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  1. BIg thanks to Azrael and areaseven for recommending Gundam 00. Loving the story and the great designs (specially the gorgeous characters) and animation.

    I always felt like 00 was what Wing should have been.

    Going to finally get around to watching some Unicorn tonight seeing how the finale is coming out in a bit and I haven't seen any of it haha.

  2. I did an exchange with my bro and gave him my Yamato BD's and he lent me JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I've only seen 3 episodes so far but it's a blast. It's like Fist of the North Star dropped into Victorian England. The levels of GAR are positively off the charts.

    Kill la Kill ends tomorrow and I cannot wait. There were so many death flags in the last episode that we might be in for a memorable finale.

    I read the Jojo manga up to mid Part VII about 10 years ago and when I heard they were finally making a TV series I was skeptical because there was no way it could match the level of fabulous-ness the manga had... god damn was I wrong! I can't wait for part 3 in about a week! I hope Jojo gets picked up for release over here.

  3. Honestly seeing so many characters alive and not suffering is what made this episode. Had to pause it every 5 seconds for another epic cameo.

    Favorites for me

    0080, Domon and family and Char and lalah


    Also finale has to be Full scale Gundam vs Full scale zaku! And any word on a season 2 yet? It has to be coming with Reiji's world still being given zero explanation.

  4. Picked up a Wii U and a few games, Donkey Kong Country tropical Freeze, Mario 3d world, wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD and it came with New Mario/Luigi U. But holy hell I know games are much more complicated and all but dear god is all the account setup and system updating really necessary I picked up a PS3 2 years ago and it took me over a hour to play a game and looks like the same deal with the Wii U. Well I can't wait to see what the PS4/XB1 updates will be like.

    Sorry for the short rant while waiting for the system update to finish. :p

  5. you're talking about the legacy collection. the HD collection ps3/360 only comes with MGS 2,3 and peace walker

    there are two PS3 collections a older one with 2,3 and peace walker and a newer one that came out in the fall


    and yea the two PS1 titles have a code on a slip in the case or the back of the manual or something. All this reminds me that I bought it and have barely even touched it. Amazing value when it was released 2 NES games 2 PS1 games the HD remasters of 2,3,peace walker and 4, with all sorts of other bonus goodies.

  6. To be frank, then, you're going to indulge your RPG craving on a much worse game. But to each his own. Again, I'm not sure what to tell you about the demo, because I never played it, but Bravely Default (on Normal) stopped being hard after I got my first four jobs, and the hardest fight was the first real boss fight with the monk and the white wizard. If you were really worried about it, the game does have an Easy difficulty. The main cast have their personality, the art is gorgeous, and the game feels most like the DS Final Fantasy III remake (there's even an item you can buy called "Onion Shirt"). The battle system is traditional enough that anyone who's played a JRPG in the NES/SNES/PSX era will instantly familiar with it, but has enough options to allow for strategy on major battles or, on the other end, super fast auto-battling for grinding grunts. In short, Bravely Default is the best "Final Fantasy" since FFVI. As for FFX...

    Not sure I'd agree with that. The best I can say is that FFX is the last numbered FF game I found to be passably playable, but in my mind it was never better than mediocre. Yeah, the end has some M. Night Shymalan crap going on, but that didn't make the story any less nonsense.

    Bravely Default is awesome! Although Challenging at times, I am on hard mode so it's to be expected, but death isn't nearly as bad as the NES/SNES/PS1 days where you got booted to the last save point most of the time the game will respawn you in the boss room so you can leave or change your set up to deal with the boss better. I love it so far could be better but good to see a solid RPG come out of Square-Enix... who just crushed my dreams by resurrecting the Mana franchise again... this time to ruin it even further by making a Cell phone micro transaction game...

    As for FFX I am looking forward to the remaster I loved the original when it came out 10+ years ago never finished it though got to the final part of the game where I wanted to do all the final weapons and crap then I got bored and never finished it which I do with most RPGs lol.

    As for the nonsense story and M. Night Shymalan twists... Isn't that a given with JRPGs and more specifically Final Fantasy games? I mean we got out of no where time travel (Multiple games) Aliens (Multiple games) Clones/robots. I mean FFIV is my favorite but damn that final 1/4 of the game is out of no where crazy same with IX. In fact I think VI was the only one without a insane nonsense twist, a crazy twist happens but didn't blow the lore and world apart like most end game FF twists. Don't even get me started on how many times I've killed (a)God/Spirit of darkness powered by sadness and evil.

  7. Please don't suck, please don't suck...

    Did anyone else see the gameplay footage of X for the Wii U? (X footage at around the 35:00 mark)

    Combat is defnitely Xenoblade-ish.

    Xenoblade was hands down one of the best games I've played in 10 years, top 10 easy, I will have no regrets buying a Wii U for a sequel assuming its even half as good plus some other cool Wii U games, wonderful 101, Mario world, Donkey Kong, pikmin, smash bros, mario kart etc.

  8. I know I may come off like I'm trolling but are we talking about the same original Robocop? I mean I like it and all as a cheesy 80s movie but I'm hearing stuff like the original was subtle in its message, Thought provoking, Deep etc. Don't get me wrong I like it but I can never consider it a thought provoking or ground breaking movie. I mean the movie is so in your face about corrupt government and business considering money more valuable than humans lives are so in your face insane that I could never consider it subtle. One of the first scenes in the movie is the 209 blasting some business man out the window and most of the boardroom people just kinda go "oh well next order of business", And the Commercials in Robocop are as subtle as the SImpsons or Family guy on "American" consumerism.

    Like I said I like robocop for what it is, a pretty good 80's sci-fi flick, but in a movie with messages as in your face as it was and stuff like robocop shooting off dicks and such hilariously 1-dimensional bad guys I can never consider it subtle thought provoking or deep.

    With all the said I have not seen the new remake and maybe it is awful and can't hold a candle to the original but, not here mind you, but I've heard it's just as bad as the Total Recall remake which IMO was one of the worst remakes ever as a remake and as a stand alone film.

    Then again this is the internet where nothing can be enjoyed without trashing it. :S

    I'll wait for the blu-ray with all that said.

  9. I just finished Berserk. The last five episodes are actually really dang good and the monsters are fuggin epic. The ending doesn't bother me too much (I will admit ending it Griffith raping Casca for no reason was immensely dumb and pointless) because it does fit the nihilistic tone of this series, but HOW THE HELL DID GUTS ESCAPE? I can literally buy everything else but that. HOW? You know what is also disappointing? More than anything else I've complained about? This track:

    Griffith raping Casca was to go back to him establishing his dominance over Guts and restore his ego once again as said above not pointless in any context. As for him escaping if you watch the movies you will get the answear even if they are a even inferior attempt to tell the Berserk story then the show was, not that they were bad just the manga is art. Berserk was a story about Gut's and Griffith's relationship with one another everything else is just a cherry on top.

  10. So I just got up to episode 21 of Berserk. Oi, this writing. Okay, points for trying to make Casca interesting to some degree and have some conspiracy plot going for it with plenty of well done action. The writing details though....

    -Eps 11 to 14, Casca is experiencing x and that makes her unable to fight as well because.... I think it is supposed to make her dizzy. What is x? Well according to the writing it is either her time, a bad fever, or a combo of both. The issue? THEY WON'T STOP FLIP FLOPPING IT. JUST PICK ONE! I don't know, maybe it is just the dub, but dialogue endlessly shifts it around and given the visuals it could be any one of them. " But Duel they're being subtle!" Why would subtly work in a series where jugulars are chopped every other episode?

    -Why is armor so useless and yet cloaks can deflect arrows?

    -Yes, lets not show how Adon lost his right eye. How did he lose it? They actually showed how his teeth got knocked out.

    -Between the events of episodes 17, 18, and 19 Griffith manages to convince a few thugs to kidnap Foss's daughter.... When? No really, when did he have time for this? When was it even address Foss had children? Talk about random plot convention.

    -Why did Zod give Guts a sword in the middle of battle? Because he can?

    -How did Guts repair his sword between the cliff castle siege and his second battle with Griffith?

    -Why did Griffith have sex with Charlotte after Guts left? Did I miss some other events in between? Did he just go nuts after being defeated for once? It makes no sense!

    -You have to love how soft moans SOMEHOW MANAGE TO PASS THROUGH CLOSED DOORS. There is logic defying and then there is just flat out redundancy. Was this just from the dub or was this always in there?

    Just four episodes to go, really not expecting anything good from the ending.

    Man I've given you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you're not a troll but man either you are or you don't pay attention or think about the show because you have to watch another 4 series in a day lol.

    - Casca is on her period they don't dance around it Guts even comments on how she is bleeding between her legs. They then fell off a cliff into a river during late fall early winter time and she got sick,

    - Agree with you on that

    - Adon got punched in the face by guts' gauntlet. You may be right that he lost his eye but I just remember his head being heavily bandaged.

    - Griffith is one shady dude who knew Foss was plotting against him he even gave him a death stare and Foss nearly crap his pants before he left for doldrey. So having a few thugs on call when he needed them wouldn't be to far fetched I mean the band of the hawk is comprised of tons of old cutthroats turned mercenary.

    - Two reasons Zodd respects the first man who actually posed a challenge to him and it it implied that he would want to be the one to fight/kill him but can't because of destiny, that was all said the first time he runs into griffith and guts... and spoilers for later episodes.

    - Not sure about the sword but seeing how it was just a ordinary sword albeit a big one I don't see why he couldn't have another back at camp or the have the royal blacksmiths make him up one the few days before he leaves. I mean I haven't seen the show in a few years but in the manga after Guts leaves Casca keeps the broken hilt of his sword.

    - Griffith lost his cool for a ton of reasons. Although he never said it out loud Guts was the closest thing he had for a friend and one of the only people he could truly trust. Having him leave and best him in combat crushed all the ego he had. I could talk about this for way to long so just think about it.

    - Yup agree with you there too but you could think of more reasons then soft sex noises. I mean they hold a entire conversation and he opens her window during a crazy storm or something.

    As for the ending... you'll see but seeing how they removed one MASSIVELY important character who needs to be present for the first episode to happen, another recurring character and another cool but not super important villain the ending of the show does suffer a bit.

  11. Didn't Berserk recently have three movies? Did that help?

    The movies, which may or may not continue the story, are just a even shorter adaptation of the already condensed volume 3-13 of berserk. While I do love the Berserk golden age "flashback" arc I wish we could get a REAL animated berserk project. At least the movies included a essential character the TV show left out which creates a huge plot hole by the end of the TV show.

    Being a huge fan of the series I'd recommend both the movies and the series even if both pale in comparison to the god level artistry both in the drawings and the story of the manga. Sometimes I realize I have stopped reading and just sit there admiring the art.

    But with all that being said Berserk is one of the most slowly published manga. While most manga get 3-5 volumes published a year berserk gets one... sometimes not even. The author has been on a break for nearly a year and word on the street is it will (f*cking finally) have new material published in February.

    Can't rush true art I guess.

  12. Fantastic game series. My first experience was with the ROM of the first game. Even though I was only 12 or so at the time and the game had no fan translation yet I played through the entire thing and loved it. I later saw that 3 was coming out to North America and bought it on release and played the crap out of it. When 4 eventually came around I was in high school and didn't have the time to devote to it like I did when I was younger but bought it anyways and while its been almost 10 years since I picked it up I still haven't given it another chance it's sitting on my shelf next to the fan translation of FM 5.

    One day I hope to get around to playing through 4 and 5 and maybe 2.

  13. looks pretty cool, I like the combat animations.

    Yea been playing the series since the PS1 with Alpha and Alpha Gaiden simply because I needed a Macross game and VFX-2 wasn't enough so here I am ~12 years later and it's one of my favorite franchises even if it will never truly come out over seas. (We did get two of the OG games with no licensed mecha). Another thing that really is exciting for this game is word on the street is it will have Full Metal Panic! stuff from the novels, comics, that finished the story and has never been animated before. :D

  14. Well next game in the Super Robot Wars franchise (Z3 part 1) was announced about a month ago. For those unfamiliar its a grid based strategy RPG featuring robots from all sorts of famous and not so famous robot genres, Macross, gundam, gaogaigar etc.


    The big additions would be Gundam Unicorn and Aquarion EVOL Can't wait to see how they handle the Unicorn plot with the fact that Char is still alive in the games. Also super jacked for some Gurren Laggan finale and gunbuster and curious how Evangelion will play out.

    Comes out in April and is for Ps3 and vita. Consider me sold.

  15. i've been playing tales of the abyss which i totally missed during the FF craze. amazing story and game. i have tales of xillia waiting unwrapped as well.

    these tales of.... games brings back the joy of jrpg gaming.

    xenosaga indirect successor... where are you??

    Not sure if you you played it or not we did get another Xeno game (I know in earlier development it wasn't one) called Xenoblade on the Wii which was easily one of the best games I have played in the past decade. Not so much for a overly deep and complex plot but for the world environment, characters and exploration.


    And yea I agree some how for the most part the tales games have maintained the enjoyment factor of olden years of RPG gaming. I'm also playing Abyss for the first time on the 3ds and beat Graces and Xillia over the summer and loving all three.

  16. The problem with AGE was IMO almost everything... Moronic plot... Actually has a Dues ex Machina Machine, Dumb characters, dumb backstory on why the bad guys are bad and why they have Super tech... Honestly it might be worth watching if just to see the perfect way to ruin a series. So yes much worse the G-gundam (which I love) and the Seed shows.

    As for this new show... well G-Gundam turned out amazing despite have a meh first half. So I'll keep watching.

  17. One Piece is easily in my top 5 anime maybe even shows of all time. Now the problem I and many others have is the beginning is the weakest part of the show and not just the beginning but the first 30 episodes. But unlike other crazy long running shonen series like bleach, Naruto, DBZ etc. I find One Piece has maintained its quality for the last 600~ episodes which I believe is in thanks to its story and characters. One Piece while still having lots of fighiing doesn't focus on it nearly as much as DBZ, Naruto and Bleach and much like the Original Dragonball its more about the wacky adventures the lovable cast gets caught up in. So if you can get through the first 2 story arcs and can get to Arlong Park and Nami's story I think most people will fall in love with the show, if not well then I don't think the show is for you.

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