, for this particular application, will be far stronger, cleaner, and seamless, then CA.

  8. That is looking glorious; I've always loved the utilitarian, no frills, look of this ship, and you've definitely done it justice.  I appreciate you taking on this project and bringing this all too ignored design to life, and makes me glad I sprang for a copy... and impressed -- even a little proud for having a miniscule input - at how my magnet option suggestion has been implemented.

    I can't wait to get it in my hands.


  9. 2 hours ago, Mog said:

    Yeah, I’d prefer to call the Toynami an arthritic horse with glass for bones that can barely hold a pose and will collapse into a brittle heap at the slightest breeze.

    :lol:... That too.  Aesthetically, especially for its time, it's not too bad at all, but it was clearly an overly ambitious amateur effort by an amateur company being run by amateurs and overseen by litigious amateurs.

  10. Finally got around to unboxing and transforming my Iota... never tried with the previous two and they remain is fighter mode; it's a fiddly little beast but between scorchedearthtoys on YouTube and the instructions manual, I was able to all-thumbs my way through it.  And you can't argue with the results.  I also found that I rather like the green; its nowhere near as saturated and "overly green" in person as pictures make out to be; I still somewhat prefer Toynami's choice of a more militaristic Army Green (looks close to FS34102), but Sentinel's is far more anime-esque; and not owning an old Gaken, or Aoshima, or CMS's, or Evolution version to compare in person, I can't say which looks better color-wise.



    One thing is for damned sure, the old toynami is a heavy, unwieldy, barely poseable gorilla by comparison.


  11. I just received a shipping notification as well, same estimated ETA.  I guess they overcame the -- very minor -- delay they reported on their last email, and actually got stuff out ahead of schedule... sweet!

  12. 39 minutes ago, Tking22 said:

    Seems so, Vicious and Spike didn't sell too well and they didn't receive super positive reviews. I think Bandai messed up releasing Vicious after Spike, should've been Faye after Spike, then more crew members. 

    Yeah... Faye after Spike would've been a no brainer to anyone familiar with the show and endowed with a modicum of common sense as to what sells; she's an even more popular character, for obvious reasons, than than the protagonist.  Vicious and Julia should've come after, with Jet and Edward (with Ein) to finish out the cast.

  13. 14 hours ago, vlenhoff said:

    Man these Gijoe figures are looking great! I wanna get one or two, but you know how the rabbit hole gets deep really quickly.

    BTW, this might be small enough to be considered a toy. 









    Congrats!  I've had a 2000 since 05 and it has never failed to put a smile on my face with how obscenely fun these glorified go-carts are to throw around roads of all kinds... especially twisty ones. 

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