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  1. Indeed friend, but that is because "The Macross Saga" carry the most weight in the "collage". I think that if these fans added "Itano Circus", A love Triangle and some kind of "Music Energy" we can argue from a Macross point of view, but as we say in Argentina, they made "Un Corto Pochoclero" (popcorn-short) with cool transformable mechs, a lot of explosion and wild Zentraedis wrecking everything....it's not Macross so I'm cool wit this.
  2. I know Bro, that wasn't my point neither (Damn, is hard to debate in another language ) I'm just saying that this fan made short is intended to fit in our little "universe" named Robotech. As Astro says, Macross never aired in Argentina and I bet that Robotech wasn't ever aired in Japan too. So we have the same scenery in both sides of the world. This short was made to be enjoyed by Robotech fans, not Macross fans (Because, at this point we can agree that they are different story). Everybody can enjoy it? Sure! but I think we can't criticize this work from the Macross side. Sorry about my English (Again)
  3. This debate is older than the internet. ┬┐Back? on topic.... Thanks for missing my point. This short wasn't made for Japanese Fans, if there was some "target" definitively was American Fans (The whole continent I mean)
  4. Japanese fans doesn't know what is Robotech anyway...
  5. But Robotech wasn't a "false" name to every kid who grows in the 80's... Finding "the truth" not always made you to throw away all your childhood memory... and seems that the same thing happened across Latin America as well... some of us learn about Macross but others stick with Robotech. And it's ok, as you can see, there is room for make cool things, like this short. Pd/Sorry about my english
  6. Impossible. Robotech has deep roots in LatinAmerica.
  7. I'm writing one but is in Spanish only. It's called "Chatarra" (Junk) The story revolves around an old Three Star Class Factory Ship near an ancient Zentraedi battlefield. The enormous ship is used as a Colony by a small group of workers that salvages the old battlefield. When a scheduled sanitary inspection from the NUNS arrive to the colony something happens.... https://docs.google....MkVGYWsyOHJZX0U
  8. I don't know how to pull out this video from Facebook but... here we go, it's AWESOME
  9. I have the #100 vote in "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! WHY??" And.. I'm Sad
  10. BFG? Wait it sounds familiar.. You mean Big Fu****g Gun? I like it
  11. Added. Avellaneda. Buenos Aires. Argentina
  12. VLC has keys to accelerate/desaccelerate the time of the subtitles so you can match them again...
  13. Well... the closest word (At least in spanish) is the word "Macro" that have the same pronunciation as the Latin word
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