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  1. Ok i was wondering, which type of varnish would be best for the main hull of the SDF-1 : Matt, Satin or gloss....? Personally I dont like gloss for this purpose, but I'm not sure about the other two types...? Any input would be useful..
  2. and yet again i have something to show you! well nothing major like last update did some of the stripes Main thrusther and upper side of the "shoulders" also some progress on the rail cannons still not finished though... some weathering has been done around the "legs/thrusther" area... not sure if i overdid it abit? and i realized that i never showed u guys the underside of the SDF-1 here goes.....
  3. Papercraft in it self isnt that hard... same skill level as gluing a plastic model together... other skills needed: Precision and Patience... however if u mean a forum like this one.... http://www.papermodelers.com/ would be the go to forum for that... im not there my self that much... but definitely the go to forum for learning papercraft...
  4. just acquired the paint needed for painting the stripes.... and also bought a new airbrush
  5. lol thx u just gotta love them Minions xD and thx i agree and thx thx wow thx i just hope they would make one since it hardly gets any love in japan its birthing place... i thank you thankies i would be able to cast it if i had the knowledge for it :/
  6. thx Shawn... not sure i dare do that xD tweaked it a couple of times before i was satisfied with color. yea it is... have half a bottle still... thx man high praise thx and u better belive it lol thx nice jaw dropper xD yes it will need to make some changes to 3 parts which is not that difficult... just need some extra parts... hehe
  7. OK today i have a treat for you guys, im gonna show you the SDF-1 fully assembled and painted.... bare in mind that the weathering is not finished yet, and still need striping in various places, like the yellow stripe around the main engine thrusters, the red striping on the "shoulders" and midship. the Rail Cannons still needs some paint... Anyway here we go!!
  8. tx alot if Arcadia ever makes the TV version im gonna buy it, how could i not?
  9. i'm in too...... option 2 or 3 would be my preferred! but im game for what ever the majority decides.
  10. Hi all! I actually have an update already... cant believe i can keep finding this much time to do stuff well first on the menu is the lift thruster and here a nearly complete Prometheus and Daedalus!
  11. thx im so exited now that its so close to completion! People around do say i should go bigger next time!!! Thx actually those "grills" are hand made from scratch based on resin parts from Yamato's 1/3000 SDF-1 assembly kit.. The trick is to make it sturdy ill make a pictorial after the completion of this model where i step by step show the process of making a part for this cruiser.
  12. time for a little update!! this is the finished inside of the main thusters... this will be the "blue" color im going with, also with details.... still need to add shadows and weathering.... its a variant of insignia blue, looks even better in daylight!!
  13. in other words you'd like me to show it step by step? not a problem.... ill make a pictorial soon then...
  14. thx im quite satisfied with it my self its coming along very nicely now... you'll see very soon!
  15. wow i actually have more to show already.... Added some more hatches on the top leg part.. also did the some detailing on the deck of Prometheus and preshaded it. thx for all praises, ill be sure to update regularly now the heat has set on a tolerable temperatures!!
  16. Thx everyone, im really looking forward to The finished result myself... Roughly around 1.5 kilos perhaps more xD
  17. pheew! between the heat and my vacation, its hard to do anything.... finally managed to get some work done on this project. ofcause the heat has made me forget to take enough progress pictures, however i do have some! first up i have here a assembled but not yet finished SDF-1 these buggers was somewhat a pain, 17 in total... adding small hatches for destroids..... Who ever said the Macross didnt have enough firepower against small fighters!?! Also adding gun mounts so turrets can swivel! here a closeup of the partially finished midship!! hope u guys and girls enjoy these pictures... soon another update!!
  18. OK finally they arrived! 100 small neodynium magnets, 6x4mm, each capable of lifting 1kg Now it'll be relatively easy making this ship "transform"
  19. another small update! been working abit on the main exhausts adding grids to make it look like clusters of smaller exhausts also ribbed the sides, for the details sake xD more to come soon!!
  20. dunno why... but i sense an update is overdue!? xD have been on a vacation for a week, however i do have a update! the Daedalus is pretty much done, might still need a couple of tweaks 'n touchups... sumone asked if it would be able to transform.... YES it will (well not exactly transform, more like "partsform") some progress has been made on the "mid" section of the ship i will make it parts form via magnets... i will elaborate more when i get all the required magnets i need for this, so far only have magnets in the rail cannons and the "main gun" mount.
  21. While youre at it, why not make some VF-1 fighter in scale 1/2700 for my SDF-1 Looking good there!
  22. tell your oldest to keep it up == this is what happens when theres no decent SDF-1 TV kits out there >_<
  23. yup, many people just dont realize that xD just like i did with this: cant believe i forgot the keel fins.... so made some changes late last night!
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