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  1. 'Twas a war story, of course he had to die.
  2. Yeah, the multi-role thing. Domination of the skies is the first step in any engagement, hence the Valkyrie as a fighter. You gotta' figure on ground combat before the destroids and other heavy equipment arrive on the scene, so that's where the Gerwalk and Battroid modes come into service...
  3. He's a planet eater for chrissakes. Isn't he dark enough already?
  4. I'd pay almost 3 times that much for a find like that one, especially if it had a gunpod.....
  5. There you go. Buy one of each and then decide which series you like best. Pay no attention to all of the hating from whatever camp is spewing it-make up your own mind. It amazes me that after all of this time this is still going on. If you're a genuine fan of well built, exceptional toys you'll like all of them....
  6. myk

    Buying Slump!!!

    I hear ya. About 5 months ago I also stopped buying Valkyries, anime, toys, and even visiting the 'Forums. Now, as I try to make my way back to Macross, the Low Visibility Valkyrie has become the Low Availability Valkyrie, the 'Forums are anew and the Terminator is running for governor.... I don't remember giving the world permission to move on without me......
  7. myk

    Rubber tires

    And at this point the HCM's are more expensive than a new '48, aren't they?
  8. I'm still stuck at 11. I bought the '48 Hikaru, the '21FP, and then just lost the Valkyrie bug after that....What....What's happening to me?
  9. Ok, so the pixel limit is fine, but what about the size of the avatar file itself? What is the limit on that?
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