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  1. You have a good eye and thanks for the comparison. Bandai definitely need to re-look into their QC. But I doubt they would. Since they are the monopoly on the market. We just get what they do.
  2. I see, will try to transform again and re-align everything.
  3. Got mine today, I am very happy with it except the gap on the fighter mode. Gerwalk mode by far is the best looking for me. Hope they do one for VF-0D and for DX Chogokin series.
  4. Yes, it does. I bought additional Super Parts and share it to Mirage and Bogue.
  5. Alright, will re-do again. Thanks for the tips~
  6. Perhaps and I should try to transform it several times to see if it fits better.
  7. My Alto does not has such big gaps. Yeah agree, Arcadia have much better precision and alignment. So far, VF-31 is the best among all the DX Chogokin.
  8. Finally got mine, but very frustrating and hard to adjust closing up those gaps.
  9. Wow, good price. I've bought at preorder price.
  10. Got it somewhere from China marketplace. The adapter/connectors are 3D printed. And hooked up with the flex metal. The base stand is still Bandai's.
  11. Happily saw a pre-owned VF-25 Ghost Weapons Set. Bought it without checking the missiles whether are compatible with VF-30/VF-31. My intension is to put up on them. When arrived, only realized it is a clip-on missiles. Anyway, still not bad to use on VF-25 WWM and VF-31AX Mirage.
  12. I am sorry to hear this. Probably can try out the kiky fix loose joints.
  13. Among all the Kairos Plus I have, the best problematic free is Bogue one.
  14. Sorry for the late reply. I slowly and used some forces to push into the peg. I was actually worried might accidentally snap it off.
  15. Received mine yesterday. But yet to open up and check. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.
  16. Here you go, but I am lazy didn't put up the full parts.
  17. well said! I am using direct credit card too. Better conversion rate and no extra service fees.
  18. Ohhh dear, that's hassle to cut one by one!
  19. So I've glued back the Yamato display stand connector (the tip is broken). And testing some repair work. Earlier was testing to add the broken tip with 3D pen PLA but it didn't work. Too weak to support SV-51's weight. Then tested few ways of AB casting.
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