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  1. Pete, we're in the same boat. I never really liked the movie designs, but the toys were just the needle that broke Prime's back. Although I do have to give props to the Leader Class Optimus for ROTF. But the Takara-Tomy version just makes the US version look like crap.
  2. ID-4, Dos. But only if they replace Will Smiff with Chuck Norris.
  3. You are correct. It also a derogatory term for someone who is heterosexually challenged.
  4. I am not doubting your skills, sir. But I believe that toy is in dire need of a sober design.
  5. That is the problem with MOST of TV, and especially MOVIES nowadays. All flash. But no camera.
  6. I got no love for HG. But Robotech had done a lot of good for the anime community as a whole. For example, many of the anime fans who grew up with Robotech got into anime because of Robotech. And their kids will most likely get into anime. And their friends at school will, and it goes on and on. Robotech was a big part of the giant boom of Japanese animation in the late 80's and throughout the 90's. (Talking stateside). So, how can someone who loves Macross and hates Robotech deal with the latter's existence? The solution is simple. Robotech isn't going anywhere. Neither is Macross. You need to consider they are totally separate entities. It started AFTER Robotech aired, and became a success in the USA. Carl Macek sent out to make a movie for Robotech. Yes, I know it was Megazone 23. But the final product of Robotech the movie wasn't the original vision. Macek wasn't able to use his original idea for the Robotech Movie because Macross was coming out with a film of their own (Do You Remember Love), and they didn't want any confusion between the two series. In other words, the IP of Macross was to have a separate life, or continuity than Robotech (Which it already had before. But that gap was about to widen). As of now, none of the original Macross TV show is canon in the modern Macross continuity. Every Macross sequel/spinoff preceding DYRL clearly follows events around DYRL-and they do not even acknowledge the existence of the TV show. After DYRL, Macross went it's direction, Robotech went the other-even more so than before. There were already vast differences between them, but that is the true turning point in which the two sagas divorced. What is difficult for me to grasp is Harmony Gold, who owns Robotech (and the US rights to the three original shows that made up Robotech). Their business ethics are shady, and they have prevented a true revival of Macross for US fans. Their obsession to control everything has only lead them astray from expanding and ever allowing Macross to become the household name it's destined to be. One example, I had talked to the owner of the Puzzle Zoo in Santa Monica one time, who had Yamato Valkyries for sale. He was bitching that HG told him to cease and disist. What would a local store possibly to do harm HG? Another example is the store Suncoast, which was going to sell Macross Plus Valkyries at one time, and HG boycotted that from happening. Which is only a portion of why my hatred for HG manifests. And so, Macross is NOT a household name in the states. Even in Japan, it's no where near as popular as other intellectual properties in it's class. In fact, Macross is considered a nitch market. Sadly, even without the HG boycott in Japan, Macross is still not the common name it should be in popculture. Sure, I know that will change with time. Macross has been going strong for 27 years now, and it's not going anywhere. I even think it's safe to say that even in this nich market, there are currently more Macross fans than Robotech fans. And still Robotech lives. What do you do when you hate something but it won't go away? Just ignore it. And enjoy your Macross. It's all apples and oranges.
  7. Er, Mospeada fans are cursed! The Beagles are just top notch. My buddy isn't a Mospeada fan, and he went out and purchased the Toynami versions as soon as he handled mine. Yes, they're that good. I was so excited to finally have a complete set of riders. I know for a fact there is a prototype of Fuke. I know for a fact that the Robotech versions are selling well (considering their price and the economy). So, why doesn't Toynami release it? They can get twice the bang for the buck and release the Sue Graham version. It's a wasted opportunity, especially since the prototype is done. If I win the lottery this week, let's buy that damn prototype and mass produce a Fuke for the fans. While I'm at it, I'll release a Legioss that's to scale too. But first, I have to win the lottery.
  8. That's a funny game to play, EXO. Maybe we can re-shoot "V". Make it like the office, where the aliens are talking to the camera about how they're going to secretly take over the world. And when a minor character stumbles onto something, we cut back to the Aliens talking to the camera, and they can proclaim "They're going to die," before we see the aliens kill the humans. Or, we can make a reality TV show out of it. Still working on that formula. I'll get back to you.
  9. The main character is human, "pretending" to be alien. So, no, in your terms, it's not "human bad, aliens good." The main plot focus on a small group of humans trying to find a diplomatic solution to negotiating with the natives on Pandora. Yes, some of the humans are "bad." But there are a lot of "good" humans too. The best analogy I can think of is 1986's "Aliens." Yes, in your terms, that movie was "Aliens bad, humans good." But the true antagonist was the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. That theme is more predominant in Avatar. Ultimately, It's about doing the right thing when no one else will. "To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of men." - Ellen Wilcox.
  10. What I am looking for most is: Strike Parts (1/55) with or without armor. GBP (Takatoku). Loose, boxed, originals, KO's or re-cast. Doesn't matter. Just want them to be in good shape. Also... Looking for original, re-issue, or recast/custom parts for: 1/55 STRIKE CANNON / GBP ARMOR / SUPER ARMOR PARTS / MISSILES (For under wing) Elintseeker / Super Ostrich / 1S Hikaru DYRL These can be original parts, from: Takatoku, or reissues from Bandai. Or re-casts, customs. Also need: Origin Of Valkyrie: Max Genuis 1A (Super Parts) Origin Of Valkyrie: Hikaru 1A (Super Parts) Origin Of Valkyrie: 1S Roy Fokker Looking for 2 Origin Of Valkyrie: 1S Roy Fokker Looking for 2 Origin Of Valkyrie: 1J Hikaru (TV) 2002 BanDai re-issue 1S Roy Fokker 2002 BanDai re-issue 1A Hikaru (DYRL) Looking for 2 2002 BanDai re-issue 1A Hikaru (DYRL) Looking for 2 Takatoku GBP Armor (1/55) Fits Ban Dai re-issue. Thank you in advance! :-)
  11. The same thing happened to one of mine! I was trying to tighten the tension and crack! My wife broke another one during our move. (She felt pretty bad. Better a FD than one of my Valkyries). I told her it's okay and that I wasn't upset (but damn it, I was). Does anyone know where I can get any more?
  12. These are all fantastic tips. Thanks for helpin' the rest of us out!
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