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  1. I already think that a recast of the visors in clear resin would be great as an accessory in the kit, and it does not need more work than just making the molds. I would buy at least two to personalize them with different colors.
  2. I just painted it black. Be careful to use thinner paints, as it eats plastic. To remove the gray metallic paint I used ethyl alcohol, I did not try with isopropyl because it could affect the plastic. With Ray's, try a combination of Clear Blue and Clear smoke with an airbrush.
  3. Hello guys, to inaugurate the new thread I leave some images of my last construction, still lacking the varnish but you can already get an idea of the project. I upload the final images along with the pinky when finished Greetings!
  4. I'm finishing my Baby Crab, I'm really happy with the model and its proportions. I hope to finish it soon to accompany my Pinky Crab.
  5. Amazing pictures! good job.
  6. The ball joints of the "Hobby Base" brand are really tight, they allow a 360 degree rotation and they come in very varied sizes, at least for me, it was the best option I found in the market.
  7. Thanks cap! I'm about to change the varnish for a Satin one, as soon as I take the new photos I send them to you.
  8. Esa pieza que falta en el tobillo es identica en ambos lados, puede duplicarse en resina y pintarse. Cuando tenga el mio veo si te puedo dar una mano con eso.
  9. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1086802846&ref=list
  10. I think you should identify the two parts and leverage the union with a plastic wedge, that way you will not break any pieces.
  11. Where is the preorder button
  12. Nippon Yasan, go go go ! https://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-es/figures/22592-riobot-vr-052f-mospeada-stick.html
  13. I have a feeling that in a couple of years this toy will cost U$S 1500 ...
  14. You have not tested if you can adapt the visor that comes in the 1/12 kit of aoshima / imai?
  15. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    I have the complete line of HMR macross, but the only ones that I have duplicates are the cannon fodder and the first edition of the regult, although I recognize that I would also like to have another defender.
  16. Amazing, it looks really good. Is it difficult to remove the mudguard?
  17. He says that initially use a little solvent but that I do not loosen the paint well, then he just sanded it and finished with a polishing compound. I think the best option is to sand lightly and give a final touch with some fine polishing paste. I personally think duplicate the piece in resin and try several transparent colors, like green or black. I think a transparent black color would be really amazing. This cabin, for example, was made in transparent resin, it looks very good after polishing.
  18. Waiting for photos of your unit ...
  19. Thanks, I just bought my seventh unit in hlj
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