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  1. Interesting, so I'm not the only one with a broken landing gear door, which broke off on the left leg. It's possible that I might have applied too much pressure, in an attempt to open it? Other than the broken hinge, it's an impressive KO of Arcadia's VF-1J. I had considered acquiring the red version, but I really don't need the Fast Pack accessories. Has anyone had issues with folding up the backpack, when transforming the VF-1J into battroid mode? I didn't want to break the hinge on mine, so I reluctantly left it on a 90 degree angle.
  2. ...or just fix the wings permanently with glue so that they won't move anymore. Might not be an ideal solution, but at least, they won't sag when adding the missiles, or flying it around the room.
  3. I clicked on the link but there's nothing showing in terms of viewing the file of the parts in question on the website. If you have a working link to the POM material, I would take those instead. Filing parts to fit, doesn't faze me as I've worked on many Gundam kits.
  4. Speaking of customizing, I bought a used Yamato YF-19 and repainted it into a VF-19A. Almost done, need to fix the broken shoulder joint, and apply a matte clear coat to a few parts...and then I'm done. I guess I should post some pics on the board.
  5. It does indeed, thanks for posting the link!
  6. Yes, I was referring to the Arcadia version, with those metallic swing bars. I've taken it out of the box and played with the wings a bit. Not really comfortable with its design, especially when mounted missiles are involved.
  7. I wonder if someone made a 3D print for the shoulder missile pods on Shapeways? Speaking of 3D printing, there was a post a few years back of another member who made a component in place of the swing bars, so that the wings could swing back, similar to what the Yamato versions did. I just bought a used Arcadia YF-19 from Mandrake and so I'm hoping to make the same upgrade to remove those swing bars, if they have the same 'floppy wing' issue.
  8. I've never seen this upgrade kit before, but...$280 for this? I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the upper shoulder missile launcher pods. Those look really cool! What exactly is the name of this kit?
  9. Hmm...I like this. Maybe I should not sell off my black YF-19 and repaint it to this color scheme! Well, I'll need to see what the robot mode looks like too. Another YF-19 release? Ah no! I just bought a used one off Mandrake. Well, at least, I got a good deal for it. But with these re-releases and repaints, why haven't they given us the VF-19A? That's a definite must-have in my collection!
  10. I've heard of these arm issues with the Yamato YF-19, but I never thought that I would be an unlucky recipient of this structural design flaw. I had repainted my YF-19 into a VF-19A, and I had one shoulder joint just fall apart when I pulled down the sleeve. I thought the other arm was immune, but that one had a fine crack. After I had reattached the good arm, the crack broke off and now I had to glue the broken part. I wonder if the latter releases have the same issues as well, such as the black 25th Anniversary release?
  11. I'll have to get one of these, to complement my YF-19! Now, as for a figure, I wonder if the Transformers MP-10 Spike figure will work with this?
  12. I used to have the VF-19A, but sold it off when Yamato released the revised 1/60 scale YF-19, in the hope that a VF-19A would be rereleased in that color scheme. Unfortunately, that never materialized and we got the Bird of Prey and the Double Nuts. Both of them are nice, but I don't see why they couldn't have gone back and released a VF-19A? My next option is to buy a used (broken) Yamato YF-19 and repaint it into a VF-19A. Other than the color scheme, were there any other cosmetic changes made to the design? I wonder if Bandai or Arcadia will be releasing a 1/60 scale VF-11B and/or C sometime in the future?
  13. That custom Unit 3 - ARIEL, is a work of art.
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