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  1. It's called the Phoenix, there is no new valk!
  2. Oh sweet! Thanks. And no offense to hkcollectibles if he reads this... I was just being cautious!
  3. That's what I figured. I was worried because I thought there would be major aesthetic improvements to the 3rd VF-0S release, but it doesn't look that way. There are still Ghost bundles available here and there I think...so I'll probably go for one of those instead of waiting for a near-identical re-re-release! Thanks for the help. I'll give that a try, thanks for your reply Off-topic: Has anyone purchased from this HK website? Their prices seem cheaper than HLJ. Not sure if they're reliable... http://www.hkcollectibles.com/
  4. I browsed through the forums for an answer to this but to no avail What are the differences between the April/May 2010 Re-release (third release) of the VF-0S, and the old "VF-0S w/Ghost Booster" combo? As far as I know, the old Ghost Booster combo had no mechanical issues, and they already fixed the original VF-0S with the second release. So..why the third release? Should I wait for it, or just buy the old Ghost Booster package? Thanks in advance
  5. I like the version of "Aimo" that she sings during battle, and says something like "Rise up Frontier!" in the climax
  6. bztheman

    VF-OS or VF-0A

    Well the -0A with Ghost is listed as "discontinued" on HLJ, so you won't be getting it from there. It also costs the same as the Roy VF-0S with Ghost. Roy's model looks nicer anyway IMO...and it has all the fixes...so I'll be getting that.
  7. bztheman

    VF-OS or VF-0A

    I have a feeling that *edit* some people with broken models have transformed them too many times or are rough with the models. If you only need it as display and don't have time to build the model, then you won't need to transform it more than once or twice. And if it comes broken in the box, according to HLJ's return policy (if that's where you got it from), they'll accept returns for defective products and will pay for shipping. Hope yours turns out okay Keep us updated!
  8. bztheman

    VF-OS or VF-0A

    So I was JUST about to buy the VF-0A from HLJ. It's on clearance right now, 40% off, which sounded sketchy to me. I was looking for signs that it's being replaced or has issues, and I found this lovely thread Has anyone asked HLJ if/when they're getting the 2nd gen VF-0S or -0A??
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