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  1. Nice Stand there. Is it custom made or can be purchased on any hobby shops?
  2. For those still looking for it CD Japan still has it at 20000 yen not including shipping.
  3. Like to get the vf-4g on NY but can they declare a lower value of the item if requested?
  4. So what is next now that the VF-4G is out?
  5. With the VF-4 releasing soon, I wonder will Yamato put in the surprise leaflet of their next project this time around just like what they did on VF-17.
  6. Just bought the VF-17S but found out that the joint on the arms are a bit loose when you swing it up and down. Does anyone have this problem? I like to fix it with some glue on it but don't know how to open the arm sections.
  7. I'm having problems transforming it back to fighter with the shoulders keep on popping out. Is there any video out there to transform the thing properly back to fighter?
  8. http://experten.coco...vf11/index.html Why is Yamato not developing any of these???
  9. Crap no VF-0D Was hoping that they will make one. I wonder why are they not continuing the Zero series...
  10. I agree!!! Where are the enemy mechs?
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