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  1. You gotta love those old formulaic 70's Giant Robot shows. A few years back I downloaded the dubbed Voltes V show I had watched as kid and while dub wasn't AWEFUL it was like the US Voltron dub so nothing to write home about but wow was that show boring after episode 5 till the last 5 it was the same thing over and over. This is coming from a man who loves his super robots. While some of the giant robot shows have decent plots the problem is the same plot could have been told in half or a third of the time. Zambot 3 is a good example 26 episodes tells a decent story and still has all the nonsense over the top robot action you can hope for.

  2. Pretty cool news the new Super robot wars title, Z-2, will feature Votoms for the first time alongside other series including Macross Frontier, Gurren Lagaan and gundam 00.

    Full list of series in the spoiler link.

    Series list:

    Zambot 3

    Daitarn 3

    Trider G7

    God Sigma


    God Mars



    VOTOMS: The Red Shoulder

    VOTOMS: The Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition

    VOTOMS: Pailsen Files


    Z Gundam

    Char's Counterattack

    Gundam Wing (TV)

    Gundam X


    Seed Destiny

    Gundam 00 1st Season


    Dancougar Nova

    Shin Change! Getter Robo

    Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen


    The Big-O

    Overman King Gainer

    Gravion Zwei


    Code Geass (no R2)

    Gurren-Lagann (first half, with apparently the first movie mixed in)

    Macross Frontier

    Macross Frontier Itsuwari no Utahime

    Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows

  3. Not sure if there are any Berserk fans but if so get pumped around a week ago a new anime project, whatever it is be it OVA or TV, was announced and then 5 commercials aired showing off all sorts of awesomeness from the manga that was cut from the original show like Skull Knight and judging by a few leaked screen shots from last year showing Puck and post eclipse Casca it will cover more then the golden age arc.

    Griffith and guts


    Casca + behilit


    Skull Knight


    Get pumped

  4. Saw it, liked it, thought it was worth my time and money but so many people told me how complex it was and how to fully "get" the movie I'd have to see it twice... my thoughts to these people is that they should have just paid attention the first time as nobody I saw it with had a hard time following it at all. Although why they decided to use "catharsis" repeatedly in one scene just to sound smart made me groan. Back in school I would thesaurus every other word in my essays to try to sound smart and end up just looking dumb because nobody talks like that in life... sorry that scene near the first quarter just took me out of the movie.

    I'll buy the DVD when it comes out for sure just for the snow fort fight it had to have been the best James Bond moment since goldeneye.

  5. Ducktales and any of the mario or megaman games for the NES and its so hard to pick just a few of my SNES game but the ones I still bust out on a regular basis are Megaman X, Mario World and lufia II.

    I don't understand what has changed with games but the simple charm old 8-16 bit games had just seems gone with every game having a plotline no matter how simple the game is just another reason I LOVE megaman 9 and 10 just proving you dont need developed characters and tutorials and complicated controls and huge environments to have a good game they just have the be FUN.

  6. I thought the first season was some of the best non-comedy TV I'd seen in years but like everyone else has said every season since just doesn't have the same pacing and just never seem to do anything and season 4 *the most recent and last season* ended with a cliffhanger then the show got cancelled.

  7. Mediocre ending with to many plot plots left open with no real hints or such incredible vague ones it makes me wonder if the creators knew the answears themselves.

    One of the main questions from the 1st episode was WTF is the smoke monster... ok so it was MIB who turned into the smoke monster when him and his bro got into a fight and thrown into a magic glowing cave... so... the smoke monsters explanation was "oh... ummm magic cave stuff turned him into a black smoke monster that sounds like a train or something because... no real reason." Then after that episode I was waiting for a explanation about the mother who was she some sort of god? Angel?

    Jacob the guy who never associated with the humans believed they were all good and nice so why were the "others", jacobs group, so damn insane going to such measures as to kill more or less innocent people just to reasearch a baby.

    Babies... why were they so damn important why did the others need to kidnap and research walt and claire and rossious kid and kill everyone else in the way.

    That Ethan guy from the earlier seasons why did he have super strength when by the end of the show it seemed the only real "power" granted to the people by magic super people was the ability to not age.

    What made the magic evil numbers so magically evil?

    I mean I can think of answears to all the questions but most of them ARE just oh... it was magic/gods/super natural nonsense I just want a show/movie/game/book like lost not to have a "cause" explanation for half the plot holes with no real explation...

    As many problems I had with lost I still enjoyed it mostly up until the last 2 seasons where the story telling just became a nonsensical plot twist after plot twist. I just think they should have started the explanations and what not more then a few episodes before the finale.

    Now I apologize if some of these questions are pointless if they were actually answeared in the show but I've only watched through it once and have never read any of the supplementary material.

  8. My brother actually got it so now I've watched him play and played a little myself but I'll still take my zero for now. BTW I actually like Jegans and Strike Daggers :D

    I finally played Lunar SSH a little (from disc) up until the forest. I'm not sure what there is to complain about. Load times weren't that bad at all and if I actually played it from memory they would be almost unnoticeable for sure. I guess it's easier? hard to tell so far. Can't really comment on enemy AI yet either. What I am positive about though is that it looks excellent.

    I picked up Lunar and haven't really given it enough time to give it a real review but everything so far is pretty good although it is much much easier as I remember having to grind at the beginning of the game to get through quarks cave and now I can beat the monkeys at level 1-2. I also found it funny that they kept all the cut-scenes from the saturn-PS1 games but replaced all the voice overs.

  9. I don't see how its Disneys fault. Alice in Wonderland was by no means a frightning book unlike the Tinmans story in the Wizard of oz. Alice in Wonderland was just some weird ass book where Alice wandered around wonderland and talked about all the weird ass poo she encountered if anything the Disney version was the best adaption of the story I've seen before because it doesn't have a plot. As for the Wizard of Oz Disney did make that super messed up Return to Oz movie with decapition and electroshock therepy and all sorts of other messed up crap.

    So I guess if someone did make some messed up Alice in Wonderland parents would take their kids to see it but it would still be a terrible adaption of the book,

  10. I have just got my hands on a few anime series that I have not watched yet and was interested in comments on which ones are really good or not, so I know which to watch first. I watch all types of anime so I am interested in talk about the quality of the shows more than anything.

    So, tell me about the following(ONLY IF YOU'VE SEEN THEM)

    Macross Frontier


    Desert Punk


    Ah! My Goddess

    tanx in advance!!!

    Macross Frontier - This show drove me nuts going from amazing epic macross to stupid harem BS jokes and chasing panties through the school then back to epic macross. Also I hated alto and ranka... so it was borderline average IMO.

    Claymore - Dark Gruesome story about super soldier chicks with swords that hunt down and kill monsters. It was alright if you've read berserk its kind of like that but much less plot.

    Gungrave - Loved this show awesome mob show that gets kinda wierd with the evil super unkillable zombie soldier things in the later half but still keeps its amazing plotline of revenge, friendship, betrayel, loyalty and stuff to make it one of the few shows I purchased the box set for.

  11. I love bootleg toys! There is a dollar store where I live that always has some awesome knock off toys and I buy them for a friend whenever his birthday comes around I got him one called Wizard boy which was harry potter but with brown hair another one called justice leage with 5 black unposable spider man toys and the last was a fake cellphone with a picture of barbie called benign girl. :lol:

  12. Got Megaman 10 and played as protoman, who takes twice the damage it seems, and barely got anywhere then played as megaman and had a much easier time despite not having a charge shot and slide. Played each level once and couldn't beat anyone on my first try still brutally hard until you memorize the levels and such.

    Also kinda spoiler


    is the D/L character for those interested in who the 3rd person was. So far its fun my buddy and I swapped the wiimote back and forth so no one would get to frustrated from the cheap unexpected deaths, not anymore though :lol:

    Good stuff so far if you like megaman I recommend it kept the old skool and insane hardness and lol at easy mode. :lol:

  13. Xeno-----blade? http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/sx4j/index.html

    Monolith's developing it. But for the Wii? That goes against the whole "high-end visuals" theme they like (they're like Square in that regard).

    Does look like it has giant organic mecha...

    I'm also going to keep a eye on this Xenoblade game as Xenogears was my favorite PS1 RPG and the saga games were ok I'm hoping this game will, if part of the universe, go back to what made Xenogears so amazing a interesting world and a massive storyline with likeable characters... seriously the amount of time it took me to play through Xenogears was 60-70 hours I beat ALL the Xenosaga games in less.

    As for Sonic 4 hell yes! I'm loving the retro revival with Mario, Megaman, Contra amongst others.

  14. Just watched the 2nd movie and it was pretty good. I liked the new toyline introduced... I mean the new tengen toppas and the even longer with Spiral Nemisis was pretty neat. TV show still did a better job but if the show was a 9.5/10 for the ending episodes I'd give the movies 8.5/10 still pretty damn good just not as good worth checking out for the few extras added in.... and random bewbs :blink:

  15. After finding a copy of Earthbound for the SNES dirt cheap ($5) and playing through for the first time since I was ~10 and then playing the English patched Mother 3 made me respect this series much more then I did as a child. Also Mother 3's ending reminded me so much of

    Evangelion's ending with the main character deciding to recreate or destroy the world and with 1000 different theories

    Very under appreciated series with one of the funniest and moving story's ever to be seen in a RPG. Play them if you haven't.

  16. After a few people from work insisted that I catch up after having felt so poo upon after watching season two I marathoned Season 3/4 up till the current episodes.

    My rundown on this show while season two WAS pure garbage and the first half of season 3 wasn't that great either I enjoyed the second half of season 3 and I am interested to see where this newest season is going. I think heroes is a show meant to be watched multiple episodes at a time because they would have some plot about so-and-so then not come back to it for episodes at a time so when they get back to it its been a month in real life time and to be honest maybe I don't a fantastic memory but half the time I'll have forgotten what was going on exactly 4 weeks ago with X character.

    Overall right now I'm enjoying heroes again I lol'd hard in season 3 when they didn't even really write out 90% of the new cast from season two they just ignored their existence for the most part.

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