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  1. Watched my friend play through it over a couple hours, 2 or so, and we stuck with one person till almost the end when we in the snowy area where the big things were attacking and you had to hide and he got hit right before the end safe zone. He lied there in the snow for a bit and we were to scared to go back for him not sure if you would die or not... we felt like crap.

    Amazing game.

  2. I'm not going to be too original here when I say that most recently I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes of ZETA Gundam. I saw the Movie Trilogy and was not satisfied - so I decided to check out the series.

    As an aside - how many of you have seen One Piece and is it any good? Looking it at, I get a Gurren Lagann vibe - but I also get a dorkishness vibe.... Haven't seen anything of it - so...what do you guys think? Worth it?


    One Piece in the only "shonen" series I still give a crap about and while it starts off slow I found that it has stayed pretty good for the most part of its 500+ episodes.

  3. Saw the movie it was ok adaptation and ok movie. I'm Glad I've read the books because I noticed a lot of subplots that were included were barely dealt with to the point where I think adding them in hurt the movie likeTars Tarkus and Sola. Overall I didn't regret watching it and woola was amazing.

  4. 90s toonami aired robotech until the end of southern cross arc then...never aired the mospeada stuff I watched it nearly everyday because a) I loved the crap out of it and b) I really wanted to see if they would ever air the invid stuff never happened so I turned to the good old internet still in its dial up days discovered "Macross" got a little confused rented Macross plus, II and Clash of the bionoids. Half figured out macross then tried my damndest to download crappy real player files of macross 7 then found some site that would sell fansubbed VHS tapes of macross 7, ah the memories after that I had everything figured out imported macross VFX-2, Macross plus and Macross DYRL for the PS1. Now I sit here with no new macross to discover except some manga that no one wants to translate but 100 groups will do Naruto and Bleach.

  5. Thats crazy news about miyamoto the guy never made a bad mario... although sunshine was just ok.

    In other news Xenoblade Chronicles has been finally announced for NA localization this april. As a big RPG fan I imported it from England during the summer and it is one of the best RPG experiences I've had since the PS1 days I highly recommend if you want to obtain a copy pre-order it or else its going to be hell to find as NOA has already said it doesn't expect the game to do well and will have a crazy low print.

  6. Loved it better then last weeks episode. I for one don't have a big problem with the stand alone filler eps reminds me of the old show and makes the plot episode even better when poo gets moving... as for the end my brother and I were commenting on how it would happen when it did and thats exactly what happened, not sure what the spoilers wait time should be :p.

    Won't be able to see the next two weeks though as I'm off on vaction :D... :(

  7. Just got done watching "Now and Then, Here and There", and finishing up "Angel Beats". On Netflix, I'm watching "Monster". Angel Beats is pretty decent, it's only 13 episodes, so it's only a two day viewing. Monster is pretty dark, but is also very interesting. If you like mystery, and heavy plot series, you may like Monster.

    Now and then here and there was amazing I had no idea what to expect and had my mind blown! Monster is another amazing series top notch everything.

    Almost done Votoms and I've found the story arcs hit or miss with me the first arc was crazy boring the next was fast paced and awesome then the next started off really interesting but went back to the same problem as the first arc to slow and half the episodes seemed wasted as no progress would be made by the end now I'm on the final arc and its intense... so I've heard mostly mediocre things of the OVA's so should I stay away if I'm not in love with the show by now?

  8. It seems like a combination of a reboot and a sequel. They're on 3rd Earth instead of Thundera. Technology and Mum-Ra was stuff of legends. Including them mentioning how the Thundercat defeated Mum-Ra long ago. I'm gonna say this is a sequel to the original series but that was many generations ago. Instead of them creating new Thundercats they just used the classic version of characters. Can't wait for the next episode.

    Yea it felt like the Zelda series where its a sequel but not. But I agree it was amazing seeing Thundercats remade this way has made the child in me squeel with joy.

  9. I have the opposite experience! ^_^

    I had "been meaning" to watch Giant Robo for about 15 years, and finally sat down to watch it a few months ago, and I found it boring as hell. I don't remember getting past the first episode. I'm not even sure where I put those DVDs now. It just feels like a chore to sit through.

    Votoms, on the other hand, was really addictive, I always wanted to see what happened next, so I watched one episode a day. The first few episodes are a little slow, though, admittedly. It does get better, my favourite part of the series is when they are mercenaries in the "Kummen" jungle.

    I'm around episode 20 of VOTOMS now and its gotten much better but holy cow did the woodo city stuff have me bored out of my mind...flame shield on... worse then macross 7 pacing. I mean how many times did Chirico end up captured and rescued by his garbage collecting friends 3 or so? Keep in mind thats the first 13 episodes they repeated the same multiepisode plot with no extra plot or anything just oh... gotta find that girl...oops captured lets escape with my friends who just happen to be here too.... anyways after woodoo city and they went to the jungle episodes THIS is what I expected out of VOTOMS its intense and all the characters seem to be less irritating and the plot is moved much faster then the woodoo city garbage.

    As for Giant robo it had the same problem as VOTOMS but Giant robo only had 7 episodes and only the first was boring :p Stick with it and the ending was so damn awesome I wish they made more.

  10. I saw Turn-A about the same time I saw Gundam SEED. I also remember the reaction when Turn-A was first announced and the first images of the mecha designs emerged. Like everyone else at the time, those coloured my impressions of the series way, way before I ever saw it. It was therefore a wonderful surprise to discover just how excellent Turn-A is generally - arguably the best Tomino-directed Gundam, one of if not the best Gundam series, and a fairly strong contender for one of the best SF - not just anime, but genre as a whole - series ever.

    One of the most interesting aspects to the show is the way that it embraces its past whilst at the same time forging a completely new path without feeling like a blatant - ahem - "homage" to earlier Gundams like SEED does. Its also a great adventure series in its own right, full of daring escapades, dashing heroes, devious villains and plucky heroines.

    And those weird mecha designs? They work. Boy, how they do work. And they're still going to be interesting in fifty years time.

    Its not perfect - Tominos trademark narrative jumpiness is still there, and as a whole the series lacks a recurring villain of the calibre of Char, but as a whole, I would argue you're doing yourself a disservice not to see it.

    Music by Yoko Kanno is simply the cherry on top of a pretty impressively-iced Gundam cake.

    Please note that it although sounds like I'm being a little bit harsh on Gundam SEED here, I enjoyed that show a fair bit, but in comparison with how I feel about Turn-A its always going to rather outshone.

    I don't think you can really compare Turn A to SEED aside from they are both "Gundam" shows they are so drastically different. One is meant to be a intelligent show for older fans who grew up watching the Orginal UC shows and Gundam SEED was made to sell model kits and get the new generation into Gundam. Amazing how different two Gundam shows can be though.

    My favorite moment from Turn A is the first time the Borjannon... or whatever they called them showed up it was so epic the music the bleak situation they were in then out of the darkness the mono-eye lights up and a group of Zaku's come walking out Epic.

  11. I loved megazone 23...well the first one, the second I couldn't get past a drastic change of everything and I had trouble figuring out what was happening and who was who for the first while. As for part 3 I remember watching it but I don't remember anything about it at all... so yea part 1 was kickass!

    Re-watching Turn A gundam for the first time in 8 years last time I sat through it it was a HK copy and I could barely follow the plot and the kihel/Diana stuff its almost a whole new show watching it now :D

    On another note after having just watched all of Ideon and now Turn A Gudnam the two title mechs are so similar it makes me wonder if Tomino wanted to recycle some Ideon material but with a much less...apocolyptic story.

  12. Just finished the Ideon series and the final movie and wow what started off as a slow paced boring giant robot show...oh no buff clan launch 3 crappy jets oh no we cant win combine into giant robot yea we win!... turned into one of the most intense last 10 or so episodes then the movie wow! Despite the incredible grim ending of the series and the movie it had one of the most uplifting endings I've seen in a "kill em all" tomino anime. I'd highly recommend it to anyone despite the incredible slow beginning quarter of the series.

  13. Finished it yesterday: too bad they don't produce animes like this nowaday any more – this makes me understand better why people complain about the quality of today's shows.

    I strongly recommend this series to anyone around: you'll never look at super robots in the same way again...

    Zambot 3 was a little twisted but I was a little let down considering the "internets" told me how horrific it was so I went in expecting a typical Tomino show like Dunbine, Z gundam etc and just got a generic Super robot show that became really messed up the last few episodes! Worth watching if just for the baloon scene. :D

    Right now I'm watching all of Ideon another tomino classic that like MSG started the "Real" robot franshise although the title mech itself is by far the most overpowered mech ever. As for the the show it started of slow and boring but after the half way point its gotten much better.

    Starblazers on TV again!? Awesome.

  14. Over the last year I've slowly been watching the UC Gundam series in some kind of an order and so far I'm very happy. Currently watching Stardust Memory and then only will be missing F91 and Victory (well and Unicorn but I'll watch that when it's complete).

    Having said that, reading all the posts of all you who have a in depth knowledge of all things Gundam, I think I don't really feel like watching non-UC stuff. It seems that most of it is according to most, either inferior to the UC stuff or just plain marketed to another demographic. I think that besides Turn a Gundam I've really not heard overall positive reviews of an non-UC series.

    I have found while watching the AU stuff the ones I enjoyed were the ones that weren't rehashed versions of the UC stories and tried to be something new. G Gundam while not at all being a gundam show was one of the best Super robot shows I've ever seen and Turn A gundam was easily in my top 3 gundam productions. Not to say all the others are trash just nothing ground breaking. SEED was more or less a reboot of MSG with more gundams and more pretty boys and while SEED was all right SEED destiny which started off awesome ruined the CE gundam for me.

    Then again gundam has always been the same stuff over and over again its been the characters interacting with the twisted plotlines tomino and crew threw at them which made them watchable I mean how many times in gundam have we seen either Space nazi's conquering earth or Earth Nazi's being mean toward space people?

    MSG - Evil space people

    Z - Evil earth people

    ZZ - Evil space VS. Evil Earth

    CCA - dumb earth people vs Evil space

    F91 - nonsense earth people fighting evil space people

    V - Evil space people fighting earth people

    G - Gundams fight in tournaments to decide who rules earth for year and all sorts of crazy plottwists and ends up more or less with a battle against the devil with cameos from every gundam series set before... and one after it...

    W - Space terrorists vs. apeface earth people

    X - What if space nazi's droped all their colonys on earth and killed everyone? Neat setup bad followup

    Turn A - anti-war message... where the characters DONT fight every episode... O.o wow

    Seed - Space Nazis vs. Earth people then the twist earth people are evil TOO so fight everyone at the same time.

    00 - Space terrorists fight anyone with a dangerous stick.

    And here I am still watching these shows :D

  15. Wing overall was just bland not really bad but with a slow moving plot uniteresting characters no danger towards any of the gundam pilots because their MS were invincible and it brought nothing new to the table and 00 felt like a better paced wing but just as dumb with its save the world by killing anyone with a weapon idea.

    Easily my two least favorite gundam series.

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