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  1. I enjoyed The Stand pretty good mini-series nothing and I mean nothing compared to the book though like most everything. Still worth the check out the plot is government makes a super flu and something goes wrong and it gets out slowly infects the world despite lethal measures to quarentine the infected areas and then small fraction of the human population naturally immune try to survive. One of Stephen Kings first books and IMO one of his only great books.

  2. If Cameron needs to give credit to Card, then Card needs to give credit to a number of people that came before him. Trying to use points that are common to many, many sci-fi/sci-fantasy stories such as the primitive locals and ex-soldiers turned peaceful negotiators doesn't help the argument that Card deserves credit for 'his' ideas. These weren't new ideas when Card wrote Speaker for the Dead.

    And the connection between the Na'vi and the trees owes far more to various Earth-bound myths/religions/spiritualist movements than it does to anything in the Enderverse.

    If you're just going to pick and choose ideas and concepts that are similar to other stories, then there's nothing original out there - as has already been pointed out elsewhere. If you're going to say that Avatar is unoriginal, and that's a fair comment 'cause it's far from original - it's easier to point out how it's almost a note for note imitation of other films and books.

    Thats why I enjoyed Avatar and most media that still comes out and why I put that quote up I realize that have a brand spanking new idea is non-existent so I never expect anything to be...new.

  3. I haven't seen the film yet so I can't judge it, but I do hate that James Cameron is selling it as this original story he has for years. Its painfully obvious that Avatar was very much inspired by Paul Anderson's "Call Me Joe," which I don't have a problem with at all. What I am dispointed about is that James Cameron won't even acknowledge the influence Paul Anderson's work had on Avatar at all and refuses to give the guy even a line in the credits. I mean if I had made a blockbuster hit like Avatar I would be publicly thanking every inspiration I could think, giving them private screenings, bring them to Hollywood parties, etc not claiming that I am some sort of origianl genius that happened to think up the same thing by coincidence.

    Sounds Interesting I'll have to track down a copy and give it a read but. Aside from some handi-cap...no idea what politically correct term I should use lol... using a fake body to do stuff on another planet thats all the connection. Now like I said in a earlier post I found a significant amont of similarities with another sci-fi book called Speaker for the Dead and sequels written by Orsen S. Card. Which had quite a few similarities with avatar

    - Mankind finds a planet inhabited by a primitive but sentient life form that are still in the earlier stages of technolgy like using spears and such

    - They have a special connection with the trees

    - When humans tear down the trees they get all pissed because they consider trees as sacred if not more then their own life

    - Ender the main character a ex-soldier comes to the planet after hearing about these aliens killing some scientists to try to find a peaceful solution

    Theirs a couple more but I can't ruin the premise of the book the Ender series is a fantastic read. But Freiflug88 this is another work that to my knowledge Cameron hasn't given credit to. So I don't know maybe he did randomly just happen to have similar ideas but I did read that Cameron said he borrowed alot from other sci-fi works and Dances with Wolves

    "Avatar is primarily an action-adventure journey of self-discovery, in the context of imperialism and biodiversity.[57] Cameron has said that Avatar shares themes with the films At Play in the Fields of the Lord and The Emerald Forest, which feature clashes between cultures and civilizations, and acknowledged the film's connection with Dances With Wolves, where a battered soldier finds himself drawn to the culture he was initially fighting against."

    ^ taken from wikipedia


  4. i promised my self not to keep this thread alive .....why wont it just die!!

    anyhoo, for the past 6 years i have been working on two books one non fiction the other fiction. both are slllllooooooowwwwwww progress because you know life and you need to take care of that first. a couple of years ago i took the first 250 pages of my fictional work to an editor friend of mine. now its not scifi but more like a martial arts story based on some history and a dab of fantasy. editor got back to me and told me it was a great story but its more suitable to be translated into a script and he gave me software that does just that. now sorry to say i am only ahead another 60 pages cause i just dont know how to shorten the story. i planned three volumes but who knows yet. writing to me comes in spurts too. anyhoo if it gets finished and it does get through all the editing and maybe it does get translated into screenplay and i make my first million i will make an avatar movie that will please both the visual techie nuts and the folks who like a more involved story baring in mind its still scifi

    but i think that is a unfair comment. people can be critical but lack the know how to a solution. Just because there is no visible immediate answer to a problem doesnt mean that that is the correct solution in question not merit to critisim.

    You sir are my new favorite person :lol: take it however you want.

  5. and your still going........your like the energizer bunny. I never insulted anyone for liking the movie. If people like chocolate covered poo so be it. its my freedom to say its chocolate covered poo

    and people have a right to ask why i think its chocolate covered poo and maybe sometimes you find people can agree.

    thats not insulting people. But since your insulting me now i will throw some back at you i gave my opinion of the movie and the reasons why i didnt like it. many reasons would you like me to list them for you. Im sure i dont have to because i know your going to waste time looking for some far off thing i commented and misrepresent it so you can feel in some way superior about yourself and then come back and try to argue and harass me some more. i never harassed anybody about the movie. i debate back and forth about their idea of the movie. and why all the farting angst. its a movie with no real moral point to further discussion on rather than the science. you earlier commented on me not liking the movie before i seen it. sure why not thats what trailers are for. same goes for rotf and i gave wolverine a chance even tho the trailers fooled me there it was crap. i never said this movie sucked after i saw it. people are allowed to change their minds. waiting for some smart ass rebuttel.......

    but i will go back to say what i have always said about the movie. the special affects were good. but not good enough to tie me to the characters which is why i see a film. gimmicks like 3d if you really think about are pretty stupid. if you have to make a conscientious effort to forget about your present surroundings and be in the film an alice in wonderland syndrome than whats the point. glowing lights cool i like glowing lights on my new laptop but does it have substance.

    then i post links of news articles about the movie and your point was a punch at me not the comments which i share with the people.. i guess by your definition they are all stupid.

    so we dont like each other np. beauty of freedom. ill refrain from posting on your opinions you back off on harassing me

    ps and dont get all delusional and think just cause your a mod on a website devoted to macross that you can push your weight around and act like some sort of dictator and think you can comment on peoples viewpoints and perspectives without debating on what those viewpoints are or even expressing some interest to further understand board members

    one more thing. your supposed act impartial as a mod. if you want to act as moderator you cant actively participate in biased discussion for members would then fear retribution. You want to participate in debate give up your status as a mod

    So now the troll is complaining that others are trolling him? awesome I love the internet.

  6. i wanted to confirm a scene in the movie that one of the natives was humping a tree when the hero walks through the native camp

    and yes the navi was humping a tree

    who said anything of stealing thats debatable

    Can we see a screen cap of this scene? As I assume you didn't see it in theatres repeatedly. Also will James Cameron win a oscar? Its likely for best visuals, best picture I doubt though.

    Also I don't think anyone here is flaming you for not liking the film its quite the opposite nearly everyone thats commented on the movie has said the same thing Decent plot amazing visuals and they were entertained and you seem to be taking this as an attack on your opinion. :p

  7. saw the movie again and again

    each time i just cant get away from the fact the navi are praire native tribes.

    the countenance

    the stance and postures

    the yelps and the dress

    if i was the hall monitor of MW i would cry racism

    but i subscribe to the point of view promoted by the famous 5 comedians so people can say what they want they have the ability to mount a proper defence.

    but even i find this movie rather insulting. it insinuates that natives be it on earth or out-worldly are retards??

    a world hard drive is assumed to be lesser in thought process than the common collective computing power of mans computers.

    lots of loopholes. if gaia in this case was able to tap into the thoughts of animals and mount a defence why did it take 7 years to do so then all of a sudden it needs to react to the threat in the last hour. pandora was in a sense a large living brain with all inhabitants able to connect and retrieve or reposit data???? even humans are able to connect which we see it can read graces thoughts and make a connection. it can too transfer thought patterns and memories into another host. something that in the movie tried promote only humans had that kind of technology. this is where the story should have gone. not dances with 4 legged hounds with thundercats.

    i cant believe that so many people are saying this was good movie. yes it was entertaining but a movie a combination of story and visual effecst or visualization is good when it have all of the components necessary to make it a good film. a book needs to have a good story who cares about pictures but we need to reminds ourselves the purpose a screen story is to tie the viewer to the character not the background. otherwise sit down and watch the blue planet or national geographics series on the universe

    i have seen many great films and for my age i still prefer the old black and white films, because it relied less on the ooohhh ahhhhh of the background noise and centered on the acting. yes the excuse is its a scifi movie but i believe a good scifi movie is possible. one of my all time favorites in the scifi category was blade runner and the encounters of the third kind. even et.

    here it was very annoying to watch the navi reduced to a north american native cliche. even the animals mimicked the look, sound and feel of earths. i remember watching the discovery special on alien life. it was very interesting to see what kind of life would develop in different environments. anyway

    this is NOT a good movie

    You seem to missing something... 90% of the viewers who watched it admited a 3 year old could follow the plot. How it was marketed wasn't BEST PLOT EVERZ it was something along the line of James Cameron spent forever making some new technology to redifine cinema and HE DID. It may be the same rehashed plot from 100 other movies but even Cameron said it was *link below is him saying so.*


    Also weren't you the one who a few weeks ago was so hardcore about NEVER supporting this movie and now your here saying you've watched it " saw the movie again and again

    each time i just cant get away from the fact the navi are praire native tribes."


    Just not sure why people ...the few and far... expected a space epic from like the link above said Dances with Wolves in space. I mean even South Park did a episode about it months ago :lol:

  8. In the sequel (hypothetical), humans return 10 years later with a fracking fleet and bomb the frack out of Pandora from orbit and an army of Mobile Suits.... fast forward 100 years later and the human colonists are fed up with the Terran Central Government, and then send a shipment of unobtanium straight into the gas giant. This pisses off Earth which sends troops to pacify the region, and BOOM, The Revolutionary Space War I begins. The colonists eventually win with the help of another alien race nicknamed "Teh SPACE FR4NCH." They now start the Republic of Pandora.

    Meanwhile, 99% of the Navi have been wiped out by human diseases such as H1N1 and ED.

    lol read the Enders Game series. As I mentioned earlier Avatar heavily borrowed alot from the second book Speaker for the dead and your little sequel reminded me of the third book... :lol:

  9. So the number 1 complaint I'm getting from people is the "OMG we know! Love the enviroment, jesus stop lecturing us stuff"... now what I don't get is how District 9 can sit there for the entire movie and tell you all humans are evil and racist and deliver the same sort of messege I thought Avatar was getting at , respect people, and everyone was cool with district 9 but the moment a pro-environment thing is ever dropped into a movie everyone on the internet rages. I remember this exact same thing happening when Wall-E came out. People felt like instead of enjoying a movie all they could get out of it was the change your ways or you'll all die backstory of the movie, and I mean seriously how many futureristic movies show NOT evil companys and a happy earth that still is green.

    :unsure: I don't get it. I could go on for hours about how strange this opinion is.

  10. Saw it and loved it

    Visuals - The "3-D" was mindblowing , it was also the first modern 3-d movie I've seen, everything was so lush and well detailed I was never bored because there was SO much to look at.

    Plot - Nothing groundbreaking but I never expected it to be. Nice homages to some science fiction and fantasy works to really show how big a fan Cameron is himself. Although the similarities to Speaker of the Dead were kinda to blatant.

    Characters - Loved the ones I should love and hated the ones I should hate. Blah blah blah stereotypes I don't mind the stereotypes in fact I find the huge self destructive hate, tormented past, revenge driven main characters of today are irritaing and I enjoy a character with no elaborate backstory.

    Action - When it was there it was done fantastic.

    Problems - I had some questions about what this mineral did and why a giant robot would need a giant combat knife... *number 1 gripe with frontier as well* and some time the plot was toooo predictable but that also was some of the charm when things are so predictable and the lack of twists every 5 minutes it makes it even more shocking when there is no ZOMG twist.

    All in all I would say it was on par with Star trek and District 9 maybe even a step above for the brick shitting "3-d" visuals.


  11. 1310: "W.T.F." - After watching WWE RAW live in Denver, the kids set up their own backyard wrestling federation. Their twisted storylines attract the attention of everyone from South Park all the way to Vince McMahon himself - except for the school gym wrestling teacher, who sees the wrestling industry as an abomination to his sport.

    I wouldn't have thought that Trey and Matt would outdo the "Fishsticks" or "Dead Celebrities" episode this season, but they actually did. This is the single funniest episode in years, mainly because it proves the point that Vinnie Mac has turned professional wrestling into a soap opera smut-fest.

    And Kenny gets killed again! :lol:

    Great episode but at the very end Cartman and Kenny are arguing wtf?

  12. Game - Lufia II most heart breaking ending ever in a game

    Anime - Legend of the Galactic heroes, very few times do I remain emotionally destroyed hours after watching certain episodes

    Movies - Gladiator I've seen that movie close to 20 times and the ending always gets me :p

  13. I'm 24 and the original/DYRL is in my eyes a near masterpiece everything else is from ok to good at best and Frontier was the only one I could never understand why people liked it. I actually gave up on the show before the mid point waited for it to end then marathoned it because I couldn't remember all the plot points and characters that never went anywhere :p

    Macross TV - 9.5/10

    DYRL - 9/10

    FB 2012 - 9/10

    II - 5/10

    Plus - 7/10

    7 - 6/10

    0 - 5/10

    Frontier - 4/10

    So I don't think you're getting old I just think macross (as much as it pains me) should die.

  14. Twilight zone kicks so much ass.

    To many good episodes to pick from but my favorite episode was the one where the guy walked back to his childhood town to find that he was back in time from when he was a boy. Deep episode no zany twist just a touching episode.

  15. I don't understand why IV gets so much hate I thought III was a FAR FAR weaker game especially if you never played 1 and 2 only huge gripe I had with IV was that you could only use 4 people at a time... wtf :huh: meanwhile III had probably the most retarded battle system ever so many times my characters would run around the entire battle field before they could attack the enemy that was about 1 foot away and walking through the same places close to 40 times with different characters was boring as hell.

    IMO best to worst are 2, 5, 1, 4, Tactics, 3, tierkries although even the worst games are still pretty damn good.

  16. Don't have a PSP, and I'm not about to get one that has its warranty violated.

    Besides, III we got used for about $25.00, I bought IV and Tactics for about $12.00 each. I got V for a Christmas gift a couple of years ago.

    Hopefully Konami will have the games set up for download for PSN on the PS3 (once we ge broadband, that is).

    Suikoden I is available for the PSN no news on II though which is the elusive one. I got all of them used dirt cheap (all below $30) even got 1 for $5 at a pawn shop case and everything :lol:

  17. To the people who mentioned the slow pacing and not feeling to urge to complete the series I personally thought it had one of the most powerful endings out of all the gundam series.

    Personally Turn A is in my top 3 favorite MSG series (other two being 0080 and Z) I don't know why but I just felt much more attached to the characters in the show and it always gave me this Miyazaki vibe with the quasi re-imagined industrial revolution with new tech and bi-planes galore at the beginning.

    Stick with it.

  18. I as well applaud your efforts to try to get into gundam I originally was introduced through Gundam Wing/0080/0083/08th MS and the Super robot war games and from there it was alot of researching before I had the slightest of understanding between the time lines and merging time lines and what was a OVA of what and what was a independent show and what was a direct sequel :wacko:

    VFTF1 - You didn't like Igloo? I personally thought it was the best and most interesting gundam thing to come out in the past decade, it broke nearly every single gundam cliche ever. First no gundams... second no 10-15 year old pilots and 3rd the more realistic they tried to portray everything. Oh well to each their own.

    As for your Turn-A experience I don't remember there being to many fights in the show overall so maybe I need to re-watch.

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