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  1. My orders are still there. Hope it stays that way. =)
  2. Actually I would not panic over the current sold out situation for the YF-19. Stocks usually start popping up nearing the release date when retailers are given more stock. I’ll leave the panicking to September if there indeed is a shortage by then. For all we know the YF-19 may flood the market. But personally I prefer the metal build strike Gundam to flood. The PO prices are crazy now after a lot of collectors failed to PO a piece.
  3. 119831 and 119833 for my Gundam and Macross respectively. No email cancellation notice for both. Stay safe.
  4. Now that’s an interesting turn of events. The TaoBao sellers just got their stocks. Coukd NY receive their stock likewise which confirms the mid May date that was given to a member who called NY? we will probably know the week after since it’s the golden week in Japan for the coming week.
  5. If the YF-19 does go to insanely high price like the 31A, I would simply sell my spare YF-19 at the market price and buy the 31A likewise to get my 2nd piece. That is provided NY has not fulfilled my PO by then.
  6. Fingers crossed that my YF-19 and MB Aile Strike PO with HLJ stays with me. I POed both around 6:00-6:05pm Japan time when the official PO window opened. However I must say HLJ is one of the most honorable online store I come across so far. You don't see them increasing the PO price of any item just because it is highly in demand, even if the price shoots up upon release. As long as they have the stock, it will be sold at the same PO price. Same goes for AmiAmi.
  7. Congrats on the great sale. That will give you spare funds for upcoming Macross Toys.
  8. How about we all take the chill pill and see how this 31A fiasco with NY ends if it’s not ended already since there’s hardly any shipment reported this week.
  9. Pretty easy to get the YF-19 this time. Doesn’t matter that I can’t get the cheapest deal at NY. Happy with the other 3 that I got.
  10. Got my confirmation for Aile Strike Gundam and YF-19 from CDJ and Ami. If HLJ's comes through it would be perfect.
  11. F5s are attacking all sites at the rate of 100,000 per second.
  12. Not forgetting that Thanos got blown to bits by Isamu in YF-19.
  13. Avengers Infinity Wars? Oh yes, no spoilers please. Thanks. =)
  14. Wonder if it's a one off thing or they adjusted because the Japanese are complaining that those working could not PO at 3pm and ask for PO to open at 5pm to cater to the working class.
  15. On a fair note, I don't think they invested in such features because they only get flooded when there's a Macross DX or Metal Build PO.
  16. Can anyone share how to search in CDJ for pre-orders. I always see the PO link only after a fellow member posts it up here.
  17. More like randomly competent. I just ordered the 31J Kai from them and it's prep in progress after 1 hour. But another item that has been in prep in progress since yesterday has no movement since then.
  18. In my opinion you are free to list it at any price you deem fit. After all it is the market forces that drives the demand and price. Here's the typical situation with many collectors. When an item appreciates in value, they 1) try their best to find the item at as close as the PO price as possible 2) if (1) is not possible, they try to find a price that is the cheapest around, albeit grudgingly 3) If (1) and (2) does not apply and they are unwillingly to pay the current market prices, they call those who own and sell the highly demanded item at high prices "scalpers" Conversely when an item depreciates in value, they 1) Won't pay PO price or anything close to PO price for that item 2) Do a victory dance that they held back during PO and now pay a much lower price for the same item 3) Have no empathy for those who paid full PO price for the now "less worth" item Personally I have had hits and misses in toys I buy. And I usually buy 2 copies of the same toy for those that I like so that in case the display copy gets damaged, I still have a brand new piece that hopefully has no QC issues or defects. And when I decide to sell the spare copy, I could lose up to 70% of the original value or I could earn anything from 30% or up to 10 times the original price I paid for. Long story short, it's a supply and demand thing. And willing seller willing buyer.
  19. I can tell you for Asian markets such as Singapore, DX Macross is a rarity and not many retailers carry them. Hence the price is usually on the high side. You are much better of pre-ordering online. The Hi-Metal line is a different story. The prices are pretty much close to the Japanese SRP because it is more readily available and less sought after. Buying after market DXes is extremely painful to the wallet. Even for me when I went to my regular shop to buy the 31A, I was not spared from his cleaver raising from a PO price of SGD360 to SGD550. That's a 50% upcharge in less than 2 weeks.
  20. Mine’s on 26 oct for 2 pieces. It will be a much longer wait after NY is done clearing all the singles as it seems it’s their current priority.
  21. I hope that this stands true and that it’s not a placeholder response given to get us off their backs
  22. I personally feel that is the case. Unless someone with a multiple piece order posts that he has got a shipment notice from NY, which for now is still none.
  23. I’m guessing NY will clear all the single piece orders first then those with 2 pieces and so on. Sounds like they really have stocks slowly trickling in from somewhere. 6000 more order numbers before mine.
  24. I don’t care where NY gets their 31A. With or without TWE brown box. As long as it’s brand new sealed
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