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  1. Hi All. What's the going Rate for the Bandai DX Chogokin VF-1J Hikaru? I see this one on Mandarake sold for about 350 USD before shipping, and I saw one sold for around that on Ebay. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1118205360&lang=en Are these pretty easy to come by? I moved about a year and half ago and never took it back out of the box so I guess I don't need it lol
  2. Primaris have replaced normal space marines. GW made everything bigger so it was easier to paint and construct. Purely a business decision that they wrote into the lore. They brought one of the Primarchs back and he had a secret project with a 10k year old Tech Priest to make stronger marines. I assumed their older lines weren't selling so well, and a lot of new war gaming lines are bigger models.
  3. any idea how the po is gonna work? I feel like it will be like mondo where they make some random post on FB and you'll miss it lol
  4. Anybody know when this is coming? This is a must have for me.
  5. Oh well. Gave it a shot. Ill see if any come up around release. Always other things I can spend my money on
  6. Damn. I got through in HLJ, got my paypal in and now it kicked me back out saying this order is stop status.
  7. One or more products' stock status and/or price have changed. Please refresh your shopping cart.
  8. So no preorder tonight?
  9. I think it will sell well. This kind of toy appeals to casuals and the Hik sold like gangbusters. It's big, has metal, and looks amazing. I don't know many people that wanted the Hik will double dip though... BUT they are the same price as an Arcadia 1/60 give or take. To me it's a much better value. The TV valks look great in Bat mode but, as fighters there is just too much white. I am sure it was a conscience choice to keep animation simple but they look kind of boring.
  10. It's not an apology. that's the point. It will never happen because to sell these things they have to reach a profit point. I guess the point wooshed over you head a bit. My point is that some diecast here, and some painting there is pennys... but paying people to paint something by hand is labor intensive and cost prohibitive.
  11. would it be cheap though? It's labor intensive yes? The materials are cheap, but applying it to thousands of units would cost.
  12. I'd say it comes down to your budget, your display options, and patience. Collecting takes years so you have to plan for the long term. With collecting it's always good to restrict it down to what you like the most and have some discipline. I got rid of my Yamatos because they are already dated, and the scale isn't what I want for display. I think 1/60 lends itself to collecting an entire line more than 1/48, BUT with the market you end up paying hundreds for both sizes. I think the Bandai Valks just win in every respect except the waist partsforming and not having missiles. It has diecast. It has a ton of detail. It has better articulation. It looks amazing in every mode. I plan to buy about 4 or 5 1/48 Bandai DX valks and part them out and call it a day. Get a Roy, maybe a Max. Some super parts and Box armor and then be done.
  13. Once to get them in the display mode I want. Then again to sell them whenever I decide to. I pose them maybe once or twice a year haha
  14. Big love to @kkx He's a very patient and relaxed guy to deal with. Prompt payment and friendly. Great experience.
  15. Oh yeah.. Starfire is teen titans. I just watched that show. lol.
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