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  1. Hello. I'm (obviously) new here: I searched the forums for "Tornado" but didn't find anything, but if there's already a thread somewhere I apologize for making this one. Basically, I'm curious about, well, everything about the Tornado parts for the VF-25 from the new movie. What can you guys tell me about it? I recently got a Macross Fighter Display Collection 4, and got a Tornado-Messiah (which is rare?) and the design is really quite... odd. It really dramatically changes the whole aesthetic of the valk, and other than the two massive beam cannons, I can't quite tell what the point of everything is. The big wings are probably aesthetic, and the 4 pods at the tips are probably missile launchers... but what about the giant tale? Or the four long under-and-over-wing pods? Fold boosters? It's all very intriquing to me. I'd be grateful for anything you guys can tell me about it.
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