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  1. Just to save as much as I can, I'm buying these every two volumes so shipping prices won't kill me. I'll wait till October till I make my next order
  2. I just got an order update from Amazon.jp that says my expected delivery date for volume 2 should be between 9/9 and 10/7 ...bummer
  3. Can anyone here translate this for me, or does anyone here have pre-ordering experience with Amazon Japan that knows what this means? I want to pre-order volume 2 and have it ship with volume one in one package, but the Chrome translator isn't all that clear and I'm unsure what I need to do. It's asking me to check a box, but by default it's unchecked and I have no clue if I should leave it that way or not. Original Text ご注文の商品について重要なメッセージが2件あります。 選択したお届け先住所と支払い方法を初期設定にする場合は、チェックを入れてください。 この注文には、予約商品の価格保証の対象商品が含まれています。「予約商品の価格保証」では、お客様が対象商品を予約注文した時点から発送手続きに入る時点、または発売日... Chrome Translation Important message is there # 2 about the product of your order. If you are a shipping address and payment method selected to the initial settings, please put the check. The order contains the target item price Guarantee!. In "Price Guarantee!", The time the customer enters the shipping procedure from the time of pre-order the subject goods or release date, ... Thanks!
  4. It's 3am/Saturday in Japan and I still haven't seen any in-hand pics for this =/
  5. Is there a distinction between "limited with box" and "not with box" right now? It looks like the two versions being sold on Amazon both come with a box, and only one of them comes with with art while the other doesn't.
  6. So, if the artwork isn't going to be shipped outside of Japan anyways then the $60 version is the one to go with? Just wanna make sure before I commit =)
  7. So then, is the artbook gonna fit in the artbox, or is the box supposed to house all future bluray releases? Either way, $60 or $80, the artbox will be included, right?
  8. Can anyone here tell me what the difference is between the two versions being sold on Amazon.jp? I see and $84 version here And then there's a cheaper $61 versions here Both seem to come with the same materials (content and packaging), but I can only understand what Google translate tells me and I don't know what the difference is. Thanks!
  9. Speaking of English subtitles being on this disc, is there any comprehensive list of all the various Macross releases that have English subs on them around here? It's weird to see an FAQ without this subject mentioned, let alone there not being a stickied thread that has something of a release list (bluray, dvd, vhs, what have you...)
  10. Thanks for the replies! =) So, it's not so much that the limited slip is of poor quality in materials, it's just the design/images that people have a problem with? I actually like the DYRL design based on photo's I can find, but I wouldn't buy it if the slip felt like it was nothing more than a thin piece of insert paper. And just to confirm, the limited slip can fit over the regular slip that fits over the bluray case, right? It's not an "either or" choice, is it?
  11. Did anyone order the Amazon exclusive? The only negative reviews I'm reading (with the help of Google Chrome translate) is saying that the limited slip cover is pretty lousy and not worth the extra cost... Anyone in the know have any thoughts on this?
  12. My copy came in the other day a little beat up, but overall not bad. It's a nice set, but it's nowhere near worth the $180+ price tag after shipping. I was more adament about buying it because I want to support everything I can that Macross is releasing with English subs, but the set itself is overall "meh." I still haven't finished the Frontier series (and I've tried starting it a good four times now), so I'm unsure about what these movies are and which one I should watch first. Still, hopefully this sells enough that possibly we can get older titles released in non-fancy sets with English subs tacked on (I'm not expecting another DYRL mega set with al those goodies, so a single disc re-release with subs would do me just fine).
  13. Does anyone know of a place that's still selling this? I had it pre-ordered with AmiAmi, but I can't pay them for some odd reason (they refunded me back my money saying that it was sent incorrectly) and I just want to stop dealing with the headache they're giving me. They have it priced at $199.06 USD, so is anyone else still selling it for that amount? Thanks
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