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  1. There's a priest who attends our anime showings on occasion, but he's more of a Gundam fan.
  2. Nope. Supposedly Manga Entertainment is working on it, but since they're now in the process of being sold, who knows when or if it'll ever come out on DVD. edit: grammar
  3. I haven't gotten mine either. I just hope I didn't accidently delete it along with the buttload of spam I've been getting in my mail box lately.
  4. Yeah. That came across as being way more trollish than I entended and off topic. I've removed the post, so please just ignore what I said. Thanks. edit: spelling
  5. SDFCommander: that actually looks pretty good. The missiles look kinda weird, though.
  6. Does the head only have one laser or is the other one just pointed perfectly straight on?
  7. I think the differences far outstrip the similarities.
  8. I believe verniers on the wingtips would give more maneuverability.
  9. If you had called or e-mailed me, you could have car pooled with me. Wish you, Jon, or David Hingtgen could have been there. I didn't get out of work until after 1:00 in the afternnoon. It would have been cool to see though.
  10. Yeah, the arms in fighter mode has been the hardest part for me. I kind of wish there was something more than just the pins into the sides of the legs holding them up, though. Swing the legs down and they get droopy, which stinks because I like the armless GERWALK look.
  11. Other: Broccoli, because nobody packs as many goodies into their releases as they do. Their American branch, Synchpoint, is pretty good as well (if a bit slow). Last place would have to be Manga. I don't think an explanation is really needed for that. I just hope its new owners will do better.
  12. I wish I could've gone, but I ended up working Saturday morning and then I had car problems. Looks like it was a blast. Maybe next year...
  13. I voted FAST packs, though GBP is a close runner up. I don't care if they're canon, those pictures just look too damn cool. And really, I can't see Yamato going through the trouble of making a TV set to display if they didn't plan on releasing them.
  14. Never met a good player piloting a light 'Mech, have you? It's possible and even probable that a good player conning a light can rip a heavy apart easily. Seen it happen, did it once or twice. I admit I haven't played since college, but I don't recall being light weight giving any statistical advantage and a whole bunch of disadvantages (less armor, less/lighter weapons, less damage capacity, etc.). What could lights do that heavies couldn't do better? I'm geniuinely curious here.
  15. Amusingly enough, FASA got in trouble with Lucas for Battletech's original title of Battle 'Droids back when it first came out. If they ever do a re-release of Classic Battletech (as of when Wizkids started putting out their version of BT, it was said that the original game license was held by another company who planned on putting it out, but nothing's been said since then), I really hope they use the Japanese edition designs. Most of the non-licensed mechs were just plain fugly. The game design could use some serious work as well, as having a light and (relatively speaking) nimble mech had no real value in the game. The bigger machines pretty much dominated everything else.
  16. FASA didn't go bankrupt. They simply called it quits. Part of the company went on to found Wizkids (which has since been sold to Topps or one of the other baseball card companies, I forget which). Their RPG titles were licensed off to other companies.
  17. This board really needs to set a picture size limit on pictures. Now it's not just a matter of slow loading pages, it's a pain in the ass to read anything because it forces me to side scroll to get all the text. Or at least show a little curtesy and edit your frickin' pictures before you post them.
  18. Odd. The Japanese release only had one audio track... I liked it a lot. And from someone who hates lots of filler, I didn't think it was too short at all.
  19. Telling a store they have to sell something at a certain price is called "price fixing" and is illegal, at least in the US
  20. Anyone ever find out if the missiles in the arm launchers are removable or not?
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