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  1. I'm going to sculpt it. @ omega Omg that really sucks. I think your the 1st casualty. I'm not sure about how to fix That. I'm sure its possible.
  2. you're right, looks good enough and only have one of these for awhile. My next step is a bigger pilot to match the yamatos 1/60, which I'll make a thread for later in the kitbash forum.
  3. lol thanks. almost tho, there's still a matter of the heel/ankle mod, but hesitant on that because I'm afraid to lose balance
  4. I'm definately getting one of those. Meanwhile, I was messing around again with the 25F and I was wrong about the thigh mod. It can move forward, just need alot of force when pushing in that position for the first time.
  5. these are the 1/60 toy. the model is 1/72. but if you have the toy, i think it looks better and the head can look up and down. youll see the base of the neck will hold the position and not flop around. hope that helps.
  6. Yes those are very nice straight lasers. I'll do that if I can get one. Although if you position the neck at an angle, you'll find that the Pieces around it will accomidate it and lock the base of the neck in place. I think the instructions are wrong. The head may still look stubby Because of the size of the head, but I,ve yet to see it in that position.
  7. curious about this problem as I don't have it, but are you transforming it so that the neck piece is at an angle like this?
  8. Thank you! Yes it's a gundam marker and yes, the 0D is 1/72, nice big ol' wings.
  9. Btw I just did the mod to the upper thighs (really high up there too). The grey knee piece Doesn't bend forward as you'd think it would. Maybe like 3mm Max. Its not woth it. that's the lowest it will go
  10. Hi guys. I'm a very long time lurker and this is my first post. I haven't seen any pics of someone doing panel lines on this, but I think it definately helps the toy "pop" out. I sprayed it with krylon matte finish, but don't think it's a good idea as it made all the plastic feel sticky. Went over the whole thing again with a cheap waterbase matte varnish with a brush and that solves the sticky problem. Also more size comparisin pics. (i'm not done with the 0D).
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