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  1. VF-1 VF-25 VF-19 YF-21/VF22 VF-0 SV-52 VF-11 YF-29 VF-27 VF-31 VF-171 I like the curves in the newer 5th gen Valks. The VF-1 though is my favorite since it is just a straight forward fighter with a simple design.I never cared for the VF-17 design since it is based on the F-117 and I am not a big fan of its design shape (I know that is how it works as a Stealth aircraft but it is still ugly). They did improve it with the 171 though, which is why it made my list. Here you go Aurance the VF-0C
  2. When any suspension pylon is loaded on a fighter or attack aircraft the SMS (Stores Management System) acknowledges this. Valkyries do have SMS as part of their delivery system, it is seen if you look at views of the up front control console in screenshots. Anyway along with the SMS system saying "hey there is something loaded there" the Valkyires AI also says "hey there is something on the wing because the SMS is all excited, when I reconfigure to Battroid I will have to limit the fold on the outer wing tip area". More than likely the wings won't fold or will fold very little in the situation where they are using pylons on the hardpoints as Seto pointed out. Modern fighters have systems like this to limit speed brakes from opening too wide on landing and for takeoff flight control positions. They are far simpler and use a combination of weight on wheels indication registering with the flight control computer and/or limit switches.
  3. It has both the box art and regular paintings from Tenjin Hidetaka, who did most of the mechanical drawings for both Frontier and Delta. I have the Second Sortie book. The pictures are amazing in it. It doesn't look like anyone else has it yet for pre-order Spanner. I live in Abu Dhabi and I was able to order form Amazon Japan and have the items shipped to my US address. Eventually though regular Amazon will have it available, hopefully for pre-order. They may be just behind the power curve on this one.
  4. No problem, your more than welcome. I think the idea of hitting a target that far out has kind of moved to the back burner in missile development world also. The AIM-120 has exceeded the range of the AIM-7 by over 30 miles now. The operational range for the 120C is over 50 miles and the D is supposed to be at 97, damn near the range of a long range missile.
  5. Well played....touche JB0.........LOL. In either case the possibility of someone saying "get that out of my eye" is there.........
  6. Hell at least Frontier Ep 8 had someone, even if it was Sheryl, using some form of mech (Ex-Gear).........and she was wrecking something with it (the school but what the hell).......still better than this episode of Delta in my book.
  7. Strike Eagles can mount up to 6 Bombs on each wing pylon using a BRU-41 MER. Normal load out though is on the FAST Pack and fuselage mounts with 600 gal wing tanks on the wing pylons w/ one AIM-120 and AIM-9. MER's are not used on the wing pylon position by the USAF due to aerodynamic issues when dropping from the aft inside rack positions ( the bombs tend to spin and are drawn in toward the frame by the air flow around the frame). The animators did make mistakes when producing the VF-31 scenes. Here is a pic of the VF-31 with the hardpoint positions highlighted. Roy Focker also destroyed several Q-Rau's in his last engagement. The Q-Rau was not the juggernaut you think it is. It all boils down to experience and skill in the end not necessarily the crate. It was originally designed for the female physiology that is why you only saw the female Zentraedi pilots flying them. The Female Zentraedi Aces preferred the Q-Rau due to its capabilities, they weren't necessarily flown soley by ace pilots though.
  8. With the Phoenix no longer an option due to the F-14 retirement I don't know if we will see a new long range missile. The medium range missiles have been pushed to the fore front and no one seems to be too interested in the long range missile other than for ground attack. The AIM-7's are being phased out and replaced by the 120's and other newer more sophisticated medium range missiles.
  9. Since they seem to glow or change color, they would have to be translucent or even have chromataphores in them, meaning they are probably kinda gross looking flesh bags in real life........ugghh that is really gross sounding. Head boners or forehead balls/scrotums, none of it sounds pleasant in most regards...
  10. Judging from the color and appearance of the Birdmans central spiral structure, I definitely agree with you Seto. The scientist studying the Birdman in episode 2 noticed it had the same system characteristics as the ASS-1 remains but on a more sophisticated and compact level. They theorized or stated it not only had gravity control but could possibly teleport and travel through time ( I am not sure about the "time" portion but definitely it definitely teleported/folded at the end). The whole spiral assembly probably also acted as a large fold quartz sensor dish picking up fold waves generated by the wind maidens as they sang.
  11. And I present the most exciting scene in this weeks episode thanks to Gamlins expertise in GIF's.......next to Heinz learning a new song
  12. grigolosi

    SA Gun destroyer

    From the album: Untitled Album

    A certain Gun destroyer just prior to its last random fold...........
  13. Definitley agree with you on that. I did the same last week, actually I watched the first 17 episodes of MF over the weekend. They seemed to have put more work into Frontier on all levels. I actually find the VF-25 more aesthetically pleasing to look at than the 31. To me the 25 looks like a killing machine. It has more of a lethal grace to it. The 31 looks like it can't wait to put on an airshow demo for you. Probably because of the lack of weapon load outs we have seen on it. I do like the music for Frontier far better. Even the BGM is far better IMOP.
  14. They are part of the Civil Engineering Squadrons. They are supposed to deal with bug and varmint problems on base. It took us a month to get them out to beal with our ant problem in the office back in 2011. Little buggers were making ainthills behind the office door near the wall.....right up through the slab. Considering how thin the titanium heat shielding in most fighter engine bays are, I am not surprised by what LM has probably created for the F-35 in the terms of heat shielding. With ceramic coatings on the inside of the exhaust nozzles titanium turkey feathers (the nickname for the divergent and convergent flaps and seals that make up the exhaust nozzle) very little heat transfers through even on 4th gen fighters except on the exposed titanium surfaces of the nozzle. You can see it in this pic I took. If you look just above the stabilator in the pic you can see the inner seal is bright orange but the outer flaps aren't (you will have to click on the pic to get a closer view). I don't know how LM has this door coated but it works extremely well.
  15. I would say it probably missed the flying schedule as a maintenance non delivery. It takes an act of God to get base entymology to respond to anything and when they do they feed you "its not our job or we have to call someone in" which they did. That probably took a couple of hours alone. Then getting them cleared/escorted onto the flightline took a another hour. Then knowing the modern USAF they probably contacted the MEO office (Military Equal Opportunity) too make sure someone wasn't going to be offended or make sure the bees weren't offended or discriminated against etc.......just joking about the last one but all the other requirements probably took some time to coordinate.
  16. I saw that on FB also......not the first time bees have made a nest like that. I believe it has happened to several F-16's also in the past. I am glad they were able to remove them without destroying them. They are at too much risk now to needlessly destroy them. Quite funny though...."Nothing will stop the US Air Force"......except bee's...and lightning......they stop the USAF.......LOL.
  17. Plus 2 of the of the members of Delta are named after famous German aces and other members of Chaos are named after famous aircraft.......so the 262 reference is pretty much spot on in my book also Zinjo.
  18. That definitely clears up quite a lot. The DYRL aesthetics were definitely better in most regards and I can understand that substitution. I suspected that with the Birdman. That scene in M0, the scientist mentioned the head had been separated back when our cranial capacity was 1200cc and then if you watch in one of the episodes you see cave painting showing humans fighting with spears while the Birdman is watching. But that definitely clarifies this whole Berger/PC issue brought up by this episode. Thanks Seto for the info.
  19. Never been able to be around either up close Seto but now that you mention that, I can definitely see your point also.......That American Dad scene was definitely the equivalent to the Roid and Keith Rune high five....or what ever that bizarre display was supposed to be. At least with the prehensile hair it seems to be limited and mainly driven by emotions more than anything but I did notice a few times when Ranka went to put her earbuds in the hair did seem to move back without her touching it.....but it is still far easier to deal with than a pouch or excitable glowing runes that like to high five each other and become erect. Yeah Freya did get mad at Hayate and called him a perv when he tried to touch her rune.
  20. Definitely on board with the inital date Seto of 497K. The chronology gives that. But everyone keeps saying the PC returned in the second dated time. If you go off DYRL it does make sense. But the chronology doesn't mention it either. It does state that after roughly 5 yrs surveying and manipulating the gene's of certain lifeforms on Earth to create a sub PC for future colonization that the survey ship departed and was destroyed on its way back to the Stellar Republic or wherever by factions opposed to the Stellar Republic and that all records of earth and humanity were lost. The question now is what do we really consider canon. This is where mixing 2 series with some parts being canon and some not is starting to contradict pre-established timelines/canon. But also you have the contradiction in the dating of the Birdman craft. The scientist did state in M Zero that when it was here on earth the average human cranial capacity was 1200 cc, which would place it with heidleberg aferensis or possibly neanderthals 200k to 600K.. I don't want to come off as so much argumentative with you, just pointing out how some of the canon is getting "skewed" by the acceptance of DYRL as canon also without specifics as too what parts by SK.
  21. From what I understood in the series it sounds like they coincide. I believe the Mayan islanders were describing the arrival of the protoculture to earth and their manipulation of the genes of the planets most evolved lifeform. They left the Birdman as a monitor to watch us. While the term Birdmen describes the PC who surveyed the planet. I imagine seeing how aggressive Pleistocene earth was they got a little worried about how the new seeded species would turn out. That is my take on it.
  22. Nice the bottom one is a loads and flutter bird. They essentially load out the frame with munitions they want to test on it and have specially modded LEF's that shake the crap out of the frame while the pilot does certain maneuvers to see how the frame handles it and see if the munitions will fall off during said maneuvers. You can see the small orange sensors on the GBU's between the tail fins and the long nose pitot tube mounted for the testing also since there is a chance the plane can go out of its envelope. I never did ask why they changed the probes out for it but the probe is mounted for out of envelope test also.In this case they actually had to add the probe to the aircraft. On F-16's they simply swap out the standard pitot tube for this one.
  23. The prehensile hair I can deal with...even marsupial pouches and gills......but "magically delicious" runes.......ewwwwwwwww
  24. Yes but it would be a very tired and exhausted group also.....too much SNUU-SNUU not enough BOOM-BOOM.......err that doesn't sound right either......
  25. I have noticed in several threads where this comes up. In M0 the statement was the Birdman was OVER 10,000 yrs old and that exact date was classified beyond anyone's clearance in the room other than the scientist. Also One statement from Episode 2 by the scientist talking to Aries is indicates human cranial capacity at the time it was dated too was at 1200 cc's. This puts the contact/seeding date at between 200,000-600,000 yrs ago, the middle Pleistocene and at the time dated in the PC calendar for the series. Definitely making us one of the oldest races seeded by the PC like Seto stated. I posted scene captures with the subs just in case also.
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