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    Giant robots! Anime, Comics, Movies, and Video games...anything with a good story

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  1. Super VF-1J M&M I need you in my life

  2. Did I see gap fill pieces for the back of the thrusters in battroid? Or did i dream that up?
  3. On the last pic: Whats up with the white smudge look on the bottom where the landing gear is? Is this just a camera thing or is there something not right about it? Also is the canopy tinted yellow? Or is that a camera thing as well?
  4. Thanks to Skullmilitia for The TV Super VF-1S!
  5. or even two seated marriage valk. Virgin Road?
  6. Thanks to Myclone for the Queadluun-Rau. Fast Shipping, and honest description with a reasonable price.
  7. I think it looks better on the Yamato version. But honestly, its not going to stop me from buying it. lol Thanks for the clarification, everyone.
  8. Whats up with the cut out on the inside of the leg? I never noticed that before. What is it making space for? Why does it bother me so much?
  9. Right?! I'm more like ...Please...PLEASE?! M&M are the only things I really need for my collection. But don't bother putting in my want list because they're impossible to find. I'll take it, man. When the Yamato's come up for sale they are easily 300+ rarely new and usually 300 is from a normal collector not a dirty scalper. I'll take 200 with option parts, (would be stupid to release them without Super packs IMHO), and nifty new stand. Hell, release they together together as a gift set and give me a 50 discount.
  10. I'm really looking forward to Christmas now and I'll finally get a Hikaru 1S for a decent price. Ebay is ridiculous right now...although since Arcadia started releasing photos and release dates on all their valks I have seen prices come down some.
  11. Hahahah. As long as you don't become Einhorn everything will be okay. But these pics are awesome!
  12. he's also still the cheapest Yamato valk on the market. Hell I think hes still cheaper than the upcoming Arcadia re-release. and Agreed, great color scheme. TV kakizaki is defintiely one of my favorites and DYRL version is a sexy beast as well. Collection is shaping up nicely, Spanner76. Congrats!
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