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  1. I've had the same idea, but have not yet tried it. Replacing the AMMs with AMRAMs or other types of contemporary ordenance should be very easy since all you have to do is drill holes in the new missiles or bombs to match the pegs on the AMMs' pilons, and bingo...instant custom.

  2. Welcome aboard. I'm a recent inductee into the 1/48 cult myself (VF-1A Low Vis) and must agree that this thing blows everything else way out of the water. Now that Yamato has you hook, line and sinker be prepared to eat nothing but canned beens for the foreseable future. :D

  3. Here is an item I haven't seen anyone inquire about: How about the possibility of getting sticker sheets for the various Valkyries (1/48 and 1/60)? Having extra sheets of official Yamato stickers could be very handy, and I know I'd be interested in getting a few 1/60s and one 1/48 at this time.

  4. Too many toys, not enough money. I'll have to give the Hikaru-1S a miss. I'll get the 1J though. ;)

    Why-o-why did I buy all the 1/60s? :p

    Took the words right out of my mouth...the 1S Hikaru would be nice and all, but the 1J is a must...and I'm keeping my 1/60s :lol:

  5. By all means keep them. After all, what will you display next to the Q-Rau, Monster, and all the other goodies Yamato may yet release in the 1/60 line. I know that next to the 1/48 they look like yesterday's news, but they are way better than anything else out there short of their big brothers. Also, there is Toynami's 1/55 line of Mospeada/Alpha and possibly Tread/Beta MPCs to look forwart to, and since the two scales are within a reasonable margin of error of each other they would make perfect display partners.

  6. It's slightly off topic but how, where, and what scale do i get those aircraft ground crews i see in a diorama especially for the 1/48 valks??????  Thanks!

    you can try HLJ or maybe a local hobby store.

    I need specifics :p . Are the ground crew's scale 1/48 just like the valks or 1/55 or 1/72? Do these need to be painted? HLJ???? what do i look under?

    just go to the advance search menu, and where it says scale, type in 1/48, then see what they got. i tried it a while ago, and didn't see much, other than kits, but little in the way of ground crews...

    heres a link to a hase ground crew kit in 1/48....

    Hasegawa ground crew on HLJ

    That reminds me that I've been thinking about creating a weapons set for my new baby; however, Hasegawa also makes 1/48 scaled wapons set along with other accessories that could be converted to fit the VF-1 series without much trouble...I gotta give that some thought. Here's a link:

    HLJ X Series (Aircraft Access.)

  7. Does your VF-1S have any of the QC issues that've plagued mine (at a lot of other ones)? The crooked skull emblem on the tail, the zit, noticable seam on the face, and loose cockpit?  :D

    I got the Low Vis Valkyrie, not the 1S; and as far as I can tell, the skull emblems are dead straight on the stabilizers, no zits on the 1A head, and the forward fuselage seam is near unnoticeable with the weels down, but the flying kite emblem on the wing looks a bit shitty compared with the 1/60s...nothing is ever perfect. :rolleyes:

    Kevin from www.valkyrie-exchange.com was right when i asked him if i was addicted to the 1/48s for buying two of each valk "yeah...welcome to your addiction"

    Damn! I managed to avoid alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, laziness, etc., only to succumb to Obsessive Mecha Toys Collecting Syndrome! I guess everyone needs a vice. :lol:

  8. 1 1/72 VF-19A

    1 1/72 VF-11

    1 1/72 VF-21

    10 1/60 VF-1s [1 HIKARU 1A, 1 CF, 1 ROY 1S, 2 MAX 1As (one for a KAKIZAKI custom...one day), 1 VF-1D, 1 HIKARU 1J, 1 MAX 1J, 1 MILLIA 1J, and 1 STRIKE 1S)

    1 1/48 LOW VIS

  9. Welcome to the club. I too have gotten my first 1/48 yammie, the vf-1s. My first impression of it was WOW :o . If you haven't transformed it yet, you may want to check this out to prevent breakage.


    Anyway, I've already transformed it from jet, to gerwalk, to battroid. I'll leave it that way. It'll look solid when I outfit him with the FP. BTW I want to thank everyone that provided me the advice and tips from the above link.

    1/48 all the way baby :lol: ! I'm going to be broke :( .

    Thank for the link. The advices will come in handy once I decide to transform the thing. :) Right now I'm just sort of awed by the way it looks in fignter mode.

    I've read elsewhere that the FV-1J's release is slated for November, Is this confirmed? Anyone with Yamato connections (cough...Graham...cough) please tell those guys to do pannel lining vis a vis Low Vis on the FV-1J Hikaru...now that would be uber sweet. ;)

  10. Hi fellow Valkaholics! I’ve been visiting this site for some time now but haven’t posted very often. After reading people’s gushing reviews and some complaints about Yamato’s line of 1/48 VF-1s I finally decided to bite the bullet and get one myself. Up until now I’ve been collecting the 1/60s and M+ line (except the fast packs and the YF-19).

    Yesterday I joined the 1/48 fraternity; my brand new VF-1A Low Vis arrived at my door…BIG BOX! First impressions upon opening the box can best be described by South Park’s Mr. Garrison’s eloquent remark: HOLY POOP ON A STICK! :blink:

    I don’t know exactly what I was expecting even after all the “research” I did, but I was struck by how big the toy actually is…It’s huge compared to the 1/60s, absolutely beautiful, and, as far as the example I got, completely flawless. :)

    My only nitpicks are the rear-most landing bay doors on the legs make a scary, loud “clack” sound especially when closing, making you fear they’ll break at any moment; second, the aesthetics of the canopy are overly bulbous IMO (the 1/60s are a bit more pleasing to the eye). Other than that…just WOW!

    The problem is that now I’m hooked. Even though I got this one at a great price on eBay ($120.00 USD delivered) I now want more 1/48 goodness…Yamato’s going to drive me into the poor house :o . I can’t wait for the VF-1J to come out…A MUST GET! Also, now more then ever, I want Yamato to release their upcoming line of Macross Zero Valkyries in 1/48 scale (forget 1/60 and 1/72; 1/48 is the way to go!), and bring on the M+ stuff in 1/48 too.

    The next few years are going to be scary expensive and satisfyingly fun.


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