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  1. The Macross is/was the biggest symbol of the UNS in existence, The ship that helped save the human race. using it would be a huge morale booster. I mean, think about it. Reactivating the SDF-1 for a fight, would be almost akin to a countries Prime minister/president/other high office holder, going to the battlefield and personally punching the enemy in the face every time it won a battle. Or there's the whole.. Along with the 1st Galactic idol, the ship united Zentradi and Humanity. What better Propaganda tool to use to reunite fractured human ties
  2. Very nice work on the Rau i like it very much indeed. WIsh i had some progress shots of the VF-X-4.. but alas ive hit some snags in it and its being a pain to mess with. however i do expect some updates with it.. gawd im slow.. >_<
  3. The SDF-1 is looking absolutely amazing.. truely. Ive finaly managed to get all my files organzied again and have gotten back into the swing of modeling again.. working on the VF-X-4 at the moment then gonna move on to some other things and start from scratch. Dont worry i havent vanished again just being extreamly scrutious with all the files ive run through hehe.
  4. Boxer, you never cease to amaze me. Nice work.. once i get done cleaning up my files and the shiplist.. ill start back into modeling again
  5. Eh.. you folk know me.. ive never been one for the big fancy toys.. i do all my modeling and texturing in little.. POS programs.. >_> Yay MS3D and Lithunwrap.. but eh.. it serves my purpose.. for now anyway. I do love making models.. i can sit for hours (when i have the time) and crank out one or two if im on a roll.. but texturing is just.. ugg.. thats when the headaches start Mostly with the UV maping.. the actual making of the textures is fun. atleast for me, even if they arent the best.
  6. Unfortunatly i never did have much to do with the HW1 mod or site so i cnat answer that question. Oh and that VF-4 Looks awsome Wouldnt mind getting my grubby mits on it and texture it
  7. God i am soooo glad to see this hasnt died in my long and unfortunate absence.. Real life got in the way and i was forced a prolonged absence. However i am back now.. and i hope the rest of the mod team is not too pissed at me.. Fokker.. lestat, if you need to get in contact me.. and i would like an update.. my new Aim is MyleneSTF I appologize again for vanishing like that.. but im glad to see you kept it togeather
  8. http://www.unspacy.de/ Go here Get your Filmfix
  9. Sorry for falling of the planet again everyone, life is being a real bitch, pardon my language.. i cant seem to catch a break. How ever i am still slowly working on things inbetween business trips and allnighters and the like ((coffee has become my new best friend)) though my own progress isnt fitting of my personal standards for the ressons above, everyone else working on the project is doing Outstandingly great work and i would like to commend them for that. though thankfuly my hectic chaos is becoming routine and i now have 2 days a week to dedicate to modeling and texturing work again.. wich is good and i should become more active here as well again
  10. Hooray for real life issues.. been having some serious internet problems so i havent been around much how ever it has given me some time to do alot of work. the UNS resouce platform is almost all but done as is the Zjent counterpart and some other misiclaneous ships. expect a flood of pictures within the next few days hehe ;;
  11. That would be interesting to see, sence the DYRL version is what we would use, however we dont have any actual plans to implement the actual craft.
  12. Well ive been working hard and this shot is already out of date, but hey outdated is better than nothin isnt it?
  13. Ive gotten alot done with the new resource platform, as a matter of fact its almost done, i just have some mesh touchups to do and then i can start texturing, Cmdr. My AIM is F'ed up again so thats why you havent seen me if you -need- to get a hold of me, for the time being just use the boards here untill i can figure out what the problem is.
  14. I designed the fastpacks and strikepacks to be fully transformable along with the valkyrie itself. so it is not a static model and as all the bugs get worked out of the transformation process you will see these on fighters Gerwalks and Batroid modes
  15. Heh actualy i really am liking the Platform design and am currently working on it hehe just havent had time to post on it here. as for the resourcer design change im not so sure im ready to give up our current one just yet. how ever as things progress i may find time to change over its model as well.
  16. I am indeed back in the picture after some rather unsavory events, however i am back to work and completed the FAST and Strike packs as my return project (See below) And i was looking over boxers design for the U.N.S. resource platform, and its really sunk its claws into me, so ill be taking that on as my next project. yes yes i know seem to be ignoring the other races but im gonna do everything i can to finish one race at a time totaly and completely then move on the next, wich will be the Zentradi and then Meltrandi.
  17. *Drool* uhh yeah id rather have yours.. mine still needs a LOOOT of work my email is XXDesertCombatXx@aol.com when its finished hehe
  18. what can i say... i love WoW when i get a chance to play
  19. this is still very much a rough model and is being worked and molded as we speak
  20. I COME BEARING STUFF!!! please i regret not having the texures on them but here are my current works as they stand right now
  21. The SDF-1 Is looking great Lestat. soon as i get home i guess ill have to post some pics of my work .
  22. wow.... thats really red! nice design but i have to agree with lestat, a bit to Invidy. and lestat, great to hear about the Macross, ill post some screens of the Thuverl, and the Quiltra Quallie (Sp?) within the next 3 or so days.
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