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  1. Looks like it has very little to do with the books, Character names and places etc, I did like the books for the most part until the 6th and 7th where a absolutely moronic twist happens that IMO ruined the story which had been a solid read up until that point. 

    I usually bring up the Dark Tower series as a example of sometimes NO ending is better then a BAD ending. (Although the VERY end was fine just the preceding 600 pages were garbage)

    Movie looks meh cool fantasy world abandoned for another NYC fight. I'll wait for the reviews.

  2. 3 hours ago, hachi said:

    This is still being made by Fox so I'm not really hyped. I am not giving them my money anymore--I'll stick with the MCU.

    Aside from the small hiccup with Apocalypse I thought it was mostly agreed on that Fox has been doing a great job with the X-men movies with First Class, DofP, Deadpool, Logan all being very well received.

    I'm curious about how these movies will turn out since most of the main cast are done with the movies or in much smaller roles. So it will essentially be starting from square 1 again.

  3. I don't like the Dorne plot in the show or books but, in the show at least, the show runners clearly knew they shat the bed when the first episode of season 6 had half the characters killed off then remain absent the rest of the season until the finale when Olenna Tyrell ripped them apart. Very cathartic for frustrated watchers and book readers who didn't enjoy the weakest plot of the show.

    Now on the other hand the book Dorne is different and unfinished so it has potential to turn out ok and the show did give us some solid Bronn scenes :D

    IMO I found Arya's season 5-6 faceless man story arc more pointless and overly long what I feel like the should have done was pull a Bran,Hodor,Yara,Blackfish and had Arya sit out a season instead of giving us two seasons of the same stick whacking "who are you". We could have used that time for more flashbacks or setting up our last minute villain Euron Greyjoy earlier. 

    Despite those complains I still think this is the best show on television and can't wait until the new season this summer... and the new book in 2047

  4. Meera looks like a Crannogman in the books. She's neither a Stark or a Targaryen; she's clearly a Reed. The twin theory comes solely from her appearance in the show.

    And I'm fairly certain Young Griff is the "mummer's dragon." Would be interesting if he was a Blackfyre.

    I didn't say I believed it just that I thought it was cool haha,I did lump it in the conspiracy part. :p I do remember on my reread on the books and reading the line when Bran first sees Meera and thinks it is Arya for a moment. I immediately went on the internet and researched if anyone else had made this conspiracy theory yet... of course they had... 10 years ago haha.

  5. I'm not a fan of the secret Targ theories either. I mean there are already to many in the books we have

    Young Griff (maybe blackfire targ)

    then the consipacies All three Lannister siblings being the most popular then you get into the deeper conspiracies and Meera, Varys, Illyrio, Mance Rayder, Quorin Halfhand etc.

    people just have to much time to pick through the texts over the 5 year periods between books and there is a theory for everything now. I do like the Meera is Jon's twin one though :p

  6. Confirmed that the absence of Ghost was because of budgetary constraints. They couldn't do both Wun Wun and Ghost.

    Nah I'm sticking with Ghost is Lord Commander of the Wall with Dolores Edd as his steward.

    As for Sansa being a One woman Dorne that's a little harsh Dorne was a total mess up that I found nothing except Bronn enjoyable Sansa on the other while hit and miss has been far more interesting than the waste of time that was Dorne. I mean even the show ignores it. Cersei tells Jaime to take Riverrun to prove to the world not the mess with the Lannisters... weeks after their daughter was murdered and nothing was done about it... she's just their daughter... and the Kings sister... and heir to the Throne... so yea even the show seems to ignore what they did with the story line haha.

  7. IMO Rickon's death wasn't emotional enough. It'd help if he actually spoke some lines this season. Maybe have a scene of him in Bolton's dungeon. He was the baby of the stark family, the last time most of his siblings saw him he was 6 years old.

    Speaking of which, does Game of Thrones take place in real time? Judging by Rickon's age i'm guessing it does. So that means Winterfell has been occupied for like 3 years. It'd explain how Yara and Theon were able to get to Meeren so quick. I wasn't expecting that to happen till much latter. This season has definitely accelerated the pace of the show. Though i think the pace needed to pick up, it does seem its picked up too much.

    I fully agree with you on Rickon. I have felt like this season was two seasons that they have pushed together and am very curious to read about the development of it. They decided to bring back dozens of characters who really didn't even need to come back just to kill them off because they feel like they have to kill people. The list of characters that returned this season is huge and most of them have had nearly zero screen time, some didn't even have lines.

    Osha (dead), Rickon (dead), Blackfish (dead), Hound, Thoros, Berric, Balon greyjoy (dead), And these are the returning characters that have been in 2 or less episodes maybe 3 in the finale. While I have enjoyed this season far more then season 5 I feel like a large amount of plots were reworked and in turn under developed. Like we've seen Sam twice (?) Euron greyjoy the "new" big bad guy has had 2 scenes. Did the show runners have bigger plans for Dorne but realized how nasty the fan backlash was and cut the plot out of this season? And yea I can try to lay some blame on GRRM but the show has already taken some huge liberties with the plot so most of these problems fall on the show for the underdeveloped characters. There is no shock value when characters who the audience hadn't seen in 3 years is killed off. Most "casual" viewers didn't even remember Rickon/Osha/Blackfish/Balon.

    On a more positive note. Great episode! Loved Tyrion telling Dany how it is when she wanted to kill thousands of people just because she was pissed. And the pure Chaos of the battle was wonderful (even if the 20 feet of dead bodies was silly...white walker zombie material?) every scene with Tormand was great and what a fitting end for Ramsey!

    So for the Finale we have to wrap up...

    Sam - Going to Old town still? If so will he run into a Jorah trying to find a cure there maybe Euron will raid old town looking for a horn.

    Arya - We don't NEED anymore but I'd like something to justify her 2 years of nothing

    Bran - Tower of Joy part 2 HYPE and something else maybe he crosses the wall and his brand shuts down the magic protecting it.

    Jon/Sansa - Jon needs to confront her on the Vale army... she kinda got all of Jon's men killed and their little brother by holding back that card.

    Davos/Mel - Maybe the end of Mellisandre?

    Dany/Tyrion/Theon/Asha - Single scene of setting sail?

    Kings landing - Cersei burns down the sept...maybe with Tommen inside by accident? What was Margerys plan?

    Jaime - Comes back to Kings Landing to see the destruction his sister's done.

    Hound/Brotherhood - nothing?

    Drone - Varys getting their backing for Dany?

    With all those plots we have a TON to cover and not leave loose ends.

    TL:DR - To many under developed characters being reintroduced and killed But still a fantastic season for the most part and HYPED for the finale.

    *Still waiting for book 6*

    Edit - Where is Ghost?!?! Did Jon leave him in charge of the Wall? Lord commander Ghost?

  8. I'm surprised the Riverrun plot point was solved so quickly and without consequence. Maybe Edmure is important later?

    The most intriguing bit for me was when Qyburn told Cersei something along the lines that the rumours were true and she sort of looked relieved. I wonder what it is that her new trump card is now that the Mountain is out of the equation?

    I think it's the jars of wildfire we saw in Bran's vision that were placed around the city by the mad king. Ironic fate that Jaime stopped the mad king from burning the city down and he might have to do the same for his sister.

  9. We still have 2 episodes left but. This one just seemed pointless. Aside from the kings landing stuff and the hound what was the point? Assuming Arya goes home why did the show waste our time showing her stick fighting for two seasons to not be a assassin? Aside from getting Jaime away from Cersei why have the Riverrun book plot (sort of) included in the show? The Blackfish just recaptures Riverrun with some loyal men 2 episodes ago and then those loyal men turn on him shortly after and give the castle to the Freys... why bother with the story anyways then.

    Now there is still 2 episodes left but what a disappointing episode for a near end episode at least there was no Dorne.

    Now don't get me wrong for the most part I've been LOVING this season this episode was just such a disappointment. I'm really Just confused by Arya's last two seasons.

  10. Looking back at my earlier post in the this thread I'm glad I was proven wrong and this has been IMO a perfect adaptation of a amazingly unique manga. I'm very excited to see Part 4 animated as it really is the most "bizarre" of all of Jojo.


  11. Nintendo's still trying to figure out what went wrong with Metroid Prime. It was supposed to be another bad 3D transition game and it wound up so wildly popular they had to take it out of print while people were still buying it up left and right. Yes, you can't find Metroid Prime Trilogy because Nintendo deliberately took it out of print to STOP YOU FROM BUYING IT.

    You can buy the Trilogy on the WII U Eshop (in NA at least) for $20 when it first came out a few months back it was $10 pretty sick deal.

  12. I've been thinking the way the show is going we may get two true parents for Jon Snow R+L for the show and some "what a twist" parents for the books. I do love the series but GRRM has re-written basically the entire story multiple times.

    Super early draft... maybe spoilers? Like Catelyn taking Bran and Arya past the wall and Jon/Tyrion/Arya love triangle...


    and the planned time skip between books 3 and 4/5

    After A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords, Martin originally intended to write three more books.[16] The fourth book, tentatively titled A Dance with Dragons, was to focus on Daenerys Targaryen's return to Westeros and the associated conflicts.[23] Martin wanted to set this story five years after A Storm of Swords so that the younger characters could grow older and the dragons grow larger.[32] Agreeing with his publishers early on that the new book should be shorter than A Storm of Swords, Martin set out to write the novel closer in length to A Clash of Kings.[26] A long prologue was to establish what had happened in the meantime, initially just as one chapter of Aeron Damphair on the Iron Islands at the Kingsmoot. Since the events on the Iron Islands were to have an impact in the book and could not be told with existing POV characters, Martin eventually introduced three new viewpoints

    So I know you can't rush art but I've had a feeling that half the time GRRM doesn't even know where its going half the time. 14 years 2 books.

    Then again he could have Wheel of Timed us with half a dozen "filler" books.

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