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  1. The new pieces by the heads of the VF-31AX look almost protoculture-esque in their design. The Windamearans had the Protoculture ship, maybe Xaos analyzed the capabilities to 100% and used it in the AX redesign.


  2. 33 minutes ago, seti88 said:


    Yes, that does look sweet! Has anyone noticed that the color palette seems to have gone drab for the new movie? Arads “S” model teased was the colors of Messer, now this one is all dark and drab. I’m not complaining, I like the new, more military color scheme.


  3. Going back about 40 pages, I noticed that several people have been having the gap at the knee joint,  while grabbing to the sight, it does not really detract too much from the jet.  My major issue, being the fact that the left wing will not sit tightly against the leg, I have shaved down the tabs going into the leg to see if it was a fit problem that way, but it hasn't really changed anything.  I will not shave anything more off of the tab, and realistically, these are minor annoyances, but not ones that I experienced on my VF-31F Messer/Hayate version.  I really love both of my VF-31's and do not regret buying them at all.  It is just making me wanting to know more about the plans for future valk releases coming from the next Delta movie and the future.  We got the VF-25G Tornado and the whole slew of YF-29 toys from the second Macross Frontier movie....how many DX toys will we get from this one.



  4. 41 minutes ago, borgified said:

    Pics might help us to problem solve it @twich.  

    So these are pics of all the gaps and of the area where the wing hooks into the leg by the foot on the left side of fighter mode. The fact that the right leg remains extended in fighter mode at the knee joint puzzles me, as you would think that would be the side that doesn’t line up. Comparing it to my DX VF-31F Messer/Hayate release from passionate Walkure, they don’t seem to fit together the same. I am puzzled….







  5. I believe that it is a really good design for both fighter and battroid, the Gerwalk is strange, but the real beast is trying to transform the DX toy.  Who knows what the new movie will bring to us as far as new DX toys....one can hope.


  6. So question to the community who own VF-31's.  I recently got a new, unopened VF-31E from Mandarake.  I have noticed an issue with the legs/intakes staying connected while in fighter mode, and also, where the wing on the left side of fighter mode slides into the leg at the back of the fighter mode, near the feet.  It will not fully engage into the slot made for it, I don't want to force it, but if I don't keep pushing on it, the wing will disengage from the leg and make the leg flop around.  I have transformed it to try to workout the kinks associated with a new DX from the factory, but the issue has not resolved.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The problem seems worse when the radar dish is deployed.  


  7. On 5/30/2021 at 8:45 AM, technoblue said:

    Personally, I think this forum is better than most when it comes to respectful discourse. That doesn’t mean that communication is always tidy, though. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error for ideas to make it across, especially over these social networks. Anyway, it is what it is and that’s ok.

    Back to Transformets…MP Starscream v2.0 is a month away. Although I’m aware only a few MW members here are tracking this one due to changing interests and third-party replacements, I’m getting hyped up.

    MP Arcee was excellent and had no quality issues out if the box. My hope is that this new Starscream continues the trend. I’m also very keen to work through the transformation and compare this design to what I remember of MP-11 and MTRM-11.

    I am interested in the Masterpiece Starscream ver 2.0, and was interested to see that they have changed the main landing gear placement for the toy, I was glad that it wasnt the little stubby wheels that flip out of the kneecaps that we got on the MP-3/11 molds.


  8. I guess the big buzz at midnight pacific time on 5/27/21 is the leak by Bloomberg article stating that the Nintendo Switch "Pro" will be shipping Sept/Oct and will be revealed before E3.  It also states that it will be more expensive than the regular Nintendo Switch, which it will replace.......but of course, until we hear from Nintendo, this is just speculation.


  9. 1 hour ago, Xigfrid said:

    Hi guys! I was catching up with the thread and then I saw a few hot answers about me.

    I really don’t mind if you want to buy the official version or my version, but as a Macross fan, I will at least buy one copy of Bandai’s speaker pod.

    That’s because I really like the speaker pod and I thought it had much more meaning with the general story than the default “drone chargeuuuh”.

    Also, I know that the official release will have clever mechanisms that will help me designing new customs ;)

    This speaker pod hasn’t sold much in my shop. Where the weapons and custom missiles have sold 10x or 20x more! So I just hope at some point that Bandai release more weapon options, and I am sure it won’t disappoint in sales compared to this speaker pod. 

    Went searching on YouTube and found your two videos , your VF-9 seems very durable. Is that a special material that you used to construct? Or is that regular shapeways material? Love the design! Thank you, you video was very informative!


  10. Maybe the new “enemy” is the New UN Spacy. The drone fighter that harassed the new VF-31A’s belonging to Chuck and Mirage seemed to give them a lot more trouble than a few Lil Drakens did, could be earth based tech that is more powerful than we could know(ala speculation that earth spec VF-24 has Uber stats)….who knows, guess we will all find out when the new delta movie releases/streams/beams into our heads via mind probe


  11. Anyone else think it is funny that we have yet to see any hint of Hayate's new mecha?  Wonder if he will get a new design that is completely different from the VF-31, ala the VF-25 to YF-29.  I know we have the new "enemy" mecha design, but the more designs and moreover, the more DX toys we get, the better.


  12. If I am understanding Google Translate correctly, looks to be up for pre-order on June 3rd, 2021 with October 2021 release


    23,100 yen with tax included

    22,000 yen without tax

    Says general store release ( I think, as per Google Translate)


  13. I wonder if this will be the first of the official Bandai Macross DX toys that gets released to places like the US.  I know that BBTS had a VFG Klan Klan VF-25G model that went up for pre-order, I wonder if we will get this at places like BBTS.  We are supposed to get more information on this on 5/21/21, which, I think it is that day in Japan right now......


  14. As I cannot read Japanese, is that picture of the two mission packs there to say “look how similar they are” or “we are including these both in this release”?



  15. 8 hours ago, fifbeat said:

    Thanks for the reply and info. Petitioning to HG sounds.... eh.... too... I think we would have a better chance winning the lottery. I feel like there would still be no leverage. I mean, have you seen the crap these guys are releasing? (they want the entire pot, not some of it). These companies pretend to welcome input from outside sources, but when it's presented to them, they still do what's best for them (higher dollar amount, which we can't blame 'em).

    I believe in taking action, but only when I'm the captain of my own ship. Besides, when you have to rely on the Yune brothers without any and of built relationship, it seems very unlikely. They're more about collecting passive incomes on remasters of old GBA games. 

    That wouldn't make any sense for Bandai to stop here with the HMR line. That's like giving up when you're two steps away from reaching the top of Mount Everest. Someone WITHIN THE COMPANY is probably like "Uh, come on a-holes, I want to at least complete my Destroid collection. So can we move 'em please?"

    Doesn't that Graham dude (who runs this site) have any pull with these companies? He's basically been running a Super Bowl commercial for ALL Macross toys for the last 60 years. lol 

    Graham, who is indeed a site admin, did have an "in" with the company Yamato.  Once Yamato folded, it seems doubtful that he would have any say or an "in" with either Arcadia or Bandai.  If I am not mistaken, he lives in Hong Kong, so if anything, he might have some familiarity with Kitzconcept, since aren't they based out of Hong Kong.  I think that Bandai has plans with everything that they do, and we will not know about it until they announce it.  


  16. Both of your drawings are very interesting.  Is the second, colored drawing that you have of a sort of stylized SV-51?  I think that the first drawing reminded me of what the UN Spacy version of the VAB-2D, though we dont really see it, just what the Varuta have made, the FBz-99G.  I like your drawings, thank you for sharing them with us.


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