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  1. That’s a shame, guess I’ll wait and hope for an improved variant somewhere down the line
  2. How loose do the renewal VF-25s get if you keep them equipped with the armored parts on?
  3. Many thanks to @Slave IV for his recommendation. It is even more beautiful in person.
  4. Yeah i’ve heard the 1/48 DX VF-1’s are the most well regarded iterations of the design to date.
  5. The VF-25S + armored parts was something I wanted for a while due to being a fan of Frontier. However, most of the secondhand prices i’ve seen have been quite expensive which is understandable. But given its price point I’ll likely be way less forgiving of durability issues like the loose joints. The arcadia VF-1S is a significantly cheaper option and comes with a full complement of accessories on top of being a pretty iconic toy I’ve heard a lot of praise for. Thanks for the help!
  6. I’m thinking of which valk to buy next and I’ve narrowed it down to three choices. The DX VF-25S renewal with armored parts, the YF-19 full set pack, and the arcadia VF-1S with strike parts. For anyone that has them, what are your thoughts on each and if you had to pick one, which would you go with?
  7. Beautiful pics. The DX Chogokin Renewal Ozma VF-25 + Armored parts has been one of my dream valks to own.
  8. Well, it has been a hot minute since i’ve last frequented these forums but the recent news was quite heartening. If BW does indeed have all this leverage i’m excited about what it could mean for the distribution of merchandise like the DX valks abroad. High quality releases of the original series and frontier are also things i’d love to see.
  9. Any thoughts about the 1/72 Sv 262's durability from those who have one? There don't seem to be that many reviews of it and one reviewer I saw unfortunately snapped the ankle joint when handling the foot in Battroid mode. I have heard that it's transformation scheme is significantly less convoluted and i'm interested in getting one myself.
  10. I wonder why some of the video reviews made the process look so easy(eg. wotafa's and jenius' reviews). Does the connection get looser over time?
  11. Managed to finally pry it off, though it was quite scary since i also ended up popping the entire turret off(thankfully it could pop back on without a problem).
  12. Unfortunately it's still not coming off even with significant pressure. Where should i be holding the gunpod in order to minimise the risk of stressing the plastic? I also can't seem to get it to budge at the moment.
  13. Anyone know how to remove the gunpod from the turret? Mine is rather tight and i'm afraid of potentially breaking something by using too much force.
  14. First transformation was somewhat nerve-wracking, but seeing this on my desk makes it all worth it. Shoutout to the man from anymoon.com(forgot his name) for his excellent transformation guide.
  15. Decided to take some quick shots of what is probably one of the most high-end toys i've ever owned. Here's to the start of my addiction/collection, and hopefully better pictures.
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