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  1. Legend of the Galactic heroes... 100% 1st and 2nd place


    - EPIC

    - Smart plot

    - Everything you learn feels relevant to the plot

    - Not afraid of killing characters just because the fans liked em.

    - Music

    - Characters you love to love and characters you love to hate

    ...wait no... LOGH is ART not anime :lol:

    Best anime... Macross or Cowboy bebop

  2. Under the Hood was the only reason I was considering picking it up. So is it animated or live action? How long is it?

    Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic dvd is pretty damn impressive, btw.

    Both shorts are around a half hour Under the hood being longer of the two. Black freighter is animated and done fairly well but just like the comic it by itself isn't anything special.

    As for under the hood it is live action its set up like a old fairly grainy 80s TV interview with commercials and all lol. Has the same actors that played the characters in the movie. So Nite Owl 1 Silk Spectre 1, Molock...yea a little bit of continuity mess up I guess and the comedian for a brief moment. It's pretty good nice little add on to the movie as a whole. Talks about the old minute men and Nite owl 1's back story among others the rise and fall of masked heroes and such.

  3. The Black Freighter and Under the hood dvd is out. Watched both Black freighter I never really liked, so the animated one was still meh. Under the hood on the other hand was awesome. Anyone who watched the movie and enjoyed it I'm sure would enjoy it.

  4. I love my super robots and all but I agree Super robots especially these new 21st century ones like mazinkaiser, Getter OVA's etc. have been all about these beyond over the top attacks powered by how bad ass you are. So i'm not entirely sure what the problem is...

  5. It'll take the DVD years to recoup the costs, though...the advertising budget alone must've been astronomical.

    And everyone in Hollywood is now beginning to think, "Are super-hero movies over...? What'll we do now?" ^_^

    I dunno stats tell me that its already made its budget of $120 with a gross revenue of $137 million. I don't think Hollywood's gonna stop trying to whore our superheros. lol

  6. I was expecting the original Night Owl to kick the bucket...Oh well

    The sex didn't add to the plot in my opinion.

    Oh yes no frakkin giant squid.

    Too bad...

    night owl 1 will kick the bucket just gonna have to wait for the directors cut. My reasoning is I remember seeing some thugs break down his door and his shocked face in one of the trailers.

    Also for those talking about the over exaggeration of the the sex and violence don't worry it was all there in the comic too. Last chapter begins with about 4 pages of just bloody corpses...

  7. As one of the few schmucks who hasn't fully read the comic yet, you should at least give the film this much credit: after watching the film, I'm itching even more to read the comic.

    If the film can elicit a similar response from other folks who haven't read the comic yet, then I think the film has served its purpose.

    No doubt the film will never replace the comic book version (Great pieces of art have a way of forcing you accept them at their terms and not your own). But I think it should be cool if the film acts as the proverbial "gateway drug" for the comic book.

    100% agree with you after the movie my buddy who went with me borrowed it off me immediately lol.

  8. Hmmm. I don't know about elsewhere, but the poll results here at least are more positive than not. Admittedly, the professional critics haven't been terribly kind. Neither have most people I've talked to in, y'know, real life.

    In fact, the only positive review I heard from from the guy I met (which I talked about some ten or twenty pages back) who had worked on the movie. He said the three-hour cut was much better than the two-and-a-half-hour version.

    I haven't seen the movie, so I can't be harsh directly...all I can say is that the things I love in the comic are unfilmable, and nothing i've heard leads me to believe that I'll like the movie.

    Speaking theoretically, I think with adaptations of this sort, so much gets lost that changes NEED to be made. A lot of 'em. Watchmen the comic is quite avant garde and experimental, so I think any film of it should have been as well. But people generally don't like experimental movies, and studios DEFINITELY don't like them...and a major studio is the only place the funding needed to make the movie could be raised. I dunno.

    (I'm also against the implicit idea that movies need to be made out of EVERYTHING, but I'll save that rant for another place and time.)

    The one main thing that could never make it into the movie was the massive back story. I mean holy hell I remember skipping all the news article's and under the hood pages and only reading the main story the first time I read the watchmen. Later I would go online and read about all this history that was in those pages. That is what was hard to put in the movie although they still tried with the opening montage.

    I think they movie portryed the main plot nearly perfectly with some scenes that I assume will be in the directors cut like the death of Night Owl 1 Hollis Mason as they introduced him at the start of the film but never didn't do much else with him.

  9. Yep, I hate everything ever made. There's absolutely nothing I like. At all.

    I'm a bitter shell of a man who drinks chilled puppy blood.

    (Really, now...just because some of us are not thrilled or supportive of this movie, that means we don't like ANYTHING? Please...)

    Well I'm not referring to anyone in particular just been reading FAR to much hate towards this movie and when it comes to all them internet folk it seems NOTHING can please internet folk. :lol:

    But like I said I think the insanely harsh judgment this movies been getting shouldn't be final until the director's cut is out.

  10. Saw it loved it not PERFECT but pretty damn close anything that adapts the story to film with 90% accuracy is a pretty amazing achievement by me.

    I barely noticed the slow downs and for a lot of them it did the slow down to show that they used the exact same scene from the comic.

    The ONLY problem I had with the entire movie was Veidt's cat... if they we're going to cut out the genetic squid stuff why keep the cat in? Also why only put it in at the very very end as I recall it being in the comic just sorta in the background. I dunno only problem I had.

    Also one of the funny things I noticed during the couple fight between John and Laurie when you could see Veidt and crew on screen in the background and the acronym for whatever they were working on was SQUID. lol

    So for all the fanboy hate they can go set their insanely high exceptions and never be happy with anything that ever comes out ever.

  11. Hell continues to freeze over as many of you know one brave company named atlus decided to release the only possible super robot wars games over here OG1 and 2... but despite all the claims I've heard of the two games flopping they are releasing the DS spin off Endless frontier


    Now I'm not nearly as excited for this as I would be say... the PS2 remake of 1 and 2 and the sequel Original Generation Gaiden this just proves that SRW does have a place in NA B))

    EDIT- Keep in mind this is NOT a sequel or a real SRW or any kind its a spin off with SRW mechs and characters from other games in it.

  12. mobile suits weren't the back bone of the federation forces during the one year war. how about an ova about the crew of a fed space destroyer? you can have them suffer during the initial beginning of the one year war then perk up as they counter attack the zeon forces and then tomino can come in and kill them all and make everyone emo and moppy.

    MS igloo 2 *only one episode out so far* features a bunch of MS-less feddies trying to take on Zaku's with bazookas and such no sign of feddie MS yet.

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