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  1. Didn't it looked a bit different in the tv version if I remember correctly? It's been a long time since I've watched Super Dimension.
  2. Oh it didn't? It's just the intro of DYRL where you see the logo in japanese and the SDF Macross appearing from the shadows. I linked the video of Imperial destroyer appearing in exact the same way and I think maybe Gareth Evans, the director of RO had taken cues from DYRL to make that scene.
  3. Seeing how big the Zentraedi is, do they have to almost fold themselves inside a Regult battle pod? The Regult is slightly bigger than a Valkyrie, and a standard Zentraedi is almost the same size as the figher jet.
  4. The opening of Rogue One took clearly inspiration from the appearance of SDF-1
  5. Not so many talk about this ship, but I love it. Especielly this shot from DYRL. The fortress looks something from HP Lovecraft horror.
  6. The story can still be the same with Hibiki finding Ishtar and developing their relationship, but just in a military pov setting. This is just my personal taste on aesthetics. I don't think they would look Borg lame if you are referring to them from Star Trek? Mardook don't need to look exactly like the Borg. I would replace the weird tatoos with cybernetic implants. Both suggestions are just my personal taste. About the gore, I'm a horror fan so I like edgy animes.
  7. What do you think about the other points I brought up? Sorry for mixing with the series nobody want to talk about. I simply mixed with Veritech and Valkyrie very often. About the Zentraedi UN fighting the Mardook. I just wanted to see them using outdated Regult battle pods and power suit against the more advanced ones from the Mardook.
  8. I rewatched it again, and I see a lot of potential that could have made it much much better. What I like the best about it, is it's use of the love song theme like DYRL. It's good, but with some changes it would have been as good as DYRL. What I would have changed: -Hibiki is not a reporter, but a Veritech fighter. -Story will be set more on the Gloria. -Mardook do not have those tatoos on their faces. They will be 8 feet tall and have cybernetic implant instead. -Mardook origin will be a surviving militant faction of Protoculture and be the Supervision Army. -Lord Emperor Ingeus will have a more cybernetic grotesque look. -The Zentraedi standard battle pods will be repainted to dark blue color, and have two legs. I'm gonna rip a bit off from MOESPEADA Inbit trooper and use similar legs on the pods. The command pods will not be repainted, but have legs as well. -The Variable Mardook fighter will be repainted to dark green. -Have gore. -Love triangle between Silvia, Ishtar and Hibiki. -See the UN Zentraedi forces fighting the Mardook.
  9. I've always pondered why the Nousjadeul-ger suit have to carry a hand-firearm. They have the one big side cannon on the back and the middle cannon to use. Maybe they are just giving single-shot, while the hand-firearm gives automatic burst? The Quadluun-rau have intergrated guns in it's arms.
  10. Didn't mean to offend anybody here, so sorry for my negative attitude towards the sequels. I'm gonna get this thread deleted.
  11. I hated how the Mardook was portrayed yes. Maybe I'm just a conservative anime lover of 80's and early 90's only.
  12. Would like to know what happen to the SDF Megaroad 01. I miss the old characters of Hikaru, Misa, Minmay, Claudia etc.
  13. I want a real sequel to the masterpieces from the 80's. To be honest, Macross Plus, Frontier and 7 wasn't great in my eyes, and they should be in their own universe. A new series or movie should disregard them and be a true sequel to the Super Dimension Fortress.
  14. I know they are not the same, but if I had to choose one of the Zentraedi's mechs to be included in the Inbit arsenal, I would pick Queadluun-Rau. Replace the three fingers with claws and make the feet more spikey.
  15. Ah that makes sense! The red cyclops visior makes me see the similarities with the Inbit mechas. But yes, you're right that they are totally different.
  16. The Battlepod, Nousjadeul-Ger(movie version) and Queadluun-Rau(tv show)suits have very similar charactistics with the Inbit mechas. The insectoid influence from the Zentraedi mechas could easily be mistaken to be Inbit forces. Repainted to red/purple colors, and human forces couldn't know the difference. You guys see what I mean?
  17. Yeah. My favourite are the Bioroids. I wouldn't mind see a continuation of Robotech The Sentinels and see some of the mechs with improved design, for example the Logan. Maybe Netflix can do a deal with HG? Netflix is having some success with their animations. I'm open to a live-action adaptation as well.
  18. I'm happy you enjoyed it I myself love Southern Cross and it's one my top animes of all time. Despite the facts that many didn't like it.
  19. My point is they should have made the Mardook look better. The tatoos on their face and clothing, made them similar too typical of a fantasy anime character we've seen from other animes. Despite not being Zentradi, they could have gone for a similar appearance, since they are vaguely related(maybe descendants of the Protoculture?). Their power armor is even a bit similar to the Zentradi ones. But that's just my opinion on the Mardook. Where a couple of the stuff that annoyed with the show, but too tired to list it up
  20. Yeah, if they looked like the Zentradis from DYRL, I think I would have liked the Mardook better. Still, I find the campy look from the 82 series good. It just suffered from the animation from that time imo. Macross II should have just gone for a more average look of the Mardook like the Zor for example. Maybe bring back a combination of Bioroids and Zentradi power suits.
  21. You mean like a live-action series? Man, imagine the budghet it would require for all the CGI stuff
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