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  1. So how long before Macross Delta debut did we  start to see images of the Bandai DX toys? If the second movie is out this year, then we can anticipate some DX toys from it.  We should get:

    1) Delta Squad VF-31 #06

    2) New enemy valk

    3) New VF-31A Mirage Custom

    4) New VF-31A Chuck Custom

    5) Other Delta members getting new “A” Variants?

    6) possible drone/variable drone that Chuck and Mirage fight

    Any other ones to expect/hope for?

    of course, new fast packs

    New/remold of SV-262Ba?



  2. That is ok, I would love to see these materials, now that they seem to have the desire to spread this form of macross love to the rest of the world.  Not to mention, I would not mind if Bandai and Arcadia release/rerelease Macross Plus, Zero, 7, Frontier and Delta goods to the US without having to go through the secondary market.  I know that Arcadia is releasing a new SV-51Gamme Nora edition, but not info on pre-order, or if it will be available for those outside Japan can order.


  3. I thought that in the section of the statement where Mr. Kawamori and Mr. Mikimoto chime in, Mr. Mikimoto specifically mentioned the tertiary goods, like the book collections and whatnot and hope he was also referring to Macross the First!  I would love to see a whole new release of those types of supplemental material such as the Variable Fighter Master File with English translation, and Macross the First would be nice translated to English, I know I would buy that stuff up!


  4. 46 minutes ago, Shawn said:

    This is going to be a weird transition for some pieces.

     In their press release they say "Bigwest Co., Ltd. has announced the release of all works that are part of the “Macross” franchise made after 1987 to a worldwide audience from April 9, 2021."

    And now we see our first official release of Flashback 2012 to the global market(yay!) but aside from the new animation, it has all the content from prior to 1987 (doh!)

    Will any games be able to INCLUDE a VF-1, or do they need to start at the VF-4?
    Books etc? What can they include?

    They hybrid stuff is going to be interesting to watch, but maybe Flashback is they key...it IS a Hybrid, and it is releasable...so maybe this says it all  :)


    How do you mean Hybrid, Shawn? As in it is a music video with some new animation? Or that it doesn’t tie itself specifically to SDF Macross with the mecha and story, just the characters.


  5. So does this mean possible rerelease of games after 1987? Macross Frontier PSP games? Macross 30? Could they also have English subs added to them and English menus too? Mastered/Remastered for PS4/Nintendo Switch! Almost too exciting. Variable Fighter Master Files in English too, sounds like Me Mikimoto would like these products spread across the planet too, I’m game, love looking at the master file books. Would even buy them again if they are translated to English!


  6. The funny thing is on Amazon Prime, because I just checked, is that Macross II The Movie is available to rent, but the collection of OVA episodes is not, but listing for Macross Plus also have showed up with “video unavailable”, this has shown up recently, as I checked when the story of Big West and Harmony G working together broke, and it wasn’t even listed, as far as I could tell. Maybe it is a holding pattern awaiting some announcement.

  7. I seem to recall in Delta that Messer and Mirage both were a part of the N.U.N. Space before they joined Xaos. Even if the age of adulthood has become below 18 in Macross, you don’t do pilot training over a weekend, it takes years, then deployment to a unit for a certain span of time(months or years), then retirement, recruitment by Xaos, training for the new mecha (VF-31), then training and practice for formation flying/air show performing. It does not seem to add up for the specified age of these characters, unless you introduce some sort of mystical aspect, such a DNA/instinctual ability to pilot mechs, aka Newtype from Gundam.


  8. Honest question. How likely/has anyone heard any rumors of a re-release of the DX VF-1J Hikaru?  I would either want this without it being $400+ plus shipping or an Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Premium Finish and don’t know which would be more likely AND cheaper.

    thank you


  9. 1 hour ago, Keith said:

    Especially after the Switch port of that awful 2D robotech shooter, Battroids have gravity in space! If we could get a Switch port of the Saturn/PS1 DYRL Shooter it'd be epic.

    Honest question, was it that awful? It’s $10 USD  on switch store. Should I save my money? Never played it, but graphics looked passible.


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