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  1. Wrong again. You need to find a better source than Wikipedia. Nemoto only did up to Episode 14. Calling a writer you dislike a hack wasn't? Kawamori can't write himself out of a paper these days if you want to prescribe the word hack to someone. It's why much of the fandom hates Zero. It was pretentious garbage. That needed another series to fix it's damn potholes. So did 7. This isn't the sign of a good director or writer. Maybe he should stick to drawing and letting a real writer/dictator do the heavy lifting. But Japan gives too much power to the producer/director then he deserves. Because they assume he has talent in anything else when draws good looking pictures. Ad hominem- "Youtuber meme because I don't want to explain why I am biased. But praise other garbage." Because a deep story has to appeal to the "Edgelords" of the fandom. It's the same complaint people leviee against Frontier and call "Delta" good. Mostly because they won't nothing more than huge explosions. Just because it was different from the formula doesn't mean "depth" wasn't there. Plus pretty much took the cyberpunk approach instead the tired old idol + random formula that Macross DYRL and Macross II rehashed. What current Macross fans? When the latest franchise poorly tries to make Space Nazi's sympathetic? While trying to ripoff the Love Live/Idolm@ster formula. When said show was airing at the same time? Without caring about what made those shows good in the eyes of its fans? If Kawamori wants older members of the fandom to tell newer fans to watch it. He needs to make something good instead of being blatant and pretentious with his story.
  2. Nope. Just saw Excessive Profanity's live stream. It's QTE seventh gen console garbage. Like every other multi platform game of that era.(mostly due the Xbox 360 sucking in the hardware department) Armstrong is an overrated Villain Stu.
  3. Wrong. Nemoto bailed out after Episode 14. The rest was all Kawamori. That still doesn't excuse them being awful writers. The direction of the series can also be penned at the hands of the director as well. Which they were at the time of airing. So it is fair to the blame them, as well as the writers they choose. Did Kojima crap on your Randain world veiw or something? If you can't handle info dumps I have no idea how you would even be able to watch Star Trek before the 2009 movie came along. Most Kojima haters tend to FPS fanbois or those with awful taste in anime. Then calling Twin Snakes or Metal Gear Rising the best games in the series. Edgelord garbage (like most anime and japanese media after 2010) isn't depth either. If Komija is a hack so is Ryuhei Kitamura, Etsu Tamari and the writers at Platinum Games. Who are even worse at making a coherent story than Kojima is. Macross didn't have any depth what so ever until Plus came along.
  4. Nah, it was more like "I need to fleece the Fujoshi watching it for the Wind Stus. So I better only kill two of them off by making them go through a shallow heel face turn." Something that happened at the last moments with no build up. Unlike Ranka and the Vajira which was hinted at from the early episodes of Frontier. Maybe if they wanted to break tradition, maybe they should just disposed the Face Heel Turn trope. Instead of doing what was done since the 80's. The Wind Stus were characters no one but a counting of fingers on one hand cared about. Kawamori is no Hideo Komjima or Yoshiyuki Tomino . At least they can get their points across to the audience with some subtly. The main reasons Plus and Frontier are looked at fondly for much of the fandom is because the writers of Cowboy Bepop, Noein and Code Geass were doing the heavy lifting when it came to the plot. On his own Kawamori isn't any good as a writer.
  5. That would have been true until the second half of Delta became "Aw boohoo, the American's bombed us. So we are going to to make our Space Nazis the victim and appeal to Japanese nationalists because our sales are slipping." Nor should we forgot the ripoff of Newtype powers in the last episode.
  6. Success via the "Japanese Otaku"crowd means nothing. They'll listen or watch anything as long as it has cute girls. See Sword Art Online, Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei, Gate, or anything written by that right wing hack Kim Dal Young.
  7. All these people talking about Macross the First adaption. Because ripping off MSG and Love Live didn't produce garbage.(Gundam the Origin anyone? ) Macross the Ride would be better option. Most anime these days are adaptions of (often crappy) light novels. Considering the state Macross is in. It might be a huge improvement.
  8. If it is. The opening better involve SMS bombing the crap of the Wind Stus. It was still not enough to save what ended up a crap show. Delta only has like one memorable song. While the VFs appeared very little. That doesn't make for a poorly written story and flat characters. Robot battles and big explosions are not the primary reasons Gundam is still going strong in Japan.
  9. Something close to this should be said to the red haired Wind Stu. To paraphrase Rocket Raccoon. "Aww, boo-hoo. My sisters are dead." Everybody's got dead people! But that’s no excuse to use mind control on everyone else in the galaxy.” Though even as his worst, Drax is a better person than any of the Wind Stus.
  10. Marvel did that first too. Instead it was Nick Fury and only one appearance by Tony at the end of The Incredible Hulk. It also wasn't as annoying as what WB is doing.
  11. Yes Happiness Charge did rather poorly. They tried and failed to emulate Heartcatch. (the 2008 Precure season who had Nana Mizuki as the lead) Macross Wehraboo seems to be going the same way. Blatantly ripping off a long running franchise such as Gundam in your last episode was only going to end badly.
  12. She is the voice sample for a Vocaloid. However it was the 2014 Precure series that put a stop to Nakajima's carrier, nothing that can be blamed on Macross. Hope she rebounds with her voice work for Kantai Collection.
  13. Is Class worth watching, or should I just skip around episodes until The Doctor or aliens from the main series show up? Touchwood was terrible until Children of Earth, and the only episodes I watched of the Sarah Jane Adventures was when the Doctor appeared.
  14. Not if it's money going to Harmony Gold. However if Sony torched the franchise and said they were going released subbed/dubbed(anybody but Funimation) versions of the real Macross sequels instead. Fans would buy it. For right now its better to just import the subtitled DVD/BDs instead. Most are real Macross fans are hoping HG+Sony's movie project dies, or just out right tanks at the box office. Though nobody want's it except for baby boomers and Gen-X nostalgia babies
  15. Now cut that out, before you give them terrible ideas. Though Sunrise is pretty much killing it on the Idol and mecha fronts and doing so without ruining a long running franchise. Satalight should take notes, and start by hiring better writers and directors.
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