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  1. they're still on tru shelves in the UK, and i can get one for you, but postage will prolly be too high (assuming you're in the US) :/
  2. all the transparent parts ARE clear [visor, landing gear door parts, shoulder thingies, etc] - i remember reading somewherethe official photos have the coloured clear parts (and the kite logo on the wing) even though the actual valk doesn't as yamato did not have the actual product, or photos of it, at the time and just photoshopped an existing 'regular' valk for the official pre-production photos.
  3. sort of - you pop the head off and the cover piece is affixed to the 'neck stump' and via clips further down on the arms where the gunpod goes; but not the middle ones in between the arms where the gunpod goes in valkyrie mode, the ones on the opposite side of the forearmes which are offset from either side of the middle, near where the legs meet the arms -- does that make sense?
  4. might be able to do a three-way, kai!
  5. hope this is okay as it's not macross-related - if not, please delete wtt my fewture mazinger or great mazinger (first edition, not the later reissue with bluish upper arms and thighs) for a 1/24 yamato patlabor ingram av-98 unit 2. gimme a shout if you'd like to work out a deal
  6. i don't think any ban is warranted - gatsu asked a question and the good folks of mw chimed in with answers/suggestions...
  7. can't really add more to what's been expressed in this thread, dan, other than you've made a serial lurker like me actually feel like i have no choice but to post my admiration for this project! great work!
  8. willing to buy any vf-1 head; will consider any, but j-type from unpainted kit preferred. also willing to trade for my option parts (side vent/s, neck cover, and/or seat) cheers for looking and pm or email me at aynar5 at yahoo dot com!!!
  9. still off topic but are hkcollectibles willing to declare a lower value for customs declaration?
  10. i know it's a longshot but i'm having very little luck on ebay -- can anyone help me in getting a scott cyclone or 2 for a reasonable price? looking for under $200 (new)/ $150 (used but complete) shipped to UK? cheers!
  11. mildred

    i just noticed...

    should've done my research
  12. mildred

    i just noticed...

    i was under the impression that the missile was stored in the fastpack leg armor, not the leg itself...
  13. mildred

    i just noticed...

    i just re-watched macross plus, and noticed that there was a scene where a missile was fired from the yf-19's fast pack/leg armor (it sort of flipped open and released a missile at the yf-21). does anyone know why this feature was not incorporated into yamato's yf-19? any modders out there who have, or would like to, try it?
  14. I know Macross II gets a lot of flak, but I like the design of the VF2 and VF2SS <ducks to avoid being pelted with rotten fruit>
  15. TV 1/48 Vf-1J (Hikaru): 001 1/48 Vf-1J (Hikaru FP): 000 1/48 Vf-1J (Miria FP): 000 1/48 Vf-1J (Max FP): 000 DYRL 1/48 Vf-1A (Hikaru): 000 1/48 Vf-1A (Max): 001 1/48 Vf-1A (CF): 000 1/48 Vf-1S (Hikaru): 001 1/48 Vf-1S (Roy): 000 Variations 1/48 Vf-1A (Low Vis I): 002 1/48 Vf-1A (Low Vis II): 000 1/48 Vf-1J (Stealth): 001 1/48 Vf-1J (Stealth FP): 000 1/48 Vf-1S (Black/25th Anniversary): 002 Accessories 1/48 Vf-1 GBP (Blue): 000 1/48 Vf-1 GBP (Camo): 000 1/48 Vf-1 FP: 001 1/48 Vf-1 FP(Clear): 000 Others 1/60 Vf-0S Roy: 000 1/60 Vf-0A: 001 1/60 QR Mirira: 000 1/60 QR Max: 000 1/100 VB6 Koeing: 000 *tried to follow the template as per instructions, but i changed the Vf-1J (Black) to a 1S - i think this was an oversight (apologies if i'm wrong) i also added the 1/60 Vf-0A
  16. lmao should come in handy when you brack...
  17. i'd like to extend my condolences to you, greg. i'm sorry for your loss...
  18. from good ol' blighty... from maporama decimal deg-min-sec latitude 53.5402 53° 32' 24" longitude -2.087 -2° 5' 13" OLDHAM, OL from travelgis decimal deg-min-sec latitude 53.5402614696533 53° 32' 24.9412907519" longitude -2.08703687165733 -2° 5' 13.3327379664"
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