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  1. ICYMI: 30% off Metal Build EVA-01 Test Type at sideshow for today's daily deal: https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/neon-genesis-evangelion-eva-01-test-type-bandai-905741?code=30DDOCT5 A couple other Bandai and ThreeZero deals as well: https://www.sideshow.com/code/30DDOCT5 (Robot Spirits Wing Gundam Zero and RX-78GP03S, ThreeZero BB Shockwave and WFC Optimus and others)
  2. Luckily I haven't had to deal with Asmus. I would have a great deal more respect for Mondo if they stopped trying to follow the sneaker market with drops and banking on FOMO and/or scalpers for their core business model. Their art is amazing and most of their products hit the mark. But their need for exclusivity feels like they hate me as must as I hate their business practices. (I had no idea their She-Ra was having it's timed release until a youtube video mentioned it...that I didn't watch until the day after the window closed.) I want to see Morbius to see how morbilicious it really is. But then if I see it, I can't say I've never seen it. Decisions will need to be made.
  3. The Joker head with hat is part of the Mondo exclusive version? But...it's on the friggin' front of the box! (For both editions.) https://mondoshop.com/products/batman-the-animated-series-joker-1-6-scale-figure https://mondoshop.com/products/batman-the-animated-series-joker-1-6-scale-figure-sdcc-exclusive Mondo is the worst.
  4. Hrrmm, looks like a bigger version of the toy. I wish they had stuck with the real-life, but in a fantasy world, theme they have with the other figures. I am biased, I hate how Mondo does business and have been less than impressed with previous purchases. (Iron Giant v2 felt like a K-mart version of the Walmart version.) The MOTU figures I have are all great...but I don't have the exclusive version of faker which has the much, much, much better alternative head sculpt or the LE version of Hordak with his trademark hand-cannon-for-a-hand. Did I mention I hate their business practices? Limited "drops" and a crappy bot-friendly site. I was actually looking forward to what Funko (who just bought Mondo) does with Mondo and MOTU, but if it's this, then I guess I'll prepare for disappointment. And here's a little more info: https://mondoshop.com/blogs/news/masters-of-the-universe-he-man-scale-figure-timed-edition For sale for one day only (6/21) and $260.
  5. Yea, I was pretty excited to see it show up on the preorder page and then had to go play the crying game soundtrack at full blast to drown my sorrows/condition myself not to buy it at that price. We're still hoping for a US p-bandai release, correct?
  6. It looks like it's updated product shots, including weapon swaps, etc. No new announcements here, correct? Armed set releases tomorrow 5/21 Unit 0 will release next month Re-release of Unit 1 resale(?) tomorrow 5/21 Same dates listed on BBTS: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Search?SearchText=evangelion&Series=2834 Filtered catalog of Eva MBs for anyone that may want it: https://tamashii.jp/item_brand/metal_build/1/?character=evangelion&sub_brand=&order=release&ck1=1&ck2=1&ck3=1&ck4=1&ck5=1&number=20&ok=Filter+by+this+condition#category_search
  7. Metal Build Justice up on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tamashi-Nations-Mobile-Gundam-Spirits/dp/B09G9Y77SP ($290, shipped & sold by Amazon.)
  8. I skipped this previously because I was worried about the glossy finish clashing with...everything else. Thanks for posting.
  9. Are we sure they are doing a re-release? I kind of interpreted the 2 images as "Here's what we've released so far...and now we're going to release 00."
  10. Me too. Please, @calubin_175 /anyone/everyone correct me if I'm wrong, but this is my take: The *new* McShow/MoShow Aile Strike model is an oversized version of the metal build. (As shown in Calubin's last photo, included as 2nd pic below.) In Calubin's photos, the new 2021 figure is on left, the original 2016 MoShow figure is on right. Gundamit listing has photos of the original 2016 version. OnMyPrimus listing has new 2021 version - states it includes the extra armor parts. (But also shows a picture with Aile Striker on the back...I wonder if that's included?) F360/no3Ljm : you both are saying you prefer the right one, which is closer in styling to the PG, correct? And that would be MoShow 2016 then? I think for the time being, I'm going to assume McShow is different than MoShow and therefore the labels would be: MoShow (2016) and McShow (2021). I definitely prefer what I think is MoShow (2016), but as long as the price is good for McShow (2021), I'll still pick it up. But I am waiting before picking up any weapon sets in the meantime. Calubin: Gumdamit: OnMyPrimus: Thanks for providing clarification @calubin_175.
  11. Yea, originally it was this Aile Strike figure that is being (re-)released that brought the Bandai hammer down on MoShow. Shell companies we all think are MoShow: Poison Toys Vientiane Toys Gigapower (Big & Beefy Dinobots) There's another couple 3rd party Transformers companies that they are supposedly attached to, either same designer or pure rename. (G-Creation?) McShow - opinions are split on this, so reviewers think the one figure released so far doesn't have the same 'feeling' as other MoShows Is this figure a KO or a custom design? I know ShowZ has listed custom/small batch gundams before.
  12. There's a 1/72 category view on ShowZ: https://showzstore.com/c/1-72-complete-model_0539 MoShow has a new non-gundam Takeda figure coming very soon. Motor Nuclear is another high quality producer, but their figures are pretty much variations/increasingly complicated versions of the same base figure. (New accessories, colors, $$$.) FYI, gundamit.com is show's new sister site that's going to focus on action figures/gundam vs Transformers being the main focus of ShowZStore.com. You can login to both sites with the same account.
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