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  1. Right now listening to Royksopp, Dimitri from Paris and some french house. Martin
  2. Awwww, they are not even on early bird any more Hope they come up with the preorder soon. Martin
  3. I just had my own really bad experience with decals this weekend. I'm working on a Hasegawa YF-19 and the build up went smooth and beautiful. Then started the problem with the primer. Air-brushed it and went smooth on some parts but grainy on others; well, a little sand paper and ready for the paint. Paint went ok, then future coat, then panel lines, the future coat and the first decals on the wings ok. Then decals for the cockpit area brake off, both of them and I even didn't apply any softener yet. Then little decals like the "do not step" or "danger" type just didn't get in their place, even after the microset, and even silvered o_O. Then a mist coat of future, let it dry, check it after an hour and all the big decals shrinked and became all with an effect like when you put a blow torch on real paint. This is the first time it ever happens to me. It is not my first model and it's not my first valk either. All the others went OK, but this baby just went wrong from the beginning. I buyed it the first time it came off, like 2002, I think. But the first valks I did were VF-1's and they were even older. I really don't know what happend and I post this just to get rid of a little of my frustration. Ever happened to anyone? Martin
  4. I'm willing to make a couple of vehicles but won't be doing the casting. I can send the parts to someone who can actually cast them and take over the work of sending the kits to whoever wants them. I'll only take a pair of cast for myself. Martin
  5. Can't believe it! I was about to start the same project! Didn't make any drawings tho. There is a rear view of the transport on the books that will help you. I think I'll move to other vehicles and leave this one to you Hope to see the progress soon. Martin
  6. Oh, MT, That's amazing! Your work on the hull is beautiful, but I was really expecting all the inside detail Just make want to shrink and take a walk inside the Daedalus. Martin
  7. *bump* for this What ever happened to this vehicles? With the set of 1/72 pilots and crew coming I need some of this. C'mon people! Please? Martin
  8. Here's a couple of Hasegawa's VF-1 block-5 and block-6. Of course block-5 has a lot of scratchbuild cockpit. Have to find a better light to the pics tho... Martin
  9. Well, I have a 2 year-old son that have most of my time, so it will take time. The Daedalus should be faster given the experience with the Prometheus, but the Macross will be hard. About the VF-1, I wont be making a step-by-step since there are many already on this forums and they are really great, so no need of another one; but I'll tell you this scoop: it will be a block 5 (or TV version) of the cockpit. Thanx! I love your work too, and sure, let me know if you come here someday, will be great to have a meeting with another fan! Martin
  10. thanks everybody for your comments! they are really apreciated. Major Tom - I really didn't make hours account but I think it would be around 100 hs. MechTech - I'm starting a couple of Hasegawa VF-1 for a change and I was thinking on some ground vehicles. After that I'll start the Daedalus (I'll need a little of your help on this one) and when finished, the SDF-1 Martin
  11. Finished pics here http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=27179
  12. Hey guys, as promised here are the pics of the 1/1000 Prometheus. I really want to thank all of you macrossworld modelers since you really are an inspiration to do new things. Build up progress on http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=20609 General pics Details Comparison and 1/48 pilot playing with 1/48 I hope you all like it. Martin
  13. *BUMP* Just letting know that I finished this baby and I'll be posting pics soon. To have a 2-years-old son really pulls you out the workbench -not complaining, just a change of habit-. I'll let rest the big ships for a while and I was thinking on work some 1/72 Macross vehicles for a change. Martin
  14. WOW! I'm really looking forward to see all the interior details. Keep it up! Martin
  15. Amazing work man! It's really cool to see them all together. Martin
  16. There is a custom of the 21 on the magazine section but I don't recall seeing a 19. Check out the articles of VF-E of Character Model. Martin
  17. 1999.co.jp has them on preorder. It says the box has 10, and being 12 models, that means with one box you couldn't complete a set
  18. Hey guys! Thank you all for the comments! I finished painting the flight deck and I'm really happy with the results. Just a few details left to resolve. Here is a geneal view of the flight deck, elevators and bridge detail As Neptunesurvey requested, this is a dark pic of the stern. It has almost no detail becouse I hope one day to be attached to the SDF-1 Now this is a detail of the hull as how turned out the weathering (you can see the rails of the elevators made of 1:700 ladders). Now my real problem is how to make the lines of the elevator as seen on the lineart, becouse they are really thin Here is the lineart I mean from the fantastic Macross Mecha Manual site Martin
  19. Hey guys! Finally started painting the flight deck as posted before. The hull is mainly finished on the painting and weathering. Thanks MT for the suggestions about it, I tried painting the panel lines but the result didn't convinced me; finally I decided for the rust The lines on the flight deck are like the designs on the artbooks (Perfect Memory, Miyatake, etc.) Still to do the ones of the elevators and the weathering on the deck. I hope you all like it. Martin
  20. Hi guys! As always thank you everybody for the comments. This is a little update. Started finally with the paint and have the two basic hull colours. Everything went really smooth until I took off the masking of the red and the Tamiya tape took some paint with it. Just some little spots but is another airbrushing session. This weekend I'll spray the dark gray base for the deck and then I'll start weathering. I think I'll make some really soft dark gray or black spots on the gray before the chalk washes. As I build mostly waterline models I'm really not sure on how to weather the red... MechTech, any suggestions? Well, here I leave you the pics and any idea welcomed Martin
  21. Hi people! Little update. First, thanks everybody for your comments, it's what keeps modelers going Well, I sprayed the whole ship in neutral gray just to see how's everything together and the results were great. Just a little Mr. Surfacer here and there. Added the photo-etch net to the "fingers" but I have to take a close-up of those. The pics are blurry 'couse were taken in a hurry. I hope to have an update soon when the painting begins. Martin
  22. Hi everybody! Finally an update! I was looking at the date of my last post and it was around the date my son started walking (meaning touch-everything) so it was very difficult to get some time for the models. Anyway, I've added some little details all around and the only "major" work was the bridge. Here on a front view: Hore a back view: Here on the Prometheus: The bridge still needs a coat of Mr. Surfacer 1000 and it would be ready to go. That's all for the moment and I wait to get more updates soon. Martin
  23. Thanks Lone Wolf, now we know that the Saturn Guide doesn't have any drawings, 2 book still to go. Warpaint, I believe the bridge doesn't have any windows, or that's my guess at least. I'm working on my IJN fleet in 1/700 and the Prometheus would be awesome on that scale, but my idea is to go with the SDF-1, so 1/700 is out of the question The bridge shape is pretty clear to model it, I think the design is a little poor on the antenna section and that's why I'm looking for more info. About the model, I think I'll be posting an update next week. Martin
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