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  1. I liked the game because of the AI, the graphics, and the weapons/vehicles. I still play Halo on the XBox and love it to death. I think this FPS game is just better than all the ones I've seen. Tribes 2 a close second.
  2. I believe some of the US prototype aircrafts had technology not seen in the final product, all due to a budget. You can't exceed the budget the Gov. gives ya, so naturally you take out what isn't really necessary. Hence why we may not see the SWAG technology in the VF-1.
  3. I haven't been able to see the video either.
  4. Is that all of it? Or is there more to come? I really enjoyed the read!
  5. You do realize that Halo 2 will be coming out for the XBox sometime next year, no? $$$
  6. Lol...seriously though, this game is gonna ****ing 0wn!
  7. I don't really see how frame rates should be a problem. Unless you have a less than 700MHz CPU, less ram than the XBox, or have a really shitty video card. :/
  8. This is a discussion board. It's what we do. And what's wrong with us discussing the info that we do have, whether it's Paul Anderson and his poor track record as a director, or the rather generic character descriptions? It's not as if we were just spewing whatever insults we could think of, as if it were an AICN talkback. In fact, most of our criticism has been very well worded and thought out. Bashing and discussing are two different things. [edit]lol I'm just gonna stop right here. We're getting too OT here. My bad.
  9. Remind me to bring my own controllers if you ever invite me over to play. Lol, sure thing.
  10. When I see or hear something good about this movie, maybe I'll gain some optimism. But for the time being, I see nothing good about this movie. Fair enough.... The fact that you said "And I'd rather you all not talk crap about a movie that hasn't even hit production" made it seem you were taking it personally. You yourself asked if I'd prefer everyone tell how great it is. I was just replying back saying what I'd prefer. The film itself may not exist, but so far none of us are thrilled with the little information we have on characters and plot. It's true that the script may still see changes, but if they want to have this movie in theaters for next august then they'd better nail it down pretty soon. Exactly, you have very little info. on the characters and plot. Hence why I don't see a need to bash it. Nothing is final. When everything is final, and you have more information on the plot and characters, or (preferably) even when the movie comes out, that's when I say bash it all you want. I just think it's way to early to make any kind of critical judgment. That's all....
  11. The more and more I see pics and videos of this game...and picturing playing this game with authentic sounds, and Dogfighter playing the background...can't help but jizz all over the place
  12. You're far too optimistic, but each to thier own I suppose. Why do you take it so personally? Does it offend you that we don't like this movie? I'm actually quite pessimistic. What's wrong about being optimistic now and then? And why would it offend me that you don't like a movie that hasn't even hit production yet? I just think it's dumb of people to bash something that doesn't even exist yet. I seriously doubt the characters and plot are all 'final'...as to where they won't be making any changes to the script and so forth. I mean, have you ever written a paper and not revised it?
  13. If you re-read the thread, most of us have been quite clear and lucid about why we are not thrilled about this movie. Would you prefer us to mindlessly post replies like "OMFG, Aliens versus Predator will be the bestest thing ever!!11" Like I said, it will take more than a simple "Punch & Judy" meeting of two franchises to get me into the theater. I'm not excited by the prospect of Paul Anderson directing, and the story and character summaries have been lackluster at best. I've already left an open challenge on the previous page for AvP defenders to tell us why this movie will "own." You are right on one point; it's really too early to tell what the final product will be. But the initial signs do not point to a blockbuster. And as I said, anything is possible! Just because Paul Anderson "hasn't directed anything great" doesn't mean that this film won't be great. And I'd rather you all not talk crap about a movie that hasn't even hit production. When the movie comes out, then you can talk all the crap you want.
  14. Way too many to choose from...couldn't tell ya.
  15. This movie hasn't even hit production...and most of you are already bashing it. ...Is this the cool thing to do or something? Nock movies down before they even hit production?! ...Anything is possible, it could be a really good movie, it could be a really shitty one, or it could be in between. Don't suppose you all could wait till the movie was actually out in theaters before you guys started bashing it? For that matter, any other movie coming out that's in production...or hasn't even begun production? ...Nah...that's probably too hard to do.... Gotta be cool and all...or some BS! $$$
  16. I love these threads. I'll provide my thoughts. Let's start with the basics. As a few have already mentioned, the UN Spacy was very much aware that the aliens were giants. How much more they knew is left to conjecture, but it's confirmed in Macross canon that the UN Spcay knew the existance of aliens and the UN Spacy knew they were giant in stature (Roy's revelation in SDF Macross). Second, they wanted a military vehicle to go toe-to-toe with the giants, just like any other infrantry. So they made the Valkyries giant robots. Digging beneath the surface of Macross, we can see numerous, better conceived reasons to create a transforming mecha. Hence, I'll analyze why Macross has one of the most spectacular setups for a sci-fi series ever created. The best and most obvious reason a Valkyrie was created was need; the whole "necessity being the mother of invention" cliche and what not. The UN Spacy needed an anti-alien soldier. The revelation that the aliens were giants must have come as a terrible blow to the human militaries of the world. Despite all the advances in technology, the most numerous and deadly unit in any military is the soldier. The fact that the aliens were giant told the humans their primary means of waging war - the human soldier - is totally and absolutely obselete. All factors of warfare being equal, your human grunt will lose to this type of alien grunt everytime. A soldier was needed to combat the alien soldier, so they made a humanoid mecha. The second and less obvious reason a Valkyrie was created was because it could be done; the means were available so the reason to create was obvious. In addition to the need for a soldier to defeat the alien soldier, the UN Spacy needed new hardware for a new type of war. They needed to build new weapons like starships and humanoid mecha, but they still needed tried and true military hardware, like fighters and tanks. Hence, the OT proved mecha could be made practical, so why not solve the need for a mecha, an atmosphereic fighter, and a space craft all in one shot? Think of the versatility; a single weapon system that could meet the alien soldier, meet the alien airforces, and meet the alien space craft on their own battlefield and win. Why make a transformable fighter/mecha? The real question should be "Why wouldn't the Valkyrie be made?" The third and definitely least obvious reason was time; the UN Spacy was against the clock. There was no question more aliens would arrive on Earth. An alien ship already had arrived...contact was inevitable. The only question was when. The UN SPacy obviously decided aliens would arrive sooner...not later. So an answer to all the UN Spacy's new military needs was required. They need new mecha; they needed new space craft; they needed a single answer. The Valkyrie was created and solved all their needs. And while it was designed with the drawbacks of any multi-purpose unit, new hardware was developed to make up for its shortcomings. The FAST Packs were designed to give the Valkyrie space superiority, something the standard configuration may have lacked agaisnt dedicated enemy hardware. The GBP-1S Armor System was developed to give the Valkyrie ground superiority, something else the standard configuration may have lacked against dedicated enemy hardware. The UN Spacy was unprepared and out of its league in this new era of warfare and they knew it. They gambled that they could create one machine that could at least allow their military to set foot upon the new battlefield...and fight. So the UN Spacy put all their hopes on the Valkyrie. Moving on to destroids, the reason they needed Valkyries over destroids was simple. The UN Spacy required a soldier to defeat the alien soldier not just on the ground, but anywhere an alien soldier could go. The UN Spacy needed a solider on the ground, in the air, and in space. Destroids could fulfill only a single role. So the Valkyrie was made. Well, that was fun. Hope you like it I like Mr March's answer best. Well put! $$$
  17. As others have said, very nice design. Would have been nice to have seen it in II! Ah well....
  18. Macross II: Lovers Again by far! Songs like Futari, Kizuna, Tsubasa, Anata o kanjite-iru - Mia Santi Ren, Ark of Alus, Mou Ichido Love You, and Kyoukou Toppa, you can't go wrong!
  19. I PRAY to God that they bring this game to the US!!!! And to the XBox!
  20. Any possible way I could get an avatar pic of Silvie Gena? I lost the one I had.
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