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  1. I was at the Third Live when they showed off these liveries in the opening CG movie and I thought it was pretty awesome. Nice enough I want one of my fav Walkure member but yeah not enough for a full set.
  2. They had to make it a full set purchase.. Hoping I can find a group to split the set upfront at PO stage than take my chances with the aftermarket when it releases.
  3. Yup, same here - charged by HLJ. Anyone else with HLJ orders, might be worth having it shipped today as they’re running a 5% discount on shipping. Ends 28 Nov 11am JST.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, managed to get one set for my TV Roy. At least with BIJ there’s more certainty of it arriving. Scrolling through the thread I see I’m not the only one still waiting for the movie packs from NY.
  5. Managed to get one in at HLJ. They came through for me with Hikaru's 1S (the irony of having to join the PO rush while in Japan for the Crossover Live), so happy I got Roy's too. Hope those who missed out can get one around release date.
  6. Wanted to PO the Blue Frame - I held off the P-Bandai JP site and waited for the SG site (my first time trying to PO there since I usually buy Macross, and they don't carry the franchise), seems like servers crashing and the item selling out is pretty common. By the time FJ got back to me, the JP site was then sold out. In the end went with an Okini Land PO, hope they don't bail on me like Mykombini did on the Kairos..
  7. joelwuj

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I know NY is the devil right now but did Mykombini actually fulfill any of their preorders? Everyone I spoke to who ordered from there got their order cancelled. At least we got our refunds back fast.
  8. joelwuj

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Queried them further and this was their reply. I’m kinda more annoyed that the DX held up the other part of my March preorders for a good month haha. For the eventual armoured parts and 31F Drakens I’m just going to use a proxy shopping service I guess.
  9. joelwuj

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Mykombini has refunded my order today saying that Bandai has reduced the quantity without notice to any retailers. Honestly find that hard to believe considering how TWE preorders work. Unless they’re trying to cut down on third-party sellers? The way this release was handled has been absurd, and I thought the DX preorder madness was over with the Delta valks but guess I’m wrong. Might use my usual proxy shipping service rather than third-party sellers for TWE orders next time.
  10. joelwuj

    Hi-Metal R

    Was thinking of using N-Y for the Messer VF-1 preorder instead of HLJ, but the shipping is more than double for the same eco SAL method. I know N-Y's shipping was always on the higher side but this is a first - even the shipping for my preorders in June and July with them was fairly reasonable. Also, I too wish I had double dipped with the HM-R effects set. Held off because I was apprehensive about how it would scale with the DXs, now I regret it.
  11. joelwuj

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Pleasantly surprised the HMR effect parts doesn't scale too badly with the DX, now I wish I grabbed more than one set! Still, it's not like the Siegfried ever fired any missiles in the actual show *grumble grumble*
  12. joelwuj

    Bandai DX VF-31

    In the promo pics for Messer's valk, the eyes on the head is shown as black in fighter mode when it should have been blue. In the case of the VF-31C, it might be a similar mistake (editing maybe?), just on a much larger scale.
  13. joelwuj

    Macross figures

    So it looks like each member comes with their own "W" handsign, and also has a unique stand. On a side note, does Mikumo's skin tone look a bit lighter compared to Freyja's? I assume it's intentional but it seems rather pale. Also, the side triangles on their skirt has a motif instead of being a single colour, in line with some promo art rather than the actual anime. Much nicer looking in my opinion!
  14. joelwuj

    Macross figures

    Pics from @macrosstweet at Twitter. I'm surprised that Mikumo's coming out first (albeit just a month earlier), I thought Freyja having the Figuarts Zero would be less work production-wise. I think sales will determine whether Kaname is a web-exclusive or not, and I also feel that Makina and Reina will most probably be released in a set. I'll probably collect them all anyways so I just hope Bandai will actually release whole group.
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