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  1. Someone just won the 31A real cheap (in today's context). And it's brand new sealed. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u202495933
  2. Ordered from NY since it's the cheapest after shipping. Doubt they can screw up for this item.
  3. For those still on the 31A fiasco, same reply from NY for my query today. Date: 2018-06-06 13:15:58 Name: Fabrice Message: Hello, Thank you for contacting us, We do not have an expected timeline for the delivery of this item yet. You have the possibility to cancel this order, it will be refund as a voucher, your payment on paypal has been done too long ago. We will not be able to refund on paypal. Kind regards, Nippon-yasan.com
  4. Just back from business and catching up on the news for the last 2 weeks. Missed the 31F PO but it will show up again nearing release date so no worries. On the 31A fiasco with NY, anyone going to call their customer service line to check on the phantom June stocks?
  5. Got my shipping notice for my 2 pieces!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!
  6. I usually order 2-3 of the web exclusives from NY. If I were to ship them individually, I would have to pay easily 50-100% more versus shipping them in 1 shipment. And that's around 3-5k Yen.
  7. As much as I like to consolidate my orders, the lesson learnt from this ordeal is 1. PO immediately when it is open so that your order will technically be fulfilled first 2. Order only 1 piece at a time (though overall you pay more for shipping) because they will almost certainly (99%) fulfill the single orders first.
  8. 26 oct for 2 pieces for my order. I’ll be happy to receive them by Christmas 2018
  9. Another month of waiting? Well, we have waited so long. What's another month more? =)
  10. The official release date is 15 May but NY sometimes has a delay in receiving their stocks due to bulk delivery at the month end with the other items released in the same month. I am more keen to see if the rumored mid May stock of the 31A is in. If it’s indeed in, NY should start delivery this coming week.
  11. VF-31A restock at nin nin game for those who are game at that price. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/japanese-import-hobbies-toys-game-character/25092-macross-delta-vf-31a-kairos-limited-edition-dx-chogokin--4549660208563.html
  12. I only got the email for release date change. No order prep. Maybe cos I ordered late on Jan 5.
  13. Any news about the release of the 31C fastpacks from any of the online retailers? Nothing from NY so far
  14. Could you share your order date and number of pieces? Thanks.
  15. No, it's the resellers who are selling at the marked price. Let's say bandai delivered the stocks to the seller, the price is still the same 23k yen. It's up to the reseller how much he wants to sell. And as long as the market is not flooded, the price will remind high in the range of 48k yen. Keeping fingers crossed that the PO from NY comes through.
  16. In case anyone is still interested, the seller informed me that this coming stock is from the May batch.
  17. Saw a local Singapore listing of pre-order for the 31A at USD435. Stocks arriving in June. Perhaps the mid May batch is really happening.
  18. Official release date is 16 May. 2 days from now. Let's hope there's no drama from NY for this one.
  19. Probably sold out by the time you found this post. But if this seller indeed receive his stocks for the VF-1A, it gives a big gleam of hope to all of us who have been waiting for NY. Perhaps there really is a delayed batch of stocks.
  20. i think it hasn't started
  21. Well if the mid-May stock does appear, we can expect NY to start shipping next Wednesday onwards. But if the Japanese tweet about the delay is correct, then we might have to wait till June to see if there's any movement. I feel NY is waiting for stocks. Else they would have asked everyone to cancel their PO or even directly just cancel it off their system and issue the credits.
  22. Translated: Shops targeted for purchase are held at Akihabara shop C and 2 shops of Torahanao 2nd ♪ We will terminate reinforcement purchase as soon as we reach our regulated number. Basically it’s a shop asking to buy in the 31A at 28k yen
  23. There’s a lot of assumptions to be made but here’s what we can pick up from this tweet, assuming that it’s legit. 1. There’s supposed to be a shipment of the 31A this month but it seems to be delayed further to next month June. 2. This adds credit to the explanation that we given to our member that NY is waiting for the batch coming in mid May. However it seems we have to wait another month now. And it could possibly put an end to insanely priced 31As if we indeed see a flood coming in the next 2 months
  24. You might be able to claim insurance from the postal office but NY is not responsible for the damage of the box.
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