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  1. It sounded like another in universe show or series. She called it The Lynn Minmay Chronicles. Probably nothing to do with that movie that Basara and Mylene were in.
  2. I think the PC left the coding in the genetics of the races they altered. It was probably meant to eventually activate in a race as it evolved. I don't think it was nerfed so much as made dormant through their gene manipulation. Seeing how they had the ability to predict how aggressive and warlike we (terran humans) could be (hence leaving an uber destructive AI behind to make the call on pulling our plug), they probably did the same for the Windermerans. Giving them higher enhanced physical abilities/reflexes also introduced a greater liability to the galaxy. To stem this to an extant they encoded a short life span to control them. The ruins make sense especially if they were built in the waning days of the PC in effort to bring the Zentraedi and Supervision Army back under control to stop the fighting and save themselves. But I suspect they realized it was too powerful. Instead of just pacifying and allowing their original protocols to be reinstated, it went way above in the mind control arena and was never used or they just never had a chance to use it. But considering the PC took the time to hide them in super dimensional space tells me they decided not to use it and didn't want the "kids" finding them either (as Seto said these things were sealed or locked away for a reason Roid). Why would the Vajra leave our space after living here for millions if not 10's of millions of years. They obviously lived in the galaxy with the PC 500,000 years ago. Did the PC ever make contact with them like we managed to do or did they completely avoid them as stated out of fear and respect for them and just emulated and studied them from afar. I wasn't surprised at all on Epsilon. They are out to either make a buck or have a greater agenda, which becomes more suspect with the info Berger gave on the companies engineers. The cracks are definitely developing in the Windermeran front. Keith is beginning to question this war also and Roids agenda. Roid I believe is in for a nasty surprise about Mikumo. I don't think he has grasped the possibility that she is: 1) either a PC who was placed in stasis 2) a clone created from PC genetic material that was recovered going off her flashbacks I guessing she is either one. All this is conjecture but at least we have some actual theories from the series itself now instead of flashback sequences and grim looks after little half bits of information.
  3. If the picture is any indication of what they manufacture then they seem to manufacture everything form battleships to Querule watches. But we will have to wait for the subs to come out to find for sure what he is explaining in the that scene. They definitely seem to have some type of agenda in this.
  4. I have seen some fancy Doha pipes over here but that one Berger has takes the cake. That thing would sell like hotcakes over here if they had that tech now. Considering the symbol Epsilon uses, the balanced scale, I am not surprised nor would be surprised if they were playing both sides of the field. Like any weapons manufacturer they will sell to whoever is buying regardless of either sides motives or nationalistic views.
  5. A Few yrs ago they had the anniversary of the Doolitttle raid and Raider reunion in Destin Florida. I was outside my house on base when the 4-5 B-25's they had brought in for it went roaring over one after another right over my house. Got to see the underside of those beautiful birds just above tree top level. They made a couple of passes over Eglin since that was where the original Raiders trained for the mission in 1942.They were a sight to see. Also When I was there as a young airman back in 91' I watched a B-24 make a landing approach on the runway there in some hard cross winds. He did a touch and go and then left. He never did come back and land. If yu ever get a chance go see the Museum at Chino California. They have quite a flyable collection there also. They also have quite few non flyables on display including a ME-262 and the wreckage of a G4M Betty displayed in a jungle style display. The Naval Air Museum at Pensacola has an IJN Kawanishi N1K2 Shiden-Kai on display on the floor of the museum. It still has bullet hole patches on it and was captured during the war and used for evaluation by the USN.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. They have a website that shows what aircraft they have and some background on them. http://www.flyingheritage.com/
  7. LOL I know that wasn't an A6M2, That is why I posted it as an even rarer bird. The 43 also had a larger wing and utilized butterfly flaps. That is what helped make it as maneuverable as it was. But it was underarmed compared to the Zero. Nakajima utilized the same flap system on the Ki-44 also. I was seeing if anyone else would catch it. I guess I should have been a little clearer when I posted the pic. Nice eye Sildani. Yeah the FHC in Washinton State has one, this is actually a pic from the FHC posted on FB. From what I read there are 5 flyable reproductions either completed or being restored at the moment. This one pictured is not a reproduction and has an actual original production serial number.
  8. Well as long as the Windermerans are taking to start their "conquest of the Galaxy" NUNS should have had time to set up jammer systems on the major colony worlds and on Earth, plus find a way to better conceal which ships have the jammers within the fleets. You can almost call this the Phony War II. I resembles the period in WWII between the attack on Poland and the Invasion of the Lowlands and France. But Squaresphere is definitely right about one thing....the knowledge of the fold receptors by the general public seems to be non existant from the information given in the first few episodes.
  9. I hate to say it but this in my opinion would be what it would be like to watch a war with no ambition from either side. Its like one of those school dances you see on TV where everyone is standing against a wall waiting for someone to start dancing first. Once someone decides to make a move there is no direction, no motivation other than from Bogue to kill Walkure while everyone else is doing whatever comes to mind like flying around and taking a pop shot or two at each other and seeing how loud they can scream at each other (Keith and Hayate) with a band singing background music. The show has almost lost any forward momentum it had due to too many storylines going on at once and no focus as mentioned earlier....... Sorry 19 I forgot to spell out the acronymn's, I usually do that.
  10. LOL no problems with me. I enjoy good civil discussions like this. I know what you are talking about on F-16.net. I have a login for that site but I usually use it for information or pics and I work on the damned things. I know from experience there is always someone who knows more than you do or has a little more knowledge. If you comment on there and are even remotely wrong or perceived as wrong you better be ready for a fight and those arguments can get really really ugly on there. But Anyhoo...... As far as I have seen of actual launch footage that isn't slowed down for the engineers, it is eyeblinking quick off the rail. All I have seen shows a literal puff of smoke/dust and the missile is gone. That is why that whole family and type of IR missiles are so dangerous. All of them from the Sidewinder to the Python series are insanely quick off the rail and damn near impossible to deter once they are launched. Pulling high alpha stunts plays havoc with the internal systems too. It tends to drive the LEF systems so hard that they use more lubricating oil than normal. We always had to check the PDU oil levels on the F-16's when they came back form high alpha missions at Edwards. I know when the Russians started showing off that cobra maneuver in the MIG's and SU's most fighter pilots actually questioned its practicality in combat. Most are inclined to believe it is too risky to try for the same reasons we have discussed, especially the issue with being rear ended by the chasing aircraft.
  11. I spotted that when I saw the designation for the new Valks back in winter. I imagine it has to go in line with the whole Euro theme for Windermere and their almost Nazi like superiority mentality. Arad gets his last name from Ernest Molders, a WWII Luftwaffe ace along with Hayate whose last name is the same as the WWI ace credited with creating the Immelman turn Max Immelman.
  12. I think Keith is getting suspicious of Roid, condiment boy did start to sing when Roid told him too but as far as him knowing what Roid is truly up too is another question entirely. Like Seto said earlier Roid and friends are going down that idiotic "lets see why the PC sealed this....it can't be that bad" routine and the only one to question it is Cassim. For a guy who claims to do lots of research he sure hasn't learned one thing from it. I guess this is what happens when you start believing your own BS propaganda.
  13. Just a little info on missiles, the speed of the current AIM-9 off the rail at launch is mach 5. I have been curious to the speed that these micro missiles launch at, I know they can't be that fast since these pilots in Macross seem to be able to fratricide these missiles swarms. As for cannon fire it is a rule of thumb when in combat you do not fly in a straight line especially as you over shoot or pass your target. The pilot will start to maneuver to throw off the aim of his opponent and will be performing BFM to keep his opponent from getting a clean shot. . I believe though in Macross the Qrau is the most effective mecha for this type of fight. It is designed for the zero cornering 3D regime. It has a massive engine and can spin and twist on a dime. It is optimized for this combat realm. Like always everything boils down to the skill and experience of the pilot. I am betting those Qrau pilots in episode 1 weren't the best in the Zent fleet. I was rather disappointed that they really didn't do more with them in that episode. (this has nothing to do with the fact this is my favorite mecha in the series). Episode 4 of MF showed how well it can dance though in the hands of good pilot. I don't know why suddenly they restricted the battroid mode to hover only but I suspect it may have been to back up the lack of multimode combat sequences or legitimize gerwalk more, only SK knows for sure. All the prior Macross series showed air to air in a literal 3D tactics regime. Now they decided to limit it again.
  14. I noticed that also. They went from using battroid in air to air on a consistent basis to rarely using it. Like they suddenly discovered physics. On Mac plus that was a constant, once the advantage by surprise was gone (it would only last a few seconds which is all you would actually need in combat against an inexperienced foe) they switched back to disengage while using the arm shield to protect themselves.
  15. These engines are limited due to both heat and physical frame stress when in an atmosphere. I can guarantee the engine management computer's OFP's on a Valk make sure of that, trimming the engine down to prevent someone from making a grease stain of themselves. Yes the T/W are way up there but still going from 0 to 700 would take a a minute. Remember the opponent is flying a VF also so the opposing pilot is still at full speed maneuvering for his next shot.. The speeds may increase but the tactics still pretty much stay the same. What I basically said was that energy is key as Chronocidal stated. I don't believe either that Battroid would be commonly used in atmosphere so much either because of that.
  16. Once the pilot cuts into Battroid mode in a situation like that he loses all his energy. To re-engage the opposing fighter he would have to switch modes and build his energy. If you take a jet fighter into a climb after an opponent and go into burner after you start the climb its like holding a lighter upside down (this came directly from a fighter pilot who did this in an engagement at Cope Thunder back in 1994, he ended up pretty much hammer stalling his F-16 at 22K and had to let the FLCS computer recover it). Jet engines just don't instantly push the aircraft frame up to speed, the engines have to move the frame forward so it would take a minute or so (I am guessing the time for these style engines). It would take the battroid pilot a couple of minutes to regain his forward energy for re-engagement during which time the opposing pilot would have more than likely watched and reacted coming around for another pass. Energy is life in air to air, the pilot with the most energy dictates the dogfight and if the opposing pilot is smart like Chronocidal stated he won't engage on his opponents term but will maneuver using their energy advantage for an opening that will give them the shot they want That I believe is why there have been no real multi mode engagements. Unless your opponent switches over to battroid which is limited to hovering it would be pretty much be suicide. Plus the Windermerans preoccupation with the "wind" and the strange birds of their planet, I have a feeling they prefer fighting using their wings which they spout on about.
  17. I saw a flying A6M2 at the airshow at Hill AFB back in 04'. It was awesome to watch. The Naval Air Museum at Pensacola has one on display also, I can't remember which type it was, I think it was a Type 11. Now here is a pic of an extremely rare bird in flight.............
  18. The first article I saw on that was posted to some of the aircraft pages on FB. It passed it's IOT&E back in June. http://www.acc.af.mil/AirCombatCommandsF-35AProgram.aspx
  19. Found this in my Facebook today...pretty freaking cool, unfortunately it is a short video. http://cbsn.ws/2aGMhfj
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