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  1. can't really add more to what's been expressed in this thread, dan, other than you've made a serial lurker like me actually feel like i have no choice but to post my admiration for this project! great work!
  2. still off topic but are hkcollectibles willing to declare a lower value for customs declaration?
  3. mildred

    i just noticed...

    should've done my research
  4. mildred

    i just noticed...

    i was under the impression that the missile was stored in the fastpack leg armor, not the leg itself...
  5. mildred

    i just noticed...

    i just re-watched macross plus, and noticed that there was a scene where a missile was fired from the yf-19's fast pack/leg armor (it sort of flipped open and released a missile at the yf-21). does anyone know why this feature was not incorporated into yamato's yf-19? any modders out there who have, or would like to, try it?
  6. I know Macross II gets a lot of flak, but I like the design of the VF2 and VF2SS <ducks to avoid being pelted with rotten fruit>
  7. TV 1/48 Vf-1J (Hikaru): 001 1/48 Vf-1J (Hikaru FP): 000 1/48 Vf-1J (Miria FP): 000 1/48 Vf-1J (Max FP): 000 DYRL 1/48 Vf-1A (Hikaru): 000 1/48 Vf-1A (Max): 001 1/48 Vf-1A (CF): 000 1/48 Vf-1S (Hikaru): 001 1/48 Vf-1S (Roy): 000 Variations 1/48 Vf-1A (Low Vis I): 002 1/48 Vf-1A (Low Vis II): 000 1/48 Vf-1J (Stealth): 001 1/48 Vf-1J (Stealth FP): 000 1/48 Vf-1S (Black/25th Anniversary): 002 Accessories 1/48 Vf-1 GBP (Blue): 000 1/48 Vf-1 GBP (Camo): 000 1/48 Vf-1 FP: 001 1/48 Vf-1 FP(Clear): 000 Others 1/60 Vf-0S Roy: 000 1/60 Vf-0A: 001 1/60 QR Mirira: 000 1/60 QR Max: 000 1/100 VB6 Koeing: 000 *tried to follow the template as per instructions, but i changed the Vf-1J (Black) to a 1S - i think this was an oversight (apologies if i'm wrong) i also added the 1/60 Vf-0A
  8. lmao should come in handy when you brack...
  9. i'd like to extend my condolences to you, greg. i'm sorry for your loss...
  10. from good ol' blighty... from maporama decimal deg-min-sec latitude 53.5402 53° 32' 24" longitude -2.087 -2° 5' 13" OLDHAM, OL from travelgis decimal deg-min-sec latitude 53.5402614696533 53° 32' 24.9412907519" longitude -2.08703687165733 -2° 5' 13.3327379664"
  11. how come the toys have visible screws when the valkyries didn't have them in the animation? did yamato screw up?
  12. Obviously you´ve been influenced by the idea that scale is equal to size when it´s actually not the case. That GI-joe toy could´ve been 1/55 , 1/72 , 1/48 or whatever scale they chose independently of the size itself of the toy. I think you mean you would want Yamato to make a toy of that size , not scale. i think he meant that he would like to see a valk in g.i. joe figure scale (w/c i'm guessing would be between 1:15- 1:24). the vehicles were more or less to scale with the figures.
  13. Lne Wolf: you've quit the 1/48's? tell me it ain't so!
  14. anyone have an idea of the quality of the bootleg dvd's of the thundercats series littering eBay? just wondered...
  15. i posted these a few days ago: fun with low viz!!! it's not 1/55 nor 1/72....
  16. mildred

    Yamato rumors

    "Like an overly constipated goose", he! he! he! what about a *slightly* constipated goose?
  17. mildred


    Well there was that fellow with the phonebox.... WHO? (sorry, it had to be done... )
  18. mildred


    if only ... i got the low vizzes around sep 2003; i think they had it from when it was released, but nobody was buying them. i actually got them when they decided to sell them on ebay (i hadn't heard of epicheroes, nor were inclined to get yamato vf-1's, before then), as i assume no interest was coming in from the real shop. it was thanks to graham's review that i decided to get 'em...
  19. whittling wood (whittle) man... i gotta get a life.....
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