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  1. It's been a while since I've messed with blueprints so my memory may be off, but if I remember correctly the idea is to use the *most* parts possible, and save the high-value parts for blueprints with higher thresholds. Use as many low-value parts as possible, so that you'll still have the higher-value parts when you need them. --- I feel like I should touch on this here as I've gotten some emails about it, and maybe I should add it to the FAQ section of the guide, but re: translating the M30 game script... I have, in fact, looked into doing that. Personally I don't think it's very feasible. Someone did rip the script of the game, which theoretically makes a translation effort much easier... BUT the actual word file has a lot of programming goblety-gook that has to be sorted through to find the actual lines of dialog. For every one character used in dialog, there are three or four random characters/symbols, and there's no clear demarcation between the two. Furthermore, much of the script (at least in the early chapters) is super-boring, gamey stuff. (Basically a lot of tutorialization and basic setting explanation that is profoundly tedious to translate). I believe there are some bilingual Lets Players who tackled M30, who explain/translate as they play. I'm not very familiar with them, but if you want a better understanding of the story that might be the best approach to take.
  2. Thanks for sending me a PM of your post, Bub. I don't really check in on MWF too regularly (or any online community, for that matter) so the best way to reach me is always to contact me directly. MWF private messages are forwarded directly to my email address, PMs or direct emails are always the best way to reach me. Especially if you want a quick response (otherwise you may be waiting months....) Anyway, as I said in my PM reply, thanks for catching all that! It's a little embarassing that some M30 content got left in the guide. I'd copy/pasted the M30 guide for formatting parity, and thought for certain I'd deleted all the M30 stuff as I went through it. Oh well: mistakes happen. Especially when I'm at the helm. Re: the ally command translations, I don't have my Vita this week (waiting on a new charger cable... hopefully the battery ain't busted) so I can't check that very quickly. I thought I'd already translated them? And all the menu stuff? Regardless, if there's anything that's not translated that you want me to translate, let me know, and in the case of the ally commands, I can translate those for you right away if you can share a screenshot, otherwise wait a couple days (until Friday or Saturday).
  3. How easy is it to swap accounts on the PSTV? Can you just power it down and replace the memory card, or do you have to reformat the whole system each time? I've been using a second PSV for Macross Delta and a few PSN games, but I'd kind of like to sell it for a PSTV before the value of the Vita depreciates into oblivion.
  4. Googledocs version is very nearly complete. There's lots of little things to fill in, but all of the big stuff is there now.
  5. What, specifically, do you mean by "support options"? I've already got all of the support skills in the translation guide. I'm not really sure there's much need for aircraft sp skill info, as that's all pretty much the same (fire lots of guns/missiles). Or are you talking about the little stat bonuses that support characters give improving as they level up?
  6. I don't think the difficulty spike is just w/ the new missions. It seems they've readjusted the difficulty in general--I think you'll find that even the first few missions have tougher foes today than yesterday.
  7. ....And it's up! Obviously it isn't finished yet, but I do have all/most of the support set bonuses listed. The rest should be done in a week or so, depending on how much of a pain in the ass the DLC ends up being. I've already noted that the 1.02 update is not compatible with older saves, so there's already one delay.
  8. Well, it'll be up sometime tomorrow. It would have been ready today, but OpenOffice just crashed so hard it uninstalled itself from my PC. I didn't even know that was possible. The DLC does come out tomorrow, but I'm not gonna bother writing anything up for it until I've finished with the base stuff, as it seems several folks just don't want to bother with playing the game on a Japanese PSN account.
  9. My understanding is that yes, you can play it on a PSTV. Anyway, just a heads up for anyone here who is interested in the game but hasn't bought it yet, it is currently for sale on Amazon.co.jp for significantly cheaper than elsewhere, and the *do* ship overseas. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01J9FYMBY/ref=pe_492632_159100282_TE_item 45% off is pretty damned good.
  10. And I'll be back home next week. I've re-ordered the game, this time from Amazon.co.jp since it happens to be on sale at the moment, so assuming it arrives in a timely fashion a decent guide should be up very soon. Apologies for the delays.
  11. Nah, the 171 series is where its at. Always. Anyway, what exactly is the Chaos arc?
  12. Fighter Stats: * HP * Defense * Speed * Boost * Maneuverability/turning * Radar The five things in the bottom are the individual weapons (IE gunpods, missiles, etc.). These will differ for each unit. ---- Walkures Stats: Support Modifiers ?? +5 | 格? +5 | ?動 +5 Defense +5 | Concentration +5 | ?? +5 Set Bonus Walkure ... ????? I'll do my best for now ... Defense, Maneuverability/turning Support Skill U~n, kyawawa! SP Cost: 3 Recovers 2000 HP --- You can actually take screenshots on the Vita by pressing the home button and start button simultaneously. Several of those kanji were too blurred for me to decipher, but I did my best. I imagine that, like M30, there are several support skills to play with, so translating all of those out will have to wait until I get back. As for there being three lineup options, I have no idea. I don't see anything G like that in the menus screenshots here. If I had to guess, I'd say it affects the set bonuses as there is no option to change supports mid battle.
  13. Most up-to-date version of (still in-progress) translation guide HERE. Web version w/ photo-translation is HERE. I've gone ahead and set up a web-version of the guide, which should be easier to access (and navigate) than the GoogleDocs version. Here's the table of contents (just click on the links to access). Please note that the guide is still very much NOT FINISHED. Also note that the GoogleDocs version will always be 100% up-to-date with my current progress, whereas the web version (and, eventually, GameFAQs version) will only be updated infrequently. In other words, unless absolutely necessary, PLEASE use the GoogleDocs version. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION GAME INFORMATION CONTROLS GAMEPLAY TIPS MENU TRANSLATIONS MAIN MENU CUSTOMIZING YOUR PLAYER CHARACTERS MISSION MENUS HANGAR MENU SHOP MENU OPTIONS MENU CHARACTERS and STORY STORY PREMISE CHARACTERS AIRCRAFT CHAOS AIRCRAFT WINDERMERE AIRCRAFT EXTRA AIRCRAFT DLC AIRCRAFT CHARACTERS CHAOS CHARACTERS WINDERMERE CHARACTERS EXTRA CHARACTERS SUPPORT SET BONUSES MISSIONS WINDERMERE MISSIONS CHAOS MISSIONS EXTRA MISSIONS DLC MISSIONS SHOP ITEMS PILOTS SUPPORTERS AIRCRAFT SECRETS and EXTRAS TUNING LIMITER RELEASE TROPHIES DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT MISCELLANY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS UPDATE LOG CREDITS and ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
  14. I wouldn't expect much content-wise, but thus far all of Artdinks much games have been pretty decent. Even the bad ones are worth playing.
  15. I just finished watching No Game No Life. Loved it. It's like Code Geass if Geass had been more about fun and less about melodrama. And I'm starting to watch Dirty Pair. It's been on my "to watch" list forever. For those who don't know, it was really popular with several of the people involved in Star Trek TNG. Which kind of gives an indication of how long it's been on my to-watch list. Anyway, has anyone seen Amagi Brilliant Park? I've heard it's from a lot of the same staff as Full Metal Panic, and has a similar tone and sense of humor.
  16. Formatting is a *****. Depending on how you view the document (web, googledocs, microsoft word, openoffice, etc.) you will see slightly different formatting. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make a single document look decent on everything. I've re-adjusted the placement of skill icons in the table to (hopefully) fix some of the wonkiness with lines vanishing... beyond that, if you're still seeing issues with something I strongly recommend viewing the document directly (IE download it from GoogleDocs and open it with a text editor). There should be an icon on the GoogleDocs page that will let you download the document yourself, directly. It's the universal(?) download symbol--a box with an arrow pointing down. Beyond that there's always the web-version. I think there's a PDF version floating around somewhere, but it's pretty out-of-date. If you still need it, let me know. But it's been six months, so I kind of figure it's timed out? Yeah: I don't have a very active online presence.
  17. @GGemini: You have to clear all of the guild quests in a single playthrough, IIRC. Maybe try keeping a tally of which quests you've completed and which you haven't? Even something as simple as listing out the towns and putting down a tick mark each time you complete a quest might help. @Dio: yeah, I'll update the web version in a day or too. Gonna set aside some time this weekend to go over everything one more time before I do, though.
  18. @SkyYuyo: The display is looking pretty messed up to me, too. I... really don't know why it's doing that. Fortunately, however, the document itself is find--so if you can't get it to display properly online, you can always save the file to your computer and access it there (or view the online version instead, even though it's slightly out-of-date at the moment). @Graham: You could always try looking at the maps in my guide. They tell you the place-names in English, and the mission information has both the English translation and Japanese, so with that, all you really need to know is the name of the quest you're completing so you can find it in the guide. A handy technique: 1. Learn to distinguish Katakana from Kanji. It's pretty easy: kanji are the really complicated characters, katakana are the really simple characters that look like chicken-scratches. 2. Look at the mission title: count the number of kanji in the title, then refer to list. So, for example, if you get a mission in Yue that has 3 kanji and then some kata, then check the guide for a Yue mission that has only 3 kanji and then some kana. Odds are there will only be 1 mission that fits, but if there are more, then you can focus on the kana. That should cut down a great deal of figuring things out. And, like I said, if you (or anyone else) can find a specific mission where you have to go to a specific location that's not mentioned in my guide, please let me know so I can add it in. Like I've said, as far as I know, all of that information is already there, so I'm not actively searching for omissions any more.
  19. Version 0.96 update tonight: added in all of the missing skill icons, thanks to SkyYuyo. ... @Graham: do you have any specific examples? AFAIK, the only subjugation missions that do not specify the area you need to go to find the enemies are the quests where the enemies you have to kill are generic field spawns--so there's no need to go into any of the dungeons. For missions where you do need to go into a specific dungeon, AFAIK, those are all mentioned in the guide. If a quest is telling you to go to a specific dungeon, that dungeon name will appear in the quest description in katakana, so it ought to stand out. If you know the corresponding translation of a quest in my guide w/ any info missing, let me know and I will add it in.
  20. Okay... I went into the GoogleDoc today fully intending to add in all of the little bits of information people have been emailing me about in the past several weeks... only to find that information was already there in the guide, clear as clear can be. So all today's update amounts to is a smattering of small grammatical corrections, some changes to the FAQ section and adding-in the rest of the time-frames for guild quests. ___ Well, the semester is over and I've got a good 30 days until summer semester starts up. I should be on track to graduate this winter, unless I decide to stay on for another semester (or two!?) to put my currently-useless Japanese language credits to use in a minor. Anyway, that means I've got some time right here and now to make sure my translation guide is fully up to snuff. If there's any data anyone feels is conspicuously absent, please let me know. Or any organizational/formatting issues/advice, whatever.
  21. Grenades work well when there's a very high-density of enemies. If you enter a room with 12 enemies for example, tossing 3-5 grenades can solve you a lot of headache. In general, though, mines/grenades are really only useful as a stop-gap measure on harder difficulties.
  22. Not very good. The PS2 games have passable gameplay... but not that great. The PS3 game, ACE:R has atrocious gameplay. The only draw of the game is the crossover element, so you'd probably be better off watching vids of stuff on youtube and turning to something like Macross 30 for you gaming fix.
  23. Funny that's the last post in the thread. Over the weekend, I finished watching Falling Skies. Gotta say, I'm really enjoying it. There are some aspects I don't like so much, but nothing nearly so annoying as you typically find in contemporary science-fiction. I haven't really been this invested in a sci-fi show since The 4400, even if it isn't really the "big idea" kind of science fiction I usually prefer. I am kind of surprised at how small the budget seems to be, given Spielberg's involvement. I mean, hell, even Lincoln struck me as kind of low-budget. It is nice to see him return to science-fiction; I hope, as the scale of the series expands going into the third season, we'll be treated to more "big" moments. Really interested in what the "secret" of the war will be. My two main concerns going into it is that A) we'll see less of the Skitters, which stinks because I really like 'em, and B) Hal's implant/story/thing will be somethings stupid. But FS hasn't failed me yet, so here's hoping. My only real hope for the future of the series is that Pope dies. Such a pain-in-the-ass.
  24. Okay. I'll go back and double-check equipment items before the next update. @Koing Monster: Yes, Hamval wants to stop the Space War; Rod blames Leon for the death of Leon's sister, who was Rod's girlfriend. Mina's father was a professor researching stuff, and she was needed to activate the device. IIRC, she's just a normal human--don't remember what, specifically, made her special. (I skipped through a -lot- of the dialog because it didn't interest me at all).
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