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  1. I saw it yesterday in Akihabara with my own eyes. It's effing beautiful.
  2. onnasake

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Didn't realize this comes with the fold booster and little figures and all the armor and weapons and EVERYTHING. It really does seem like the ultimate, be all and end all release. I personally think the tampos are great too. But.....it's THREE HUNDRED dollars. It's 300 bucks. For a little plastic toy plane. I just can't afford that. I'd love it. It would be a toy I've dreamed of for about 20 years now. But 300 dollars?? I don't have that kind of disposable income. Damn it.
  3. I saw this in person for the first time today in Akihabara. God, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I was priced out of this hobby a long time ago. I'd need it to be a third of what it retails for for it to be an actual option for me. Jealous of all of you that own this toy!
  4. Then it would appear I came to the right place! The only unknowns now are the last one, with the background, and the one with the two kids eating what look like corndogs. But are almost certainly not corndogs.
  5. Amazing! Within minutes, you guys have identified some of these already! After some googling, it looks like I have Matador Gundam from G Gundam....Virsago Gundam from Gundam X, and Tekkaman Evil from Tekkaman Blade! VERY cool!! Thanks!!
  6. I am very fortunate to live near Tokyo. Today I went out to one of the greatest places on the planet...Nakano Broadway! More action figures, manga, anime, etc. than your brain can process! One thing I love is that you can buy actual production anime cels for dirt cheap! Unfortunately, I don't know what series they are from. Chances are, they are very very obscure and nobody knows what they are. Hence, being so cheap. I picked up a bunch today as gifts for all my nephews and nieces. These ranged in price from 300 yen to 800 yen. One of them even had the background included! I think I got lucky...at least two of these look like they might be ACTUAL Gundam cels. Look at the robot faces...totally Gundam! Which series? I have NO idea! Also the pink haired girl sure looks like Chibi Sailor Moon, but it's definitely NOT her! I know this is a real long shot, but if anyone has any theories on the origins of these cels, please let me know! Also, any ideas of other forums to post these on? Thanks!
  7. I finished my rewatach a few weeks ago. I loved the series, especially episode 27. The movie I thought had some great moments but as a whole I definitely liked it less than the series. And then for some reason Flashback 2012 was my favorite. I don't know why. I can't even explain it. It's so incredibly sad/bittersweet. It seems so hopeful but so depressing at the same time. Not cause "they get lost and never heard from again"....I'd have never known that without wikipedia. It's just so sad cause it's OVER. They are flying off into the sunset and we don't get any more stories, and it's maddening cause they're on the Megaroad! Hikaru has a badass new Valkyrie! Misa is a Captain! I want MORE!! But then...it's just over. I can't help but feel that same longing/sadness/nostalgia that Minmay is feeling. I did find it confusing though...which scenes with Minmay were real, daydreams, memories? I had no idea. And also, isn't 2012 when the series ends? Why do they all look like 10 or more years older? When did the concert take place...and how long after is she walking through the empty stadium? First time I saw it I felt like she was re-visiting the stadium years later...but it's the next day? I don't know. Despite the confusion, and the fact that there's only a few minutes of new footage...I love Flashback 2012. No Macross viewing is complete without it.
  8. I just watched Macross for the first time in it's original Japanese form. Hadn't watched the whole thing since I last watched the Robotech version on toonami...when was that...1997? Anyway....I sure wish I'd been following your blog all along! That would have been great to read the commentary after each ep. Oh well...maybe next time. The thing that really struck me was just how BIZARRE it all was. Was the show intended for Japanese children? I barely remember the Robotech version but they must have really had to chop it up to make it "appropriate" for American children. I can't imagine even an edited version being aired on American TV today. What was the reception when it first aired in Japan? Did only geeks like it or was it popular with mainstream audiences?
  9. onnasake

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I suppose I'm alone in really wanting a Hi-Metal YF-19 instead of DX. Well, I guess it could happen someday....right?
  10. Looks available for pre-order on amazon japan if you've got a friend over there.
  11. onnasake

    Hi-Metal R

    So with Arcadia's YF-19 hitting last year, and the upcoming Bandai VF-19....seems like a pretty saturated market. But the ONE toy I've wanted, my ONE Macross holy grail, is to have an awesome looking transformable YF-19 in a smaller, handier scale. JUST like the Hi-Metal series. And there were even RUMORS of it happening about 4 years ago! A prototype was in development for his arch-nemesis the YF-22!! I'm basically a Macross amateur....I don't know a lot. What do you guys think....is there a realistic chance of seeing these two titans of Macross Plus in this awesome compact scale with the resurgance of the Hi Metal line? Or should I just keep dreaming?
  12. Oh my god, those pictures......just lovely.... For those of you in Japan or have a really good pal in Japan... Amazon dropped the preorder to 29, 348 yen!! Better than full price, but still too rich for my blood I'm afraid. Sigh....those pics.......
  13. I'm surprised the Amazon japan preorder is so expensive. As in, full price. I guess I've just gotten spoiled by their super low prices on new Transformers releases..... I don't know....even if I lucked into a deep discount, I still don't think I can afford it. My favorite part is how awesome the two tiny little pilots look, chilling in the cockpit. Think they can actually get the paint details that good on the production piece? Those are gonna be some seriously TINY figures! Anyway, I definitely envy those of you that will own this beauty....I hope it brings you hours of excitement! Take lots of pictures!
  14. We'll never know ALL the reasons that Arcadia is charging so much for this toy. New molds, price of oil/labor, etc....all that stuff factors in to it. But the number one reason they charge so much is simply because they can. The Japanese market allows releases like this at these kinds of prices. Japanese collectors WILL pay this much money, gladly, for this kind of product. And I never insinuated that anyone that does pay that kind of money is "crazy" or anything like that. We aren't all on equal levels financially. Anyone is free to do whatever they want with their own money!! I simply don't make enough cash and I don't want this particular toy badly enough to justify the purchase. I DO still want a transforming toy of the YF-19 in the anime colors. It's been eluding me ever since 1999 when I saw an ad for the first Yamato releases in a Toyfare magazine, but they were never imported. (Thanks Harmony Gold....weren't they the reason that never happened?) That's closer to the size and scale I have always wanted, but from all accounts, that first 1/72 release was a piece of crap and isn't worth tracking down and paying for these days. So even though the YF 19 is a on a short list of my toy Holy Grails that I don't have or have never been produced...this one isn't quite it...I need one a little smaller and simpler. But I am thrilled for all you guys that are lucky enough to own this bad boy early next year. I'll be living vicariously through all the pics you're going to post here!!
  15. Wow. Well, I won't be owning this. This is only my opinion and I'm certainly not telling anyone what they can and can't do with their own money, so please don't flame me, but good god.....that's $350 for a plastic toy plane. I LOVE toys. I'm 36 years old and I never grew out of them. I have them all over my room. I've spent some ridiculous amounts over the years. And I've even spent several hundred on a single piece more than once, so I DO understand the concept of high-end collectables. But I've just been priced out of this hobby. I'm going to have to stick to Hasbro, NECA, Mattel....and if I wanna go crazy I can splurge on Takara Masterpiece Transformers at around $120 for the big ones. But no more Hot Toys and certainly no Arcadia for me. I envy you guys that make enough money to buy even ONE of these let alone several! But I have to be completely honest....even if it was affordable, it's still not what I wanted. I had my heart set on a Hi-Metal version...smaller scale, more durable. A realy TOY, not a collectable. This thing looks freaking GORGEOUS....of course I would love to have it....but in reality, it's simply too big and my toy shelves are already crowded enough as it is. Anyway, sorry for the rant here....just seeing this was kind of an eye-opener to me that for me, personally...this kind of spending simply has to stop! (one last thing though....I can't believe some of you are justifying the outrageous mark-up due to things like "missiles" and "the extra pilot figure." Those are teeeeny tiny unarticulated pieces of plastic. They probably cost a fraction of a penny to produce. One more tiny little figure the size of your fingernail can't possibly justify charging $60 more than other releases) Sorry. I know nobody asked for my opinion....but there it is anyway.
  16. I have to agree with everyone that this looks like an incredible toy. And after all these years, I STILL don't have a YF-19 in my collection! But it's going to be several hundreds dollars....I simply can't afford that!! I'm still lamenting that Ban Dai never made a hi-metal version.....would have been perfect. Guess I'll just have to admire this one from afar as well and hold out hope that SOMEDAY some company will make a smaller scale transformable toy...
  17. So Tokyo Toy Show is this weekend and as far as I know, Ban Dai wasn't showing any Macross stuff....certainly not the Macross Plus hi-metals I really want. I guess it's time to pretty much abandon hope of ever owning them.....but I read this: A tiny glimmer of hope? Or not....considering the fact that it's June and there was nothing at the toy show? I hate it when cool stuff gets canceled. Oh well.
  18. Hey gang. I know it's lame bumping my OWN post from 6 months ago....but it's 2011 and I haven't really heard any movement on my most desired toy. And the YF-19 was never confirmed officially....best I heard was from a Bandai Rep at Tokyo Toy show that said they were "planning it." But what about the YF-21? There was at least a very early prototype shown of that one....has there been any word of release dates?
  19. No YF-21. I didn't see any of that other stuff either....just the monster and the hi-metals that have already been released!
  20. Just got back from the show.....you guys are gonna hate me.....I couldn't find the Yamato booth!!!!! Went from one end of the hall to the other, all floors....must have missed it somehow!!! Sorry!! I was amazed that most of the people there were families with small kids....it really was a kids' event. Not as many nerds as I was expecting. They had lots of little "live shows" for the kids too....Power Rangers (or whatever they are really called here) fighting on stage and Jewel Pets dancing...it was cool! I did find Bandai and Takara of course...they dominated the show. Bandai had the hi-metal stuff on display, but all stuff we've seen. I asked a staff member if the YF-19 was coming and he said in English "planning"....so that's a good thing! Highlight for me was the Transformers booth.....PREDAKING!! I missed my chance on the last reissue back in 2005...a mistake I will NOT repeat this time!!! Also really cool....the show was FREE!!! Wonderfest is not free....I will not be attending WF next week...
  21. I'm going on the 17th. I've never been to one. I've been to a WonderFest a few years ago, and that was cool, but it was mostly model kits and garage kits. Yamato was there showing stuff though. I'm hoping this will be more like Toy Fair in New York. I have no idea what to expect really. I know there are exclusive Transformers, so hopefully Takara Tomy will have a big presence....maybe even show the rumored Masterpiece Rodimus? Like I said, this is my first time going....anyone been to one that knows what it's like? As far as I know, admission is free too...
  22. Really? If that's the case I'm glad I held out all these years. But I've seen it in person in display cases in Tokyo stores, and I always thought it looked just gorgeous, especially in fighter mode. But that's just based on observations of the naked eye. I've never actually HELD one. Other than being (what I would consider) just plain too BIG, what is so bad about it? Flimsy plastic and joints?
  23. Man, that is great news!! It'll be so awesome to finally have the toy, especially in a format I always wanted... Thanks for the info! Hmmm. Since the toys are smaller and don't take up as much space, it'd be awfully tempting to get BOTH the 19 AND the 21. I never thought the 21 was as cool...but you gotta have an enemy right! What good is Batman without the Joker? Or Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader? It may end up costing me more money after all!!
  24. My first post...sorry for being long-winded...I just wanted to illustrate my long, unconsummated love affair with the YF-19. I first saw "Macross Plus" during my junior year of college...the anime club projected the VHS tape on the big screen at one of the auditoriums on campus. Must have been about 1998. I was blown away! First thing I did after I saw it was go hlj.com to see if there were any toys of that gorgeous mecha, the YF-19. All I found was a ridiculously expensive garage kit by Studio Half Eye. Looked fantastic, but pricey as hell, and I have ZERO modeling skills. Too bad. I'd have loved to have a toy of the YF-19. I think it was sometime around summer '99 that I saw a story in Toyfare magazine, announcing the release of the Macross Plus planes. They were going to be made in Japan by a company called YAMATO but released state-side. No prices were given, but it was a good bet it would be cheaper than the garage kit, and plus, these were supposed to be good old-fashioned TOYS, with plastic and die-cast metal. Looked awesome! But it was never released in the States. I am still not sure why. I guess the deal fell through. So now this amazing YF-19 is a Japanese exclusive. And I'm pretty sure it retailed for about $100! In the fall of 2001 I moved to Japan with my then-girlfriend. (Big mistake, but that's not the point of this story.) I searched Akihabara high and low for the mighty YF-19, but all I ever saw was the infinitely less-desirable BLUE repaint, which had just been released. I didn't want a BLUE toy...I wanted the one that looked JUST LIKE the anime! I saw it once....in a display case..."not for sale." I left Japan and forgot my dreams of the YF-19.....although I'd occasionally check ebay to see how much they were going for. Too much. I returned to Japan in 2004 without a girlfriend. Much better decision. I would see the toy sometimes in Akihabara, but it was always out of my price range. I once saw it for only $70 or so, but a sticker warned that it was "used and broken." Not good enough. Finally in 2006, I was delighted to see that Yammato was revisiting the wonderful YF-19 in it's original colors. In a new scale no less! This was bigger, badder, and even had a little pilot figure in the cockpit! It also retailed for almost $200....and teaching English in Japan doesn't pay what it used to. I'd torture myself by looking at it in the store....always looking, but never buying. Got even worse when they added the fast pack and the figure. I love the idea of the plane being able to hold the two tiny pilots in the cockpit. For some reason, details like that on toys really impress me. I never got it. It was always too expensive, just out of my reach, and when it all comes down to it....it's just plain too BIG. I live in a very tiny room...I don't have room for a toy THAT big...it just looks cumbersome. But it's been over a decade now....I still want a toy of the YF-19 as it appeared in the anime. A few months back I was in my local toy shop and saw the VF-19 from BanDai. "Hi Metal" it was called. Man...it looked fantastic....great detail, nice compact size, but big enough to have some substance...and even a tiny little pilot figure! If BanDai makes the YF-19 in the hi-metal series, I will FINALLY finally have the toy I've been wanting since I first saw Macross Plus all those years ago!! It would be EXACTLY what I had always hoped for!! Hopefully...they WILL make this toy....I suppose it's just a matter of "when?" Any insiders know if such a thing is in the works?
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