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  1. I skipped this previously because I was worried about the glossy finish clashing with...everything else. Thanks for posting.
  2. Are we sure they are doing a re-release? I kind of interpreted the 2 images as "Here's what we've released so far...and now we're going to release 00."
  3. Me too. Please, @calubin_175 /anyone/everyone correct me if I'm wrong, but this is my take: The *new* McShow/MoShow Aile Strike model is an oversized version of the metal build. (As shown in Calubin's last photo, included as 2nd pic below.) In Calubin's photos, the new 2021 figure is on left, the original 2016 MoShow figure is on right. Gundamit listing has photos of the original 2016 version. OnMyPrimus listing has new 2021 version - states it includes the extra armor parts. (But also shows a picture with Aile Striker on the back...I wonder if that's included?) F360/no3Ljm : you both are saying you prefer the right one, which is closer in styling to the PG, correct? And that would be MoShow 2016 then? I think for the time being, I'm going to assume McShow is different than MoShow and therefore the labels would be: MoShow (2016) and McShow (2021). I definitely prefer what I think is MoShow (2016), but as long as the price is good for McShow (2021), I'll still pick it up. But I am waiting before picking up any weapon sets in the meantime. Calubin: Gumdamit: OnMyPrimus: Thanks for providing clarification @calubin_175.
  4. Yea, originally it was this Aile Strike figure that is being (re-)released that brought the Bandai hammer down on MoShow. Shell companies we all think are MoShow: Poison Toys Vientiane Toys Gigapower (Big & Beefy Dinobots) There's another couple 3rd party Transformers companies that they are supposedly attached to, either same designer or pure rename. (G-Creation?) McShow - opinions are split on this, so reviewers think the one figure released so far doesn't have the same 'feeling' as other MoShows Is this figure a KO or a custom design? I know ShowZ has listed custom/small batch gundams before.
  5. There's a 1/72 category view on ShowZ: https://showzstore.com/c/1-72-complete-model_0539 MoShow has a new non-gundam Takeda figure coming very soon. Motor Nuclear is another high quality producer, but their figures are pretty much variations/increasingly complicated versions of the same base figure. (New accessories, colors, $$$.) FYI, gundamit.com is show's new sister site that's going to focus on action figures/gundam vs Transformers being the main focus of ShowZStore.com. You can login to both sites with the same account.
  6. I was out all afternoon and it was gone by the time I saw it posted. Sucks. As far as I know, they send out a batch of emails and you have a limited amount of time to make the purchase if a unit would become available. I've received waitlist emails where the item was no longer available to buy 45 minutes later and some that were available for a day or two. But they only had 400 and if anyone did want to cancel their order, they're throwing away money since all the threezero berserks are going for a decent amount on the secondary market. I've given up hope of ever getting one.
  7. As a quick review: I picked it up as a preorder and was impressed with joints/paint/finish. I didn't put it through a 100-point test, but I give it 5 stars for matching my expectations from what is listed on ShowZ. Supposedly McShow is not connected to MoShow/Vientiane Toys/Poison Toys but I couldn't tell by initial quick glance in comparison to my Hurricane Buster. I think some Youtubers have stated it is not up to MoShow level but I chalk that up to building up MoShow to mythic status.
  8. Did they fight you at all on the 4 returns? Did you have to pay shipping? The selling of used/opened items as new is unforgivable in my book.
  9. What is Sideshow claiming? USA distribution rights? Does anyone have more information/links to what is going on?
  10. What are the clear parts supposed to emulate? I mean, it looks super cool but I don't get it.
  11. I had a Bandai Dynaction Evangelion figure and some Threezero figures cancelled from them in the last year. I think those were both smaller batch items. (I've had some figures from major US manufacturers cancelled too, but I'm chalking that up to the times we live in.) I would think a general Metal Build release like this would be safe from cancellation if you don't have another option elsewhere. You can always cancel your order later without penalty.
  12. It's lingering at a few store I just checked, I'm sure there are more elsewhere but shipping will be free at TFSource and SureThingToys: https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/mobile-suite gundam-f91-gundam-formula-91-chronicle-white-ver-bandai-907312 https://tfsource.com/articulated-figures-statues/gundam-metal-build-gundam-formula-91-chronicle-white-version-exclusive/ https://surethingtoys.com/products/bandai-metal-build-gundam-formula-91-chronicle-f91-white-ver Now if only the Full Cloth was still available...
  13. Amazon's been cancelling collectibles on me this year. Dynaction Evangelion earlier and then a Dorohedoro figure from Threezero this week. And I'm still waiting on a banpresto for one of my son's Xmas presents. I went with BBTS and suggest y'all do too.
  14. Well that sucks. But looks like it could be fixed with some super glue or epoxy? (Is that hole in the neck piece for a pin or air/gap from the mold?) I have had to get replacement/missing pieces several times with ShowZ. They're very response, click on the 'After Sales' item in the main menu. But their ability to help you out is completely reliant on the manufacturer. They'll normally post a note on the product page if think anticipate any issues...like if a company is shutting down. Even with the KO (Knock Off)/4th Party items, they've been able to take care of me. Sometimes they can send you something within a couple days, other times it takes several months. That guy has been sold out for awhile now, right? So fingers crossed they can help you out sooner than later. (I'm expecting a re-issue if it hasn't happened already but you may need to wait on that.) Chinese New Year holiday is coming up in less than two weeks and pretty much everything shuts down over there. I suggest you fill out that form like...now.
  15. Dagnabit! I bought one for about the same from AmazonJP over a week ago and it showed up the next day. (Not sure if they expedited it to deliver with my MP Arcee or if DHL was just in turbo mode.) I guess that's an early tax. But unless Premium Bandai USA starts selling it, I won't feel ripped off as resellers/proxies are still going to have to charge some extra fees if I were to source it from P-Bandai JP.
  16. They have the bike as well, which with $4 shipping is probably pretty close to the final import prices: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/147247
  17. ShowZ posted some new pics and gave it a price: McShow 1/72 ZGMF-X42S ZGMF X42S Metal Build MB Destiny Gundam Seed https://showzstore.com/pre-order-mcshow-1-72-zgmf-x42s-zgmf-x42s-metal-build-mb-destiny-gundam-seed_p1281.html I had cancelled my preorder a few months ago with all the other 3rd party metal build cancellations because I thought it was listing that was never going to come in.
  18. Why does the price vary so much between the sites? They all have shipping as an additional amount. Any reason not to go with AE? $277 USD http://www.anime-export.com/product/49961 $302 USD https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-120738 $327 USD https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-gundam-f91-chronicle-white-ver-bans61067
  19. I didn't realize it was so big: I unfortunately cancelled my (discounted) preorder at ShowZ. There's too much (Mando Hot Toys) coming down the pipe in the next few months and I'm way past being out of room to display things. Maybe I'll pick it up in the 2nd or 3rd release, it looks amazing.
  20. Oh hell yes. I had written off the Snow White...thank you General, sir! Freedom Concept 2 is back in stock as well: https://www.bluefinbrands.com/freedom-gundam-concept-2-mobile-suit-gundam-seed-bandai-tamashii-nations-metal-build.html Wonder if they saved some for the Gundam Expo event going on the next few days?
  21. I got my notification to pay last week from showZ and I couldn't pull the trigger. He looks awesome but I don't know where he'd fit into my collection...and it's a couple hundred bucks that I think I may put towards Sinanju before he disappears. (Supposedly he's tied to Wei Jiang who was raided.) That, and I think a ridiculous amount of my other pre-orders are going to start popping in the next month or two.
  22. I got a notification in my preorders that it's ready to be paid but no email from them. I don't want to pay in full if it's not going to ship for another couple months and then take a month to arrive so I'm waiting to see what happens. On a related note, I noticed this notification 2 days ago and had 2 other notifications show up at the same time. One was for the ToyWorld BB Optimus Prime, I paid that in full and now it is showing up as 'In Stock' but no shipping notice yet. But I think this means Tetra is definitely incoming. (Especially for those of you who paid already.)
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