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  1. That's alright. Life is unpredictable. Thank you for your message.
  2. Hello guys, just to share the latest update since the last post. Lost my job during this pandemic and with extra time, I have casted the BP8, BP9's hook (I lost it from my VF-1J) and SV-51's stand's connector. I feel that using the AB Resin is much better than AB Putty.
  3. I am lucky that a friend of mine letting go one of his unit.
  4. Awesome for you! From Ami too? I just managed to get 31A Kairos. To console myself that didn't able to get hold of 31AX preorder.
  5. Wow, you are so so lucky. I was trying to preorder but not successful. The page keep loading and service unavailable. When it became available, after click pre-order and it is stated out of stock already.... damnnn..
  6. Ya man. Saw it too. But it is too expensive to ship to my country.
  7. My first attempt designing the BP8 and printed out. Not perfect and need further improvement.
  8. It's okay Brother MT. It's due to mishandling. It was in fighter mode earlier and my wife lifted up and lost balance (it is heavy with super strike parts) and cracked it.
  9. An update. I have tried using Araldite Epoxy Mixed. Failed to fix at the first time, then managed to "fixed" it. Not perfect, but still can transform between fighter mode to Gerwalk mode with a lot of extra care. The hinges are missed align and I have to trim to make it work. There are more and more breaking parts. For instance, super strike parts cracked when it's removed, a crack behind the feet, the gun pod holding the belt chain cracked too. VID-20201221-WA0044.mp4
  10. Hello there, do you still have BP-8 part for sale?

  11. Thank you for letting me know. Appreciate it. Good night.
  12. Thanks for the tips. Will try that out. Really appreciate it. My next worry is putting back the hinges pin. It was so difficult to pull it out.
  13. Thanks for the tips. Will try that out. Really appreciate it.
  14. Sob sob...thank you for your replying. I'm trying to use epoxy glue. Still working on it.
  15. Hello there, I hope I posted at correct category. My 25th Anniversary VF-1S is broken. Is there anyone encountered similar issue? What's the best way to fix? 3D Pen printing?
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