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  1. @tekering I love the chipping effect on the first picture. Did you use the salt method? My heart goes out to you with the chipping effect on the second picture.
  2. Man that sucks! I've personally never had an issue with Tamiya white primer. It has always functioned the same for me as the greys. Their gloss white runs as bad as your first picture though 🤢. Maybe it's a weather thing? I'm in So CA where there's always low humidity and moderate temps. All that being said I had an almost exact same thing happen this weekend. It was my final two pieces before I could finish assembly on a major part of the build. When I peeled off the Tamiya masking tape it took off a massive area of weathering and base color, basically down to the primer. I can't even describe how pissed I was. Normally I would start over but with the contest deadline looming there just isn't enough time for me to do it over from scratch. I'm left with no option but to streamline my process and try to blend it in as best as possible. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable and the rest of the work will make up for it. Good luck to you getting your issue resolved. I can't wait to see what you submit.
  3. It's taking me longer than I thought but I am almost there. It will probably come down to the wire though.
  4. Mine is still in the works. I think it will be ready some time in November.
  5. Excellent work! Assuming you go with these, I can't wait to see what you do with them for the contest.
  6. Hot Damn! I thought that the entries were going to have to be submitted this month. Having until December is awesome. I should definitely be able to complete everything by then. I'm really looking forward to this. I can't wait to see all of the wonderful submissions that people have created of your works past and present. There should be some real beauties. Any chance we can send in photos through some other means other than Facebook? I don't have an account there and try to avoid it when at all possible.
  7. Yeah it does have that minty fresh sparkle 😁. I only wish I had the funds to get multiples when Cap originally offered these. I would definitely have kept one of them with the glossy shine. All the curves and angles are great for that. I plan to take a bunch of pictures under different lighting conditions before I apply the final flat coat to enjoy the gloss one last time.
  8. Weathering step 3 done. This step is a little more subtle (edge highlighting) so not too much different visually from the last pictures. On to step 4.
  9. I agree with Captain. In addition, as you can see from my most recent pictures, the only time you see the gap is when viewed perfectly straight on at the waist. Looking at it from any other angle the gap disappears and (especially once painted) even appears to be black/dark in between the pieces. Since most. if not all, of the images I have seen from the anime are always at some kind of angle and not straight on I assume that Cap got it right... from a certain point of view .
  10. Part of why I did the repaint is that it was always my intention to have the two tone effect. If you try real hard you can kinda sorta see it in my original pictures. The colors were just too close to each other to be able to see it easily. Oh yeah I remember you mentioned you were going to do that before. Are you building a swing or a slide mechanism to do that? For me I have run out of some paint and enamels for weathering take a long time to cure. So while I wait on the postal service and for paint to dry I have started on the base. I have the footprint and rudimentary shapes for the city started. It has a long way to go.
  11. Aww man, that sucks. Been there done that. Having to go back to square one after getting so far in the process is one of the worst feelings in this hobby. Is the blaster glued to the sled yet? Hopefully not so you can at least preserve the rest of the work you did and focus on the two parts that need to be fixed. For me, I decided to proceed with the color change. I'm much happier with it. Unfortunately the Tamiya tape pulled off some white paint when I did it so I am going to have some extra clean up to do. I've also finished weathering step 2. Just need to seal it then on to step three.
  12. Yes and no. If it was a decent camera I'd agree with you (although with a decent camera there are ways to compensate for that). But when the light is increased, as with the last photo I posted, the whites get blown out. I don't think this phone has ever taken a decent indoor picture. Even getting it to properly focus is a pain. It does well enough outside during the day. I agree with you. I went with the lightest olive drab I could do. I keep trying to convince myself it is fine but in the end it really is too dark. I think I am going to have to re-do it. Otherwise it is always going to eat at me every time I look at it.
  13. Just for you, an early teaser pic. Look ma , no hands!
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