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  1. No prob. Here's what BBTS said about it. The figure will have an LED light in the right fist for the ability to light up the gun and the sword. The eyes can also change colors in both modes, and the figure is partly made up of die cast construction.
  2. That's good news. I was expecting a much longer delay. I've grown too accustomed to watching the preorder arrival date for any given figure get changed at the end of every month it's due.
  3. That seems to be the word. Supposedly his eyes can be switched between red and blue in bot or dino mode. Interesting gimmick, to say the least. edit: sp
  4. Nah... I was at Target and saw them, but passed. Instead I grabbed the last Animated Magnus and Universe Ironhide. So...Yay and meh.
  5. Funny how the description keeps referring to it as "Ride Armor".
  6. Yeah. His posture pretty much has to go from race bike to chopper.
  7. I save most of my Transformers boxes and all of my non-TF boxes. But, as you can see from my crowded closet shelf, it's starting to get out of hand. Still...it makes it easier when moving time rolls around. Edit: Hmm...I asked for my double post to be deleted, but it looks like one of my posts with pics went with it. These are the ones that vanished.
  8. Thanks, gents. I'm digging your collections too. For some reason I prefer looking at pics from actual collections. Just seems more personal...and a collector always adds their own style to their pics. Alpha OTS: That's a great idea! My first thought was to hang him from the ceiling...but I got...you know...lazy. The clear cube is a good alternative. Good shtuff.
  9. Hey guys. Been lurking for awhile. I figured I'd post in the collection thread to get started.
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