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  1. Does anyone else think, that since Bandai made this new emblem to signify world wide releases that we will also see a world wide release of a YF/VF-19 and a VF-31 to go along with the VF-25F that we are getting?  I would be excited if we did!


  2. 4 hours ago, aurance said:

    Man I must be the king of parts disappearing from my expensive toys without noticing. 😑

    Anybody have this happen to their -31 legs? Grey piece from the back of the leg missing? Any suggestions? ☹️☹️☹️


    Is that part of the slider mechanism? Is it possibly in the leg in the drone storage bay?  Seems weird that it would just vanish….maybe it is part of the fold drive and vanished like on the SDF-1!!


  3. I am very excited about this, as my wife has been following this for me and told me just a minute ago that this will be coming to a movie theatre in Spokane, WA.   I plan on making an evening of it with my two sons who have grown up listening to me talk about Macross.  Now they get to experience it in a movie theatre, with me!


  4. I would like to see a Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Use Premium Finish from Arcadia.  I would also like to see maybe some sort of grand release of Macross related titles with proper/official subtitles to be released to the west.  I would like to see, as #Gerli mentions, some western releases of all the awesome Macross games for current gen (PS5/XBox Series X/S) and/or last gen (PS4/XBox One/Nintendo Switch).  

    As far as publications, perhaps the release of the Variable Fighter Master File series of books in English(or any other language than Japanese) for a broader audience.



  5. So now that the new Macross Delta movie has released, do we have any information/new source material for the variable fighters in the movie?

    how is the VF-31AX Kairos Plus different than VF-31 Siegfried?

    is Max’s YF-29 any different than Alto’s even though it has been almost 10 years since we first say the YF-29 introduced?

    how overpowering is this new SV-303?


  6. I just received a first release, sealed in box, VF-27B with pink fold booster, and I have to say, I cannot believe that this toy came out just a little while after the first release VF-25F toys from Bandai....gosh, this thing is so crisp and just an amazing sculpt and toy.  I am glad that I was able to get it, and for a price of 18330 shipped DHL through Mandarake, I am not sorry that I got it.


  7. On 10/10/2021 at 1:09 PM, Seto Kaiba said:

    As I said to him in the Mecha thread, I very much doubt that the VF-31AX is able to rival the YF-29 let alone exceed it.

    The VF-31 Custom Siegfried was already pushing the limits of what the VF-31's airframe could handle, to the extent that Hayate's needed serious TLC from the Aether's mechanics every time it sortied due to his rough handling of it.  He even got chastised for it by Makina of all people.  That was with an custom airframe they had TIME to seriously retrofit and redesign to handle the greater stresses of the still-heavily-detuned FF-3001/FC2 engines and simplified Fold Wave System.

    The VF-31A Custom "Kairos Plus" is...

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    ... an improvised customization done in the field under considerably tighter constraints of time and resources and stock VF-31A Kairos airframes.

    As such, I'd be VERY surprised if it was actually a significant improvement over the Siegfried type.  

    I strongly suspect the notion that the VF-31AX is the new most-uber VF is just wishful thinking on someone's part.



    It's definitely inconsistent across the Delta materials.  In the TV series and first movie, Xaos was all but broke after being run out of the Brisingr cluster.  They were so strapped for cash that they noted they couldn't afford to replenish their fuel and ammunition.

    I'd assume Aisha Blanchett wasn't poached from SMS at all.  She was working for SMS because Richard Bilra was ready, willing, and able to put up the gargantuan sums of cash needed for her to develop her ideal next-generation VF and the Fold Dimensional Resonance system.  Once the YF-30's development ended with successful demonstration of the Fold Dimensional Resonance system she wouldn't have had much reason to stay.  Her reason for moving to the Brisingr cluster would be pretty obvious: her baby, the YF-30, was licensed for further development into a mass production aircraft.  Elma Hoyly no doubt jumped for research funding, since Xaos was interested in researching fold songs and her area of expertise as the protege of Dr. Lawrence was biological fold waves.

    Why Max is half a galaxy away from the last known position of City 7 is a mystery all on its own.  I assume the writers simply wanted an actually-likeable character.


    Oh, it absolutely is... like how Mariafokina Barnrose in a VF-1 spanked Aegis Focker in a VF-19A.

    Hayate's got raw talent but little experience, so he seems to be getting most of his survivability from the potentially lethal fold song bullet time Freyja's songs put him into.  If he's not careful, he'll die exactly the same way Messer did... roided out on Var syndrome until his body just tears itself apart.


    Ranka Lee's date of birth is 29 April 2043, so she would be 25 years old at the time of Absolute Live!!!!!!.

    Wait, I thought in the series, Ranka was 14, then turned 15 and Hayate gave her snow to remind her of Windemere.  There has been 10 years since the series?  Im confused

  8. What a glorious way to self plug, eh Jenius? LOL!

    Are you coming out with any reviews soon? I’m assuming you are getting the GBP-1S for the Bandai DX VF-1J and VF-31J Fold Equipment set? I check YouTube and Anymoon for your reviews almost daily.

    very exciting time with Bandai asking us in the USA what we want…..


  9. I put MacrossWorld. I am pretty excited that they might offer these toys directly to the USA and possible other western regions.  Thinking back on it now, I totally forgot to mention a VF-11, VF-19S and/or VF-19Kai Fire Valk or VF-9. 

  10. I mentioned every Macross Variable Fighter. The prospect of the VF-31J and the YF-19 Full Set available here in the states from Tamashi Web Shop is quite nice! I hope this becomes the way to be able to order directly from the web shop!


  11. are you talking about the Canik TP9/other pistols, that are partially imported by Century Arms?  I do not have any personal experience with them, though there are several online/Youtube reviews that say that they are a solid pistol, with several great features for the price.  They also say that the higher end of the Canik line are more slated for competition shooting.  


  12. stemming over from the discussion on the Macross Movie Absolute Live!!!!!! thread, how over the top crazy would it be to have a ship like the Macross 1/2 or maybe a full New Macross like battle frontier have Macross Quarters as the "arms"  This has been seen, in a round about way in the Macross 2 Macross Cannon with the 4 front to the Zentradi battleships as the boom cannons and arms.  The discussion on the other thread was why there was a new ship name as the home base for Delta Flight, instead of the Aether, and I had postulated that perhaps Xaos replaced the Macross 1/2 with a new ship....anyway, back to the discussion of the new VF-31AX....


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