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  1. I was abuot to buy the Banpresto Minmay on MF costume, In Stock past tuesday, and discontinued the next day when I went to buy it. Oh, well...
  2. For those building the VE-1, at least for me, the decals are a nightmare. Some of them destroyed on my fingers or on the application on model itself. WMCheng mention something about it on his step-by-step also. So for the builder of this bird, patience and good luck. Martin
  3. Oh, man. I better put some effort on building the VF-1 on the stash...
  4. Preordered as well And the 30th anniversary vf-1 also. I don't need permission or forgiveness from my wife, but have a $$$$ on clothes and shoes revenge.
  5. I'm on the VE-1 also... and when I was on the cockpit I paited and built all the cockpits of the VF-1 I have on the stack (Super/strike, 1D, 1A Minmay Guard 2009) Martin
  6. Amazing as always! Nice to see a fire valk too. Martin
  7. Oh, man! So good to see you back on this project! Martin
  8. The only difference is a more "fancy" packaging and the inclusion of the soundtrack CD, but that's about it. Martin.
  9. Thank you all for your comments! I added some more and better pics of the VF-1J and 1 of the tomcat. Enjoy! Martin
  10. Hi! These are a few of my hasegawa kits. I'll put better pics in the future, they looked ok on my camera mini-screen but end up like these when I downloaded them to the PC. Anyway, enjoy. These is a VF-1J of wich I made a block-5 or TV cockpit, rounded some edges and opened the nose cone. These is a VF-1S YF-21 A F-14 made from an hasegawa F-14 and some spare decals This is a scratch built Lancer II made before I have an airbrush Martin reason for edit: uploaded better pics
  11. WOW! That's looking really good! Martin
  12. Hasegawa has pics of box art and some sprue details on his site here
  13. From the Hasegawa site and babelfished, of course: "1 /72 VF-1 [barukiriminmei] 2009 special (the tentative name) presently it has entered illustration wait state of [minmei]. As soon as design to rise, you guide again with the poster and the like for the shop front." Martin
  14. On about May Hasegawa had the add on his site stating that it was a new Minmay design, so to me it´s a new one. Not sure why they keep pushing back the release date Martin
  15. WOW! Amazing job! I made the prometheus on almost the same scale and took me almost 2 years... I didn't even started the Daedalus... Incredible work Mave, keep it up! Martin
  16. I have a quick question regarding the M7 artbooks... I own the M7 Animation materials and it lacks of any lineart about cars or general vehicles and background art/design. For those who owns it: does the TIA M7 book has any of this or there is any other artbook that has it? Thanx! Martin
  17. Does anyone know if there is some new info about this on the august Hobby Japan? Martin
  18. There are scans of the Hasegawa set on the models section in the main site and you'll also find the magazine on the Model graphix section with the custom. Remember there's more than the forums Martin
  19. Right now listening to Royksopp, Dimitri from Paris and some french house. Martin
  20. Awwww, they are not even on early bird any more Hope they come up with the preorder soon. Martin
  21. I just had my own really bad experience with decals this weekend. I'm working on a Hasegawa YF-19 and the build up went smooth and beautiful. Then started the problem with the primer. Air-brushed it and went smooth on some parts but grainy on others; well, a little sand paper and ready for the paint. Paint went ok, then future coat, then panel lines, the future coat and the first decals on the wings ok. Then decals for the cockpit area brake off, both of them and I even didn't apply any softener yet. Then little decals like the "do not step" or "danger" type just didn't get in their place, even after the microset, and even silvered o_O. Then a mist coat of future, let it dry, check it after an hour and all the big decals shrinked and became all with an effect like when you put a blow torch on real paint. This is the first time it ever happens to me. It is not my first model and it's not my first valk either. All the others went OK, but this baby just went wrong from the beginning. I buyed it the first time it came off, like 2002, I think. But the first valks I did were VF-1's and they were even older. I really don't know what happend and I post this just to get rid of a little of my frustration. Ever happened to anyone? Martin
  22. I'm willing to make a couple of vehicles but won't be doing the casting. I can send the parts to someone who can actually cast them and take over the work of sending the kits to whoever wants them. I'll only take a pair of cast for myself. Martin
  23. Can't believe it! I was about to start the same project! Didn't make any drawings tho. There is a rear view of the transport on the books that will help you. I think I'll move to other vehicles and leave this one to you Hope to see the progress soon. Martin
  24. Oh, MT, That's amazing! Your work on the hull is beautiful, but I was really expecting all the inside detail Just make want to shrink and take a walk inside the Daedalus. Martin
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