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  1. Still waiting for the VF-31S to appear on the Japanese sites. Release date is 21 July. Should be appearing soon I hope.
  2. The only reason why it's still available now is due to the price point.
  3. If all the valks have full armor in the movie, be sure that bandai will milk us to the max with all the armor variants. After all it’s jusg repaints of the same thing.
  4. Seems to be pretty random on the shipping now if we still have those who ordered on the 6th or 7th and yet to receive any update.
  5. You are very lucky to be able to order 2 VF-31F separately from NY. A lot of us here could not even get 1 from them.
  6. Haven't seen anyone update on receiving preparation or shipping notice from NY on their 31A orders. On a separate note, when can we expect websites to re-open their POs for the 31S?
  7. Translated from Japanese, the contents of the set. It does come with the connecting parts. · Lil · Draken 2 · Lil · Draken connection parts for left and right (for fighter / Gower walk) · Lil · Draken connection parts for left and right (for BATROID) · Dedicated pedestal × 2
  8. CharlesXavier

    Hi-Metal R

    Easiest Macross PO at NY ever.
  9. CharlesXavier

    Hi-Metal R

    A lot are waiting for the cheapest deal at NY and going for CDJ if they fail to get 1 at NY. LOL
  10. Received my 31As from NY today. Both didn’t come with the brown casing but are sealed on all 3 sides and boxes are in excellent condition. I am grateful for the blessing
  11. I missed out the PO for the 31S completely but going by the trend of DX these days, you should be able to safely secure a piece or 2 at the MSRP within the first 2-3 weeks of release.
  12. Usually it will be shipped within 1-3 days but I have had a similar encounter where I had to wait a week. Best to send them a ticket to check it for you and most of the time it will ship on the day they reply to your ticket. Hope this helps.
  13. I chose EMS as usual. I think the order that NY processed and shipped now is a little random since 2 weeks back when we first saw someone who paid on 27th Oct actually has his ordered shipped before those who paid on the 6/7th. I hope to hear more good news from fellow members this week. And thanks @chyll2, @F360, @Saburo, @Kinzoku VF, @rdrunner and @no3Ljm for the gratz. Now praying for a smooth delivery that it will reach me in good order and good shape this week.
  14. Thank you and congrats for receiving a full 31A with the TWE shipping box. I hope to get mine by the end of the week if NY ships it out today. I will be happy whether or not my 31A comes with or without the TWE box, as long as it's still sealed.
  15. Good news for me on a Monday morning for my VF-31A
  16. You are absolutely right on that. Only NY and Madarake will under declare the value of your shipment. HLJ, CDJ and amiami will not do so. That is why I still go for NY for certain big ticket items. And of cos if i am lucky to sneak in a DX or MB during their crazy PO window, that's a bonus as well for using them. The 31A remains a very bad experience though.
  17. Personally HLJ and amiami have the best customer services from my experience. They may not have the best price like NY but whenever there is a problem, they will get back to you fast and resolve it for you. That to me is worth the $10-30 difference. And let's not forget that NY overcharges on shipping so the actual difference is more like $8-15.
  18. I think it's pretty random now. No news for 2 days since I got that reply. And we are not hearing any updates of delivery in the forum. Perhaps we have to wait for the next wave of shipment to come in before we get some shipping notices. If we are lucky, we will hear something by Friday. =)
  19. Thanks bro. Seeing the pictures of those who received theirs recently, seems like it all came without the TWE brown casing.
  20. Congrats on finally getting it on hand. Doesn't matter that it doesn't come with the TWE box. Maybe Bandai is really sending them in batches to NY and without the TWE box.
  21. I think it all boils down to luck. Many of us have sent dozens of tickets yet get the same response over and over. Perhaps this time the stocks are really trickling in.
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