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  1. Repainted the standard Regult and Heavy Missile Carrier. It's how I envision they would look like if the Meltrandi did use them in DYRL.
  2. Is that the tactical scout? That means other variants such as the missile carriers both light-heavy and possibly even the Glaug is unseen in the movie.
  3. Even though we didn't see other variants, I have a feeling they were off-screen. Maybe one of them is the heavy missile carrier? I added the missiles pod from the SDFM series variant into the movie version.
  4. I feel like DYRL, the size were a bit more accurate for the Zentradi soldiers? In this shoot where Roy is captured, we can clearly see the Battleroid is a head larger than the standard Zentradi grunt
  5. This is probably been discussed to death, but what is the accurate heights of the Zentraedi? I just edited a picture together with the Glaug, a Zentraedi pilot, a Regult, Quamzin and the Valkyrie, so we can see the size comparison. Don't know if it's accurate. I can see the Zentraedi soldier fit inside a Regult if he have a normal ''office'' sitting posture. But Quamzin inside a Glaug? He must then sit with his legs straight. Hopefully the Glaug's interior is expanded backwards.
  6. I replaced it with new legs and added a red eye cyclop visior to it. My first attempt so it doesn't look perfect. Reason for this is to make it the male power suit more close to the Quaedluun-rau in it's semi-organic look. Original Redesign version 1 Redesign version 2
  7. But seeing now how well Godzilla vs Kong is doing in China despite the pandemic era, shouldn't they just give it a try?
  8. A bit off-subject, but let's say if Sony do went through with live adaptation of Macross. Using the same theme and plot with the alien ship crash lands on Earth and they get attacked by a powerful giant humanoid alien race. But they do not call it Robotech nor Macross, but something entirely new with different character names. It will basically be almost the same as SDFM with expected liberty of changes. But the core story stays the same. Would a cgi-fest movie with giant mechs fighting other alien mechs, and a love story inserted be appealing for the mainstream audience? Didn't the audience liked the first Transformers movies a indication that this idea would sell to the public? Transformers Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction made one billion dollars. The first one made 750 million and the second 900 million. So there is a profitable market out there for giant mechs?
  9. The same happened to me too. It was Robotech that got me into Macross. When I started watching Robotech, I didn't knew it was a different adaptation from SDFM. Thought it was the same thing. I was really shocked and surpised when I found out about the debacle of HG.
  10. If Sony is still moving forward with the live-action adaptation, maybe it will be new reimagining of the whole R' and Macross with a new title?
  11. Did the Overtechnology found on SDF-1 played a huge part on how fast Earth could build these settlements on the Moon and Mars? Because without it, it would have taken decades I guess.
  12. Did Shoji Kawamori ever considered at the beginning of writing DYRL? to make it as a two-part movies? I was watching the gameplay of DYRL? videogame and it had a cutscene where the Prometheus got destroyed by apparantly Zentradi laser from space. Maybe with two movies they could flesh out parts where it felt rushed, for example how Max and Milia 639 developed their relationship after the fight?
  13. I kinda wished they kept the tv suit for the movie, and have it being a standard for the average Zentraedi soldiers. While the redesign is a commando/elite ones. Have it recolored to match the Regult pods. The standard suit can potentially be a supporting force for the battle pods.
  14. Is there any particular reason why the Nousjadeul-ger got a different design in DYRL? The Queadluun-rau tv ver. is almost the same as in the movie. So why was the NG so different? I look at the tv version and it just look heavier and bulkier.
  15. But making them look grotesque is just making them look different and they still are people with thoughts and feeling. I don't mean to make them look like The Thing or Dead Space Necromorphs. Now I suggested they have cybernetic implants instead of the tatoos. Just for appearance. But seem I hit some people's nerves here, so I won't make another thread like this anymore.
  16. Just because I want the Mardook to look more grotesque doesn't mean I want to dehumanize them. I want them to look badass in my pov, because I like it. I'm a horror fan and I enjoy villains that has the ''inhuman'' look. Despite me wanting them to be 8 feet tall and have cybernetic implants, their personality and storyline will be totally different than those mentioned characters. It's just the aesthetic I didn't like with the Mardook. Their mecha and ships however, I do like. Except for minor changes like colors and legs on the pods.
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