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  1. Uhm... the price is OK, probably this will be my next toy after the 1/48 fastpacks, i swear that the max figure will be of good quality, it will be like the new Miria 1/60 figure?
  2. I have only 1 valk for the moment, I saw the original macross from few months and I didn't like robbotek...
  3. Are you referring to Minmay in the sailor dress? Doesn't look like her at all. Lol, no, I'm referring to the first.
  4. Ido

    Yammies per user

    I have one 1/48 Valk, add me
  5. Uhm, looks great, is the best Minmay figure that i could see. But I haven't money for this...
  6. Ido

    Macross PS2 Game

    I have it finally! Just arrived. I'll post my impression later.
  7. I have already the Japanese version with English subtitles, maybe I'll buy the Yamato Video Italian version (licensed by HG), it will be soon realesed.
  8. Ido

    Macross PS2 Game

    I'will recive the game soon, i buyed it on Ebay here in Italy for a fair price. (I have a PS2 PAL modded with Messiah 2) I'll post my opinion, i think the game must be good I watched some pics and the movie in the official site for the moment. There is a 3D render version of the Macross opening? I saw a picture of the final part of the opening on IGN.com
  9. Hello, I need a simple screw cover for my vf-1a 1/48 dyrl Max, i lost it the same day i riceved my Valk, and I am very bother about this... Thanks OK, Found it
  10. Ido

    Yamato 1/48...

    Thank you people, you are very usefull, I haven't intention of paint my Valk for the moment but i have to do this if the situation worsen, for the moment is a little cancelled on the edge but is just an half millimeter.
  11. Ido

    Yamato 1/48...

    This is Nice, thanks, I'll definitely buy it. I have a set of hobby knifes and I'am good in manual works fortunately. Ok, I'll try again.
  12. Ido

    Yamato 1/48...

    Thank you. Cut the stickers isn't a problem, are they hard to apply? I forgot one thing... the side panel covers for the battroid mode don't stay up because they don't fit in the opposite holes that are too distant, but I can't close the chest further more... someone have the same problem?
  13. Ido

    Yamato 1/48...

    Hello, I am new. I have just buyed a Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Max dyrl version, I would like to know something about the takatoys stickers, are they really better then yamato's? I think that the standard stickers looks really bad, especially on the darker parts... or i didn't stick them correctly? Ehm... I lost one of the cover for the screw on the right leg, (i don't know how ) what can I do for that? One last thing, how resistent is the blue paint? I noticed that is a little cancelled on the edges.(nothing serious however) what kind of paint can I use to fix that? Thanks a lot to everyone. I have to say that Macrossworld is a really good site.
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