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  1. Anyone get their Motor Nuclear Q02 in yet? I received my DX9 Capone a couple days ago and those two packages came out of customs around the same time. So mine has to be close.
  2. Did you take the batteries out? I don't know if they used the wrong battery size, but the stack of batteries in mine was too big for the section they were designed for. The light wasn't impressive enough so I took them out.
  3. I think your straight shooting is legendary in these parts already, but thanks @spacemanoeuvres for hooking me up with a much needed figure at a great price. I truly appreciate it.
  4. In case you haven't seen it, ShowZ has a relatively new `After Sales` link in their main menu for requesting missing parts. And when you're ready, how shiny is he? I'm a fan of metallic paints but I abstained from ordering this guy because I was worried he'd bring too much bling to the display case...what do you think about the overall presentation in regards to his styling?
  5. And I got the bottom half! It's my bottom half though...hopefully.
  6. Entertainment Earth still has the Red Frame available on PO for May if anyone's looking for it. https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/alternative-strike-gundam-astray-red-frame-kai-metal-build-action-figure/blfbas58167 I bought the MB Strike release last year...the one without the strike/flight pack so I'm going to be all over those incredible striker packs when they come down the line.
  7. Upside is they get to produce, sell and deliver their products to their customers. But yes, there are ridiculous amount of real-life reasons why we can't have (all the) nice things.
  8. The scalpers aren't the problem, they're a response to distribution and licensing issues. If Bandai ran pre-orders through Amazon.co.jp without destination restrictions or a limit to the (total) amount of pre-orders accepted, it would solve the core issue that most of us experience. The other part is how many extra units do you produce to cover people who don't pre-order and whose responsibility is it to store and manage that stock? A retail store? It's not Bandai. The problem right now is the scalpers exist in both scenarios. And they are only beneficial in the 2nd scenario. We just need Bandai to produce on demand. We should be able to order any sku that every existed and have it delivered by submarines and drones.
  9. I bought a Buster off of ebay just under a month ago when they had the ebucks promo going on. The seller has some left but bumped up the price another $15 since then: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223790306030 (He's out of the office until after Chinese New Year. This is standard practice for China based sellers.) It was at $200 a couple months ago, stock must be drying up.
  10. Have you seen the prices for VF-1J though? I have officially lost all hope of ever completing my trio.
  11. Yarp. I was hoping to get White Dragon in hand before they start shipping/sending out PO notices on the Yellow Dragon. There's absolutely zero chance that it's going to look like that preproduction set of photos on the ShowZ page with that color scheme and lightning shoulder pads.
  12. I wish they kept the head and gold-er gold from the original promo images, this one went more towards Power Rangers than I was hoping for. I think it still looks like a good figure but I'm not quite as hyped as I was before.
  13. The translated comments are...interesting.
  14. I use https://postal.ninja/en/tracks for tracking because I can add and label shipments and it provides 99.999% of the info that CNE does. It has OAuth login for Google/Facebook so you don't have to create a specific un/pw account. (ShowZ has a CNE popup on their order details page but it only works 20% of the time, I have to go to the CNE URL otherwise and manually enter the number.) ShowZ has used different shipping companies but most items lately will go through New Jersey and transfer to FedEx "Express" so they still get delivered by USPS. I get emails from FedEx that I have a package coming from 'Dept. NJ # 1169' when the transfer happens. Not 100% sure but I think that's because I have an account setup in FedEx's system with my address, etc. I'm outside Atlanta, GA and from glancing over some of my archived items on Postal.ninja, small to medium items take less than 2 weeks. Bigger items take a month.
  15. I just got the 'You can pay your balance' email for Motor Nuclear MN-Q02 (White). I pre-ordered in early September. For those new to ShowZ, they ship out based on full payments first most of the time. Check their FAQs on the site for more information. Which should mean pay for an item in full if you really, really want to be the first kid on the block with that thing. That being said, I only pre-order...I've never paid in full when an item is listed because it could be two years before it is released. ShowZ has been my primary supplier of toys and I've bought a ton from them and the only time not paying in full has seemed to affect my place in line was for Black Apple Opt Prime. Two other things of note for new ShowZers: Large items usually take longer to receive. (I'd estimate 2-4 extra weeks vs smaller packages.) Prices usually go up shortly before they receive the items. Pre-orders are your friend. (Check out the FAQ for their PO policies for refunds, etc. The gist is you can get a refund as credit once the prices are announced...but I've received credit when asking to cancel in other situations too.)
  16. The Kampfer is already on the pricey side, thankfully I got in at pre-order price or I'd probably be skipping it. I think these lights are too much $ for glorified Xmas lights. They don't really 'do it' for me. I have the Steel Legend version and it's awesome. I think the popular opinion is Metal Club is slightly better, from youtube comments and what-not...it's like 51% MC vs 49% SL. Check out some youtube reviews and it'll definitely push you over if you're currently on the fence and have an interest: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Metal+Club+Kshatriya
  17. Some day it'll happen...with or without the remote...and with/without Alexa. Those wireless LED displays are pretty nifty but still limited in functionality and range. In 10 years we're going to have to replace all our collectibles with the next greatest/biggest/baddest thing that has wireless cosmic matter powered lights. So you might as well let all your current batteries leak away in the meantime. /s.
  18. I think it's a 1/6th, which are around 12 inches. The 1/4 figures are closer to 20 inches. I say go full in on the quarter scale, worry about the logistics later.
  19. Did anyone jump on this? Was it retail price plus shipping? All of them that I see now are ¥ 150,000 (~$1300). I've ordered a handful of bandai/metal builds from AJP but I still can't tell which items can be shipped to me in the USA without jumping through some hoops. MP Transformers normally don't have the restriction, for Bandai I have to add each available item individually from each seller to my cart and then try to check out and see if it give me the "Choose your address" page. I'm glad it's not available because I'd have a hard time resisting the FOMO on this big dude at a decent price.
  20. I think everyone has good points but you already stated the only guaranteed scenario where "no one loses". You have to wait for BlueFin to settle up with FedEx and then BlueFin will settle up with you. It sucks for you. It sucks for BlueFin. It kind of sucks for FedEx. * Yes, FedEx loses here but that is part of their business model. You/BlueFin pay FedEx to responsibly deliver an item...and you pay them more than USPS because they take responsibility for delivering the package or they pay up. (Depending on fees paid/proof of delivery, etc.) ...personally I've had @sqidd 's scenarios 2 and 3 happen this year. And the packages showed up the next day each time.
  21. Can anyone please give a quick rundown on buyee? I've checked it out once or twice from hearing about it from Mecha Gaikotsu's videos. Would you suggest Yahoo Japan or Amazon Japan listings? Do it add $30-50 in shipping and other fees in the end? (Shipping to the US.)
  22. In. And +1 to wondering if we could go the group buy route as well.
  23. And your videos are annoyingly convincing. I bought Max from AMJ last night after watching your review. I've been resisting after missing out on reasonably priced VF-1Js and every email notification I get from this thread pushed me closer and closer to the edge. But I was steadfast in needing/wanting to have a set that included 1J or nothing at all. Narp. Not anymore, I'm in.
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