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  1. You have to get Rank II blueprints (and Rank III, when you get there). Any Valk that can be constructed (either new, or upgraded to a higher rank) will be outlined in yellow. And I think, with what you've sent me, I'm pretty good for screens. All that's left are skill icons. --- Anyway, odd note: apparently the in-game map for the glacier area is wrong. What it says is Hroptr Ruins is actually Furoputo Base(?) and what it says is Furoputo Base(?) is actually Hroptr Ruins. Weird. I can correct that in my map... I'll just assume that none of the quests have similar errors.
  2. All right... version 0.96 update: 100% of blueprints are in, including DLC blueprints. Apparently there are 3 different DLC aircraft... can someone clarify that for me? I know the YF-29 30th came free with all first printings of the game... but what about the VF-1J 30th and VF-25 20th? Anyway, thank you SkyYuyo for the screen-grabs. I'll sort through those tomorrow, and once I do the last few photo-translations it'll be the big one-point-oh... and then I'll paste everything into a web guide to make things easier for folks. ..... Oh, @SkyYuyo: I can understand why the first two columns of the gallery would be all ???? question marks, but are you saying you don't have anything for the third column? That's really the only one I need--the first two columns are just completed missions & races.
  3. All right... looks like I'll have some more time to work on things/play the game now, as the damned Blizzard -still- isn't letting up. Yeesh. Anyway, looking at the super packs... I can't make out the third kanji. I just can't. So I very well may be missing something fundamental to the meaning. But, from what I can gather, this is what everything means: Type A: Does not purge equipment when HP reaches 0, SPA (special attack) remains normal. Type B: Automatically purge equipment when HP reaches 0, but can use equipment's SP skills. Basically, type-B let's you use better SP attacks (and charged attacks?). So, for example, when if you do a type-A SP attack, it's the same attack as if you've got no pack equipped... you won't use any of the extra weapons in the pack. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OKAY: Here's that list thing I said I'd make of content that still needs to be included in the guide. If there's a parenthetical, that means I probably don't need anyone to volunteer--if I say 'possibly covered by contributor,' that means someone has volunteered to write up that content for me; if I say 'will take from japanese wiki,' that means I'll be grabbing the information I need off the wiki whenever it's updated. What I Still Need Screenshots: Inventory item icons: special items (jewel?); quest items (box w/ exclamation point); armor parts; frame parts; engine parts. Auto-Skill icons Gallery menu; gallery's record screen menu--specifically, all of the third column. Would likely need two screen-grabs to capture full list. Mechanic's Room w/ aircraft construction menu open (showing all of the parts, and the blueprint requirements). Aircraft customization screen (opened up so you can see all of the TP options) Equipment pack customization screen (showing that Type-A/Type-B stuff) Content: Story summaries for chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. (possibly covered by contributor: Hayatekanzaki, GameFAQs). Brief character bios for franchise characters, Mylene, Basara, Max, etc. (possibly covered by contributor). Full race information (will take from japanese wiki when there). Full blueprint information (will take from japanese wiki when there). Guild quest expiration times "Proper" romanizations of all field locations--basically, correcting my romanizations. "Proper" romanizations of all character names--basically, correcting my romanizations. I guess with whatever spellings the fandom is most familiar with (from fansubs?). . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And... that's it. The guide is pretty much done! How cool is that? I double-checked the war record screen, and there are only 200 total guild quests, so I've got 100% of those! The only "big" thing content-wise I'm not 100% complete on are blueprints and races.
  4. What I've found works best for those enemies is simply going to Fighter mode and flying around to avoid their SP attacks, and fighting them mainly ranged, using melee SPs when possible. Are you talking about two different quests here? There is no VF-19A quest that I'm aware of (unless it's the only one I'm missing). There was a VF-1A subjugation mission I remember that gave me some difficulty, are you talking about that one? Enemy types consistently spawn in the same areas of each field... but some enemies only spawn in dungeons. The VF-1A only spawned in dungeons, IIRC. As for Cactus Vaccine... both of those quests are standard delivery quests. The item you need to move is in a container right next to the city where you received the quest. To "deliver" the item just means that you can only report the quest completed in the town where you're supposed to deliver the item. If you're not seeing the item in the field, odds are you've already picked it up and it's either in your inventory or in storage. (Fun fact: the moment a quest opens up in the guild, all of the relevant quest items appear in the field, so you can and will pick up quest items before accepting the relevant quest). You can (more easily) find these items in your inventory by looking for a quest item whose name has the name of the city it's supposed to be delivered to written in parenthesis. So, since Cactus Vaccine 2 has you deliver the item to Daoren, you'd see "(ダオレン)" written at the end of the item. I don't remember what the item name is off hand, but going by the quest title it might be something like "サボテンワクチン - (ダオレン)"
  5. Okay, I just went straight to sleep last night so I forgot a bunch of the little things I did to the guide. Of what I can remember, here's what's new: Story summary for chapter 1. Additional blueprints information (still not complete). Guild Quests now have (where known) time-frame information--tells you during which story quest the guild quest becomes available, and at the end of which story quest the guild quest expires. Additional guild quest information--reward & requirement information filled in for the few blank areas--and new quests added. New tally is.... (drumroll).... 200 out of 201! So I'm either missing only one guild quest now, or I initially mis-counted things and there are only 200 total. More information on Delivery items--specifically where/how to obtain. I'll make a list of what I need when I have some more time to look at the game & compare it to what is and is not in the guide later tonight. So... just wait a bit. I'll have to load up the game to read that, so give me a few ours. SPA guage is the circular indicator on the HUD w/ six bars that indicates your SP... which is consumed for charged, SP and partner stuff. That sounds... a bit odd. Auto-battle? Auto-mode? I don't recall seeing anything like that in-game. Maybe it's just for easy mode? I'll look into it. If there is an "auto" mode, maybe it refers to auto-aiming (which happens on any difficulty w/ control settings A and in fighter mode).
  6. They're enemy drops. You're getting them, same as everyone else, you're just either A) not bother to collect the drops, B) selling the drops, or C) not scrolling down to notice the different parts in the Mechanics menu. Like I said in the PM, if you need to farm 'em, dungeons are the best bet. Well, I've got 196 of 'em translated so far. Most of the issues I've seen come from the fact that as soon as a quest become available, the quest-items spawn on the map--so you can collect quest items without actually having the quest they're part of. While you cannot sell those quest items, a lot of people seem to just chuck them away in storage and forget about 'em. There are also some weird drop requisites. Well, one, as far as I know. The only way to get the Rare Metal G to drop from a Dyaus is to kill it while boosting (in fighter mode).
  7. *sigh* AMG is one of those terrible "classic" manga that, while good, just keeps going and going and going and going and going. I don't think it will ever end. Looking at you, too, Detective Conan. .... Anyway, I've updated a bunch of small things and I'll probably continue to do so today. I'll go into the details in a later post, once I can organize things in my head (and in the document) a bit better. I do have a comment and a question for everyone, however. 1.) Comment: please don't PM me if you have a question about the game/guide. I don't always see those, and I most likely won't be able to reply to you as quickly as you want. I'd recommend either emailing me if you need to get in touch with me directly (I've edited the first post of this thread to reflect that, w/ my email--which is also included in the guide doc--as I usually check my email 3-4 times daily, or--and this is probably the better option--actually posting your question in either this thread, or the Hints & Tips thread. The benefit of posing the question to a forum should be obvious--all the fine people here and MWF will be able to answer questions/help you out, which is a much better solution than relying solely on me! 2.) Question: regarding the formatting of the guide.... GoogleDocs has slightly different page breaks than the document on my PC (using OpenOffice). I'm thinking, to make the guide look "cleaner" when accessing online, that I should add artificial page breaks between every section and sub-section. I've done a few of these already. The downside is that it will increase the amount of empty "white space" in the guide. Does anyone have an opinion on this? And any other organizational comments--any thing I can do to clarify things, make the guide easier to navigate, etc. are, of course, most welcome. EDIT: Will be working on a few things moving on. First, a list of content I still need to add to the guide (an increasingly short list). After that, I'm thinking that since some people have had issues with GoogleDocs, I'll try putting all of the guide stuff on my blog w/ each section a different post, to make jumping from section to section easier, and to make for online viewing via tablest/phones/whatever easier.
  8. Any and all help is much appreciated! As for auto-skills, when you go into the Hangar's flight deck (where you select your aircraft and tune it) you can also customize your pilot a bit. Not much, but some. You can select a growth rate which determines how stat points are allocated upon leveling up, and you can assign up to three auto-skills. They've all got little indicative icons things that would be easier for the katakana illiterate to associate. And yes, that was indeed an error. I've gone ahead and fixed it. (I prefer C, hate A). .... Anyway, I'm done with midterms! So, before I go off to watch some Macross Seven, maybe play some Tomb Raider, here's today's small-ish update: -Added 7 sidequests (now have 196 out of 201) -Added complete story mission information (not something most people need, but I figure it's good to have) -Added a few more blueprints locations. -Restored missing photo-translations -Added footer/page numbers & table of contents w/ page-breaks between most sections/subsections to make it easier for people to see what's in the guide, and find what they need.
  9. At the very least, I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out w/ some captures of menus I don't have yet & remaining auto-skill icons. As for translating story dialog... there's too much. I would strongly recommend against even attempting to fully translate all the dialog. When I finish the game, I could write out some brief summaries of each chapter, but as it will likely be a -long- time before I finish the game, I was hoping someone here would help out with that. But, yeah, good luck getting that recording device (& getting it up and running). It's always lovely to get a new toy from Amazon. I just got a nice big Intuos Drawing pad, myself. Haven't had time to play with it yet due to exams, but after my last test today I'm hoping to figure things out. Never really used anything like it before, hope it works well. Think I'll start out with a Macross sketch, 'cause those Yamato figures make such great models.
  10. I'm about halfway through the Space Fortress Yamato movie /w Kimura Takuya. Does that count?
  11. Share 'em! (I feel like laughing).
  12. All righty, just a small update tonight--added a few more blueprints locations, fixed some romanizations. Still have that thursday exam looming, but I hope to get the guide 100% completed over the weekend. Anyway, due to some issues I detailed in the post I'm about to link to, I'd appreciate it if anyone here with a GameFAQs account would send in a sticky request for this thread. My experience with GameFAQs stuff has been uniformly terrible this past week or so, so even if I ever do get around to submitting a guide to them, it won't be for a while. I'd like the make the guide a bit more visible so there are fewer instances of people saying, "translation guide? What translation guide?" And things like that. ... EDIT: went ahead and put in the Slate Locations List for those of ya' who really dig the trophies.
  13. Okay, I just blew through chapter 3... and I need some advice. Is there any decent tactic to avoiding those nasty one-hit-kill SP attacks bosses have? The chapter boss, and one of the Valk bosses (I think it was Rod) earlier would sometimes hit me with massive SP attacks that would just destroy me. We're talking worse than one-hit-kills, here--we're talking about dealing enough damage to kill me 3 or 4 times over. As far as I could tell, there was no way to avoid these attacks (only got past chapter boss by sticking to fighter mode and strafing), so the only tactic I found was to open up the menu three or four times in the middle of an attack to restore HP. And that was w/ a fully upgraded VF-1S Skull w/ Fast Pack. Surely, there's something I'm missing here. Some way to make these encounters less annoying.
  14. So I guess I need to replace all instances of "Shiera." Translating Japanese? Easy. Translating katakana spellings of English words? Now that's hard.
  15. Yeah, thanks. Just finished my exam a few hours ago. First thing I did when I got back was fire up the game and blow through the second chapter. Of course, then I saw the Basara scene, so I just -had- to fire up my Macross 7 DVDs. Got one more exam this week to deal with (thursday)... luckily that one is essay-format, so I just need to finish up my reading. .... Anyway, re: Juton, at least as far into the game as I am, the implication is that the characters are "displaced" in time--that is, they're technically time travelers, but are not traveling of their own volition. Every time Leo meets someone, he asks 'em what year they think it is, and they always think it's something different. IIRC, Mylene said it was 2049 or something, which struck me as odd, because (watching those first few episodes of M7 again) the series took place in 2045. Maybe I heard wrong. ..... Anyway, did a quick small update today. A few more shop inventory items, and a few more blueprints, and a few format revisions to make ALL OF THOSE GODDAMN TABLES take up a little less space. Most notably, the list of special items (stuff you equip) should now be complete--every single item & every single effect. ...... Also, I've had some people contact me about problems downloading the guide. Has anyone else here had an issue? I tried accessing the final while signed out of Google, and I was able to download it. So far as I can tell, everyone (who has the URL) should be able to access the guide.
  16. Not sure what you're confused by. All you have to do is get a silver medal in Yue's race 8.
  17. Yes, I can help. There are no packs for the VF-0 aside from the Fast Pack and Ghost Booster. Assuming you want the VF-1 Strike Pack, check my guide.
  18. Got a small Sunday update: added info for 5 Jurgen races and 71 guild quests.
  19. Yeah, thing is, I don't know what most of the norse references are. I mean, yeah, I get stuff like Siegfried and Nidhogg... but what could Nomosu be? Or Sangetaru? Anyway, I've edited my previous post to reflect the maps for all three fields. Will update Guide file in a moment.
  20. Okay, I know I said I wouldn't it, but I got bored of studying (I don't think I'm gonna do well on this midterm......) and updated the guide again. When I'm done tonight, there will be two new sections before the Guild Quests section--Skill List and Field Maps. The Skill List section is 90% done. Every auto-skill and support-skill is detailed, all I'm missing are the icons for auto-skills. Does the game tell you the actual skill name or only give you the icon? I haven't checked. I may never get the skill icons, so hopefull people will still be able to figure things out. That's up and you can check it right now. What I'm finishing up right now is Field Maps. All of the Towns/Caves have an "english" name I'd like to (eventually) use. I've got that--but what about the ship? I've seen it referred to as the "Gefion," which I believe is supposed to be "Gefjon" -- following the Norse them the game has going--but there are numerous ways to write that in English (Gefjon, Gefion, Gefjun, etc.) does the game have a preference? Anyway, in an hour or so when I have the maps finished, it should (hopefully) be a lot easier for people to point at certain places and say, "No, that's wrong. The English the game uses for that word X." EDIT: Finished the maps. Archipelago Map Desert Map Glacier Map Please let me know what the "proper" spellings are for all those dungeons I haven't seen yet. And a weird thing: Britai City's "English" name is Vrlitwhai City. So I've had to change all that... which is a shame, Britai City sounds so much cooler. But, accessibility and all that. Hope it didn't confuse anyone.
  21. Okay... just finished a very large update to the guide. I've got a midterm next week, so no more big updates for a few more days. Anyway, here's what's been added: -57% of guild quest information! -guild quest list -huge update of consumable item list & information -huge update of special equipment list & information -update of blueprints list -update of race information -added most town shop inventories for most everything w/ price information & NG+ stock Re: the guild quests. Assuming what that one person said was true, and the guild quest list on the wiki reflects the guild quests as the appear in the gallery's war record, there are a grand total of 201 guild quests. I've got 114! But there is some weird stuff. I don't know if it's the result of the game being weird or errors in the wiki--I'm still at 1-8, after all, haven't been able to play all week. Lucily, there are only two (or, rather, four) cases. -There are 2 S-Rank Ice Fang missions (identical japanese quest titles w/ different rewards. One is in Uruzu, the other in Veruzandi. -There are 2 SS-Rank Revenge of the Mad Dog quests (again, identical titles) w/ different rewards. Both of these are in Veruzandi. At this point, it's probably a good thing I won't have time to work on the guide at all for a few more days--with my organizing and cross-referencing, I've actually got more information on my guide than there is on the wiki I'm translating from. Hopefully there'll be some more there for me to work with after the weekend. --- For EVERYONE, I'd strongly recommend checking out the "Special Equipment" item list--those inventory items with the diamond/crystal (IIRC) icon confer special effects to you while their in your inventory, and a lot of them are quite nice. Shin's Tags, for example, give you +20 defense and +20 concentration. Be careful, though, because some equips have negative penalties, too--like -100 concentration for "ganesu's fur." (And would someone mind checking for me to see if these bonuses stack?) --- As before, I've got a lot of romanizations of kana, particularly for character and place names. If you notice something that's wrong, please point it out.
  22. Given how long it took Artdink to do any PS3 games, and how they broke them apart... I think maybe they only have a small number of 3D modelers, so it takes them a really long time to design valks.
  23. Just got an email from my prof., now I've got until Friday to finish my paper, so I'll probably be taking that time. So... a bit longer until the next update. I did look into translating skills, but none were up on the wiki. So, hopefully this weekend. Translating mission info also reveals that item list is woefully incomplete. There seem to be a pretty big number of "equipable" items (Stuff that grants passive bonuses). Looks like 1 for every character in the game. Really hoping at least of of 'em just grants a speed bonus. Love me some high-speed cruisin'. That's a good idea. So if anyone can help with that... please!
  24. No problem. ... Anyway, I won't be able to update again until Thursday night. I've added a bunch of blueprint locations (not all, not by a longshot) and got complete Guild Quest information/translations for Daoren, Britai City, Bowen, Yue, and Skuld.
  25. ...No, I recommend C controls. I recommend against type-A for those very reasons. As for pilot skills, yeah, I'll do... something for those. Will probably be one of the last things I do, as I'll need a screenshot of all the different icons used for skills.
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